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Chandra Nandni 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Chandra Nandni 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with apma telling Helena a plan. Then she says you have to do this. Helena says how can I go and say this? Wont it take chandra’s attention away from me too? Apma says no, just do as I say and everything between you and Chandra will be fine. Helena says okay.
There Chandra brings vishakha into the bath and puts her inside the bath. Chandra is about to go when vishakha holds his hand and says wait, I am hurt and please put the medicine on my leg. Nandini comes and sees from behind a pillar hiding. Chandra sees from the mirror and sees anndini standing. He then tuns back and tells vishakha smiling, sure I will do it. Chandra sits in the bath with vishakha and then takes the medicine. He starts putting it on vishakha’s leg. Vishakha pulls Chandra closer to him.

Nandini sees and is getting jealous. Chandra sees nandini’s jealousy and goes closer to vishakha. Vishakha thinks it is the right time to kill Chandra. Nandini thinks I have to distract Chandra otherwise he will get more closer to vishakha. Nandini goes and sees a servant, she tells her to go as vishakha has called her to put the medicine on her leg. Servant says okay and goes. Vishakha opens her mouth to bite chandra’s neck but by then servant comes and says princess vishakha, you called me to put the medicine. Chandra gets up and thinks why am I trying to make nandini feel jealous and break her heart? All for what, because she broke my heart? I shouldn’t do this, Chandra goes. Servant sits and puts medicine on vishakha’s leg as vishakha is angry. Nandini is about to go but she sees a snake tattoo on vishakha’s leg and is confused. She goes.

There Helena tells mora that Chandra should get married. Mora says married? Why? Helena says mom you see that Chandra is alone nowadays, if he gets married, his wife can take care of bindusara and I will take care of Chandra. Mora says but is it right to get him married again now? do you have anyone in attention? Helena and apma say yes mom. Apma says mora just think about it, Chandra will be free for sometime from Bindusara. Helena says yes mom, I have in mind princess vishakha, Bindusara has become very close to vishakha and now he is calmed by her presence, if Chandra is married to vishakha, we can remove nandini from the palace. If nandini is here, who knows something else will happen. Mora says you are right, I will talk about this with Chandra when he will be free. Mora goes. Helena and apma smile cunningly.

There nandini goes In Chandra room who is getting ready. Nandini tells Chandra that isn’t he ashamed? He is already married to 2 women and he was getting close with vishakha. Chandra gets up and gets close to nandini, he holds her hand and brings her closer and touches her face. He says nandini, so you are still my wife? Chandra touches nandini softly on her wounds and says how did you get these wounds though? Chandra then touches nandini’s face and pushes her away. Nandini falls down and says Chandra!! Chandra says angrily and says don’t you dare get yourself near me as you are no longer my wife, don’t try to gain control over me. Chandra goes. Nandini Is sad.

There gautami and the actual princess vishakha are going to a temple. All soldiers of padmanand are disguised and watching over them. Gautami says wait here and we will take the darshan of god and come. The guards wait and gautami and vishakha go in. gautami says I called chanakya here and I hope he is here. We have to tell him everything. vishakha says yes. As gautami and vishakha walk ahead, a beggar is there. He is chanakya disguised as beggar. He comes near them. Vishakha says go away, beggar says I am chanakya. Gautami and vishakha get closer and chanakya says why did you call me here? Gautami says chanakya ji she is the real princess vishakha and we both have been held captive by padmanand, padmanand has sent another woman in place of vishakha to kill Chandra. Chanakya says so nand has sent someone to kill Chandra. Chanakya says gautami you have to bring this news to nandini, I cannot tell Chandra easily but you have to tell nandini, I will distract the nand and you go and tell nandini as fast as possible.

There Chandra is addressing the court and a minister says that their court minister has gone for the work he sent him for. Chandra says okay and says where is grihamantri? Minister says we don’t know he is not present here today.
There nandini goes into the library, she goes to see the book to find about the tattoo of the snake on vishakha’s leg. Nandini goes to another section but trips and falls down, she suddenly finds a man dead beside her. Nandini screams loudly and gets scared.

Later Chandra and a doctor, nandini and soldier are present. Doctor says his face and body looks all green and he has a bite on his face, it seems like a bite of a snake and he has been poisoned. Nandini looks at her wound and then remembers the kheer falling on her hand, she remembers chanakya telling her that padmanand has sent someone to kill Chandra and Bindusara.


Chandra Nandni 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Helena tells nandini that you know how to make good haldi so make haldi for Chandra and vishakha’s marriage. Nandini tells Chandra that she will do everything in her power to save Bindusara and his father. Gautami tells nandini that vishakha is the one who was sent by padmanand to kill Chandra.

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