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Chandra Nandni 10th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Chandra Nandni 10th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Chandra Nandni 10th March 2017 video watch Online HD on

Chandra wakes up and finds Nandini crying, and says it’s too late go to sleep,Nandini says when I sleep I see all the evil things pitahamaharaj did,why did this happen to me,Chandra says if you had trusted me Roopa would be alive,I know she is punishable but was your sister,Nandini says why didn’t you tell before,Chandra says I didn’t want to loose you,I mean how would all survive without you like dadi and ma,Nandini says no one else would be affected,Chandra says yes Vaishali,durdhara her baby,Nandini asks and,Chandra says yes Chaya,Nandini asks no one else,Chandra says yes there’s one more person,that monkey who robbed your clothes,both start laughing.

Chandra says Nandini now go to bed,and both go off to sleep,a man covered with blanket and sword in hands walks in Chandras room,he is padmanand,he walks to them and looks at Nandini and remembers her calling him evil killer,and is in tears and look at Chandra and says I will kill you Chandragupta mourya like I killed your father you will be beheaded too and stabs him,Nandini wakes up and says no stop don’t do this,and pushes him.Chandra wakes up and sees Nandini talk in sleep and says don’t kill him,Chandra says Nandini wake up,Nandini wakes up and hugs Chandra seeing him alright,and is in tears.

Chandra says Nandini see it was a bad dream but what was it who were you trying to save,Nandini says pitahamaharaj,Chandra says even after knowing the truth you want to save your father,and this time he escaped but not next time,and you are maharani of magad now,Nandini says but I,soldier says maharaj acharya chanakya is waiting for you,Chandra says Nandini go to sleep I shall come back and leaves,nandini says I was shouting to save you and not pitahamaharaj.

Chandra asks acharya what is it and whether looks stormy let’s go in,Chanakya says storm is inside the mahal,maharani Nandini is all fine and so tell me one thing,why did you let nand escape,Chandra says I did try but Nandini,Chanakya says because Nandini was more important than your acharya and your motherland,did you forget your promises,Chandra says sorry acharya I didn’t,Chanakya says nand could escape because nanidni helped him escape and so she is traitor and as a king you shall sentence her to death this is my order.

Chandra says acharya I can’t,Chanakya says this is what I wanted to hear,you had promised me you won’t let your heart fall in love and you are distracted from your promise,Chandra says no acharya trust me I will do anything you say. Chanakya says east is in danger you need to go and battle and if we don’t stop malavgadraj all other kings will start going against us so get ready for war you shall leave tomorrow,Chandra says as you says acharya,Chanakya leaves.

Chandra goes to durdhara,she asks what happened Chandra why are you here and not in your room,Chandra puts her hand on his heart and says tell me do I have heart ,have I fallen in love with Nandini tell me,Durdhara says Chandra I’m your friend you look into yourself and tell me does it say yes when you ask this question to yourself,Chandra thinks of Nandini and time spent with her.

Helina walks to Chandra and says I heard you are going for war tomorrow,durdhara says tomorrow,Helina says I have written my father a letter and he will send you Greek army,go sleep now,Chandra says I shall go plan war,Chanakya Chandra and Helina planning for war,Chandra asks why is Helina here,Chanakya says because she got 3 lakhs Greek soldiers and so we need her help.

Nandini sees soldiers movement and arrangements and asks dasi what is going on,dasi says maharaj is leaving for war tomorrow,Nandini say is should go talk to Chandra,Nandini isn’t allowed to meet Chandra,Helina walks and says Nandini only important people are allowed in and I know you are mukhya maharani but you aren’t allowed you are enemies daughter too so please leave,Nandini goes back to her room.

Nandini says I have to meet Chandra and tell him he is mistaken.Nandini waiting for Chandra falls off to sleep. She wakes up early morning. Chandra all ready to leave,mora asks where is Nandini durdhara,Chanakya says maharaj Chandragupta you should leave,Helina performs Tilak.

Nandini calls dasi and asks where is maharaj,dasi says he is about to leave for war at the entrance with everyone. Chanakya says maharaj let’s leave,Chandra thinks Nandini before I leave I would like to see you just ones,Nandini runs to the entrance to see Chandra, she is pain because of her injury.

Nandini reaches the balcony in hope to see Chandra,and is in tears and says I couldn’t even say sorry or see you once.

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Chandra Nandni 13th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Chanakya tells postman, from now onwards every letter maharani Nandini sends maharaj should reach me first.
Chanakya burns nandinis letter and says her love for Chandra is not good for mother land.

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