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Chandra Nandni 11th October 2017 Written Episode Update


Chandra Nandni 11th October 2017 Written Episode Update on

Dharma falls from the steps. Karthikay saves her and brings her to room. Bindusar misunderstands them and is angry up on them.

Nandini doing pooja preparations. Chandra comes there. Nandini notices his hand is burnt. He says his hand got burnt when he tried to save her and didn’t notice it. Nandini scolds him and applies medicine.
Chandra says he will do the decoration and go to do. Nandini laughs. Chandra messes everything but thinks every thing is done perfect. Dadi comes there and scolds Nandini for not properly doing the decoration. Nandini apologises and do everything right.

Only then Chandra realise his mistake. Dadi says Nandini will have to make kheer for her as punishment. Nandini laughs. Chandra asks why did she took the blame up on her. She says before Maharani, she is a wife and don’t like anyone blaming her husband because his pride is hers. Chandra asks is it so? And tries to get near her. She says some one is looking. He says Dadi ma went. She says not Dadi ma but devi ma. He apologises to devi ma. Both smiles.

Bindusar thinking of Dharma. Adonis wanted to go to sleep. Bindusar says he hates Dharma and talks on and on. Adonis asks if he hates her then why talking this much about her. Bindusar lets him go.

Bhim dev’s soul gets out of his body.

Next scene, Chandra suddenly enters the room. Mohini comes near him thinking he is Bhim dev inside. Chandra wards her away saying how indisciplined act this is. Mohini gets scared. Chandra says to awaken Bhim dev as he wants to speak to him. He check the pulse and says he is dead and asks her in anger who killed him. Mohini scared. Chandra laughs and says, she couldn’t identify him and he is Bhim dev. Mohini says he does acting well. She asks what is his next move?
He answers, he is going to Nandini’s room as he wants to badname Chandra. He takes some letters with him.

Chandra enters Nandini ‘s room. Nandini wakes up and ask why is he here. He calls her Savitri. Nandini gets confused. She asks, he only made her believe that she is his Nandini and now why he calling her Savitri. He says in a wierd way he says he got these letters which she had wrote to Bhim dev before there marriage. On that time Nandini was with him.

So he knows that she is Savitri. Nandini says, these letters can be fake also. But as he has fallen in love with her face, this will remain a secret between them and if anyone else comes to know about it then he will kill them. He goes to kill Bhim dev. Nandini goes behind him. Chandra in Bhim dev’s voice think that, he very well knew Nandini will come to stop him. Nandini thinks she will have to reach Mohini and Bhim dev’s room through secret path before Chandra could get there.

Chandra comes to his room and looks at his reflection and thinks Chandra is really handsome that even many queens gets flattered on him. Only sad thing is now his Nandini will part from him and thinks poor Nandini got scared seeing real face of Chandra and laughs evily.

Pre-cap : 

Chandra Nandni 12th October 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Bindusar says Dharma will do the pooja. Possessed Chandra tries to misbehaves with a Dasi. Mohini comes there and calls him. Dasi leaves. Possessed Chandra says why is she here, she is supposed to safe guard his life less body. What if someone finds it?Mohini says, good that she came now. Nandini comes there and calls him. Both looked shocked.

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