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Chandra Nandni 13th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Chandra Nandni 13th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Chandra Nandni 13th February 2017 Watch Online Episode on

Roopa walks away and is in aww of Chandra and starts laughing and says oh Roopa why is your heart beating so fast, you have fallen in love Roopa, you love Chandra and Roopa will rule on Chandras heart not that durdhara not Roopa not even Nandini and only Roopa , I love you Chandra.

Nandini and Chandra in their hut and come out listening to a quarrel and hear a man troubling his wife because her landlord father torchered him and says I will take revenge from you,Nandini imagines as if Chandra is in his place and Nandini in that ladies,Chandra says how can you behave like this with a woman,the man says but maharaj even you married maharani for revenge against padmanand ,Nandini says this is false,if this was so I wouldn’t be here performing Pooja,and this is not a way you deal with woman and if there is a other issue than revenge maharaj will help you,Chandra says dare you torcher a woman,the man says maharaj I did this because of lack of knowledge please forgive me,Chandra says it’s your wife whom you should ask for forgiveness.

Chandra says Nandini thank you for taking care of situation but we know the truth we married for revenge,Nandini says if it was revenge you wouldn’t allow me education or let me go through the injustice but instead you always supported me and on other hand even I couldn’t let you die in forest when this would complete my revenge,Chandra says why didn’t you let me die,Nandini says find that on your own.

Maliketus parents come to visit Chaya for baby shower,durdhara says even my baby shower will take place and helina and Nandinis later and helina you must not be knowing all about this cultures right,who all does all these rituals in Greek,anyways you will know Indian culture during my baby shower and durdhara sees helinas angry face and says someone is calling me and leaves.

Nandini says ma how will I collect cow dung,it’s so Smelly, ma says this is the only means of fuel available in this village,Chandra asks ma who is getting cow dung,ma says Nandini,Chandra says god Nandini this is the vessel go get it,ma says Chandra stop troubling her.

Padmanand and Amartya and his special troop plan for next attack on magad and says Chayas baby shower is taking place in magad and we will take advantage of this situation and attack magad and take this huge fake elephant as gift to magad and this special troop will be hiding in this elephant and once they attack I will attack from behind and magad will be mine again.

Chanakya discusses with his mantries says our maharaj is absent and enemies will take advantage of this situation to attack magad and so here is a plan for the royal family security.

Nandini waiting for cow dung,Roopa plants a snake there to kill Nandini,Chandra sees it and without nandinis notice picks it up and hides,Roopa says why does this Chandra always saves Nandini but no worries I will keep trying.

Nandini says Chandra stop laughing,Chandra says where is cow dung.nandini says not yet what’s in your hand show me,Chandra says sure you want to see,look snake,Nandini starts shouting and says let it go please Chandra,Chandra says it was coming near your so i thought may be cow will get frightened seeing snake and give you some cow dung,Nandini says Chandra please let it go,Chandra says okay and leaves it aside and says Nandini you got to collect atleast 25 cow dung cakes go start preparing ,see cow just shitted a lot of dung,so how is your experience touching the dung,enjoy being the ruling queen.

Helina says ma I don’t trust the fool Roopa,ma says helina these two swords when fight together will kill a lot but when they fight between each other they will kill either , so these are Roopa and Nandini and they are meant to fight between each other and one of them will Kill other and Roopa will kill Nandini and later we will side up Roopa,Roopa hatred for Nandini is our biggest weapon.

Nandini collects cow dung and says Chandra don’t stand and laugh please help me clean my hands,Chandra helps her and says use some soil this will let go the smell, Nandini taking cow dung inside,Chandra says we don’t take cow dung home we need to make some cake,Nandini says how do we do that Chandra says don’t worry I will teach you, you know how to kneed the dough same way we do it,just watch me and imitate ,Nandini covers her nose and Chandra Nandini together make some cow dung cakes,Chandra says remove that nose cover and start working,they both spend quality time together while preparing cow dung cakes,Chandra says this time I’m helping you next time you got to do this alone.Nandini thinks on one hand there was Maliektu who didn’t want me to learn and on other hand Chandra who is helping me learn even the simplest household courses.

Chandra Nandni 14th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Nandini is being kidnapped by few men and they say take her to maharaj,and Nandini shouts for help and calls Chandra ,Chandra rushes to save her.

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