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Chandra Nandni 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Chandra Nandni 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The episode begins with acharya chankya telliing Chandra that you should not allow her to go this way because today I’ve known that a king should have quality like caring for his people and loving them and this has only been possible because of Nandini he also says that he didn’t want a lifeless king to rule the kingdom and he had become too weak to rule the kingdom so he should go and find Nandini because of her love you were the greatest leader but Chandra says that I want to win her confidence back then acharya says that that is not possible because you have doubted her so many times that is not possible you can only go and convince her to come back to mahal. Then Chandra leaves in search of Nandini in the midst of the dark forest. Nandini travelling in a cart with local people but Suddenly a group of wolf arrives there and all run away except Nandini because her dress gets caught in a nail is the cart and wolf getting closer to her Chandra arrives there immediately and saves her from wolves by a log of fire.

When the wolves run away she asks Chandra why was he here to save her and she can save her Chandra removes her dress which was caught in the nail and then gives her a hand to get down from cart but she refuses help and then gets down. Chandra tells her that he was here to take her back but she says no but Chandra says plz remember all the good times we spend together I feel really good when you are around me but Nandini says it is opposite with because I have only sad memories spent with you so leave my hand because it is my last decision to leave Magadh and she leaves from there after walking some distance she meets acharya Chanakya who tells her that she had a spark in her and she just cannot leave Magadh and Bindusal this way.

After listening to acharya Nandini moves to Magadh and before Chandra reaches Magadh and goes to palace to meet bindusal goes there he sees that Nandini is present there helping bindusal to fall asleep and when she keeps bindusal in the cradle Chandra tells her that how happy he was to see her but Nandini interrupts him by saying that don’t think that I’m here for you ; I’m here for Magadh and bindusal and we may be a married couple but we don’t have any such relation between us. Then Chandra ask her to be his friend and let them start their relation with a new beginning and it would also good for bindusal.

Nandini then moves to bindusals cradle and take him in her arms and moves out from there but Chandra stops her and asks her to stay with him tonight but she refuses and tells that she didn’t want to share bedroom with him then he says that she had a solution and he makes a line in between room with flower petals and by cushions on the bed and places bindusal between them and they sleep and Chandra says that even if we are not in relation like married couple we have to behave like a parent for bindusal for his good sanskar and Nandini agrees on it and then they go to sleep.

Chandra Nandni 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Chandra announces Nandini as head queen but she refuses that title on her then Helena tries to make Chandra angry on Nandini but he ignores her then the next day dadi tells her that Chandra has gone into first and he is injured there.