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Chandra Nandni 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Chandra Nandni 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Chandra Nandni 12th April 2017 Watch online Episode on

Nandini says maharaj thank you,Chandra says Chandrika stop,you saved my son again and you are a Acharya to kaling naresh daughter,you are very knowledgeable ,I would like you to come with me to magad to help my son,Chandrika says I can’t leave kaling without naresh permission,I have to look after my husband and son too,Chandra says I shall look after all of this and leaves,Sukanya pulls Nandini and says Acharya lets go and Nandini stumbles,and helina and sees her and says this means she saved bindusara, is she here to come back to Chandra, god I worked so hard to keep her durdhara away and not again.

Nandini says bhabhi Chandra has doubt on me for now I told him he is my son but if they get to know it’s your baby ,we should leave,Helina walks in and Nandini covers her face,helina says Gautami,the one who was thrown out for trying to kill durdhara and Nandini who actually killed her,and Chandrika is she your friend and walks to Nandini and takes baby and says how cute,is he your baby,Oh no Chandrika you aren’t married this means Gautami this baby is your and dhananads and if I tell Chandra about it,sad he will kill this innocent baby and Acharya has sworn to kill Nand family,Gautami says helina I beg of you please keep my baby away from all of this.

Helina says Gautami don’t be sad, I was saying if I tell but I won’t on one condition and pulls Nandini dupatta and says you have to ask this Nandini to leave right away,so magads ex maharani,what you thought you will return to Chandra and I shall do nothing,dare you come near Chandra or else I shall tell about this baby to Chandra and if you care leave this place by tonight,Gautami says we shall leave but please don’t inform Chandra,helina says you are so smart and a good mother Gautami and leaves.

Chandragupta and kaling naresh arrive for the function,naresh welcome him and helina,and says welcome to the function,Chandra gives kaling maharaj cold looks,helina says here some gifts from magad,naresh says Chandragupta please take your seat,the function begins with a dance performance. Kaling maharaj again misbehaves with a dasi,Chandra sees it and says naresh I would like to show you something please look after maharaj kaling he Ill treats women, naresh says this is so shameful I shall take to him about it.

Helina hears women speak,helina is so lucky to be magads queen,how great she is. Chandra thinks why am I having this weird feeling. Gautami asks where shall we go,Nandini says I have no idea,I have made arrangements of cart we shall leave soon,Nandini finds rajmudrika and books and says I have to return this as per law,don’t worry I shall be back soon,Gautami says don’t if Helina and Chandra see you,Nandini says don’t worry I will be careful.

Chandra imagines Nandini as one of dancers,the dancer walks to Chandra,Chandra says how could she be Nandini,and then realises it was his imagination,and says why can’t I forget her.chandra says kaling naresh I will be back soon and asks Helina to stay and leaves,Helina thinks tonight Nandini will leave kaling and then no worries.

Chandra looks at the moon,Nandini walks into the corridor,Chandra hears the Payal sound,he thinks why am I imagining her every where when I have forgotten her long back,I hate Nandini, Nandini I hate you,you no longer matter to me and have no place in my life so leave me.

Nandini gives books and rajmudrika and says I will be back soon,just hand them to princess Sukanya,and says Sukanya I have made some notes for you do study and remember you are and will always be my favourite,Sukanya hugs her,and Nandini thinks I’m sorry to lie I have to leave and never be back, Nandini leaving mahal,Kaling maharaj see her in corridor and says Chandrika because of you,Chandragupta insulted me and now see how I teach you a lesson and follows her,he says Chandrika where are you going,and pulls her,Nandini says leave me,maharaj says I want you to be my queen but look how you insulted me now you will be my dasi,and drags her,Nandini begs him to leave her.

Dasi sees Nandini being dragged ,maharaj says you get out and if you tell anyone about this I will kill you,Nandini shouts help,Chandra hears and follows it,maharaj pushes her on bed and begins forcing on her and molests her,Nandini tries to fight him,Chandra arrives there and says leave her,Maharaj pushes her,and says you get out Chandragupta or I shall kill you,Nandini turns around,Chandra picks up dupatta and unaware of she is Nandini hands it to her,Nandini covers herself and her face,Chandra says how dare you do this to a women.

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Chandra Nandni 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Chandra tells helina,Nandini doesn’t matter,she has moved on, she probably has a husband.
Nandini says bhabhi, Kaling naresh has invited me for wedding along with my husband and son,how should I now.

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