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Chandra Nandni 13th October 2017 Written Episode Update


Chandra Nandni 13th October 2017 Written Episode Update on

Nandini remembers how Chandra applied her sindoor and stops and then about how he called her Savitri and says was maharaj right was it my imagination oh yes that letter and Nandini calls dasi and asks did you find any letters while cleaning this room,dasi says no I didn’t,Nandini says god then it was my imagination and I blamed maharaj I have to say sorry to him. Mohini destroying those letters,dasi walks in with food,Mohini asks where is maharaj,she says in garden,Mohini says so looks like bheemdev is very happy I have to go see him.

Bheemdev as Chandra says it’s so fun to be king and asks dasi to get alcohol,dasi leaves in confusion,Chandra asks a mantri what’s the amount in treasure,he says I’m not treasurer,Chandra says but it’s your duty to know everything get lost,he leaves and dasi walks in,dasi gives him alcohol,he holds her hand,and touches her,and says your hands are so soft,Mohini sees it and says what is bheemdev doing and says if Nandini sees him she will find it suspicious and says greetings maharaj and dasi you may leave.

Chandra says you should be with my body what are you doing here,Mohini says and you are making arrangements to throw us away,Nandini walks to them and says maharaj,Chandra says you here,Nandini says yes why you look surprised,Chandra says nothing,Nandini says it’s important please come with me and takes him away.

Charumati says he spent night with me and is my childhood friend and now wants to perform pooja with dhrama,Helina thinks god this girl keeps talking how will I manage her somebody as her to shut up, and says Charumati Bindusara may have something going in his mind I will talk to him,Charumati says come talk now and holds her hand,
Helina slaps her and says Charumati you failed in stopping your husband to going to other women,and now asking me to help,Remember you need to work hard to get your husband and so stop being a kid and go get your husband,don’t forget you have to give Magad it’s prince and learn to behave I’m mukhyamaharni.

Nandini says maharaj I’m very sorry,Bheemdev thinks why is she sorry,Nandini says don’t be upset please I’m so sorry,Chandra says okay leave,Nandini says please I won’t till you talk to me,Chandra shouts go,Nandini thinks I have to talk to him and calm him down and hugs him and says I have something to say you wanted to know my feelings right,Chandra pushes her and Nandini hurts her head,Nandini asks what’s wrong,Bheemdev thinks this behaviour will make her suspicious about me and says I’m so sorry Nandini I didn’t mean to do this I’m so sorry,Chandra applies ointment and says I’m having headache so reacted this way,Nandini says you should have told me before come now I will massage your head,Chandra says no I will be fine, I will rest,go now.

Bindusara in a pooja,Panditji says let’s begin with shudhikaran pooja and bathe him with 21 bowls of water from holy well,Bindusara says stop,Helina asks what happened,Bindusara says Panditji shouldn’t my wife be part of this pooja,Panditji says she should and calls dharma,Bindusara says my wife dharma will get water from Holy well,Nandini says she is on fast and it’s sunny outside how will she,dadi says Nandini is right,Bindusara says she should have thought before saying yes to this pooja,dharma says I accept,I will perform all the rituals of pooja,mora says but dhrama,dharma says no rajmata for pooja I will do everything and leaves.

Dharma gets 21 vessels of water from holy well,she starts feeling sick and is very tried,Helina says see Charumati I told you Bindusara must be up to something look how,Nandini in tears looking at dharmas state,Panditji says dharma got

Dharma says dadi you said newly wed couple go visit goddess temple and the groom ha sto lift his wife in his arms and climb to temple,dadi says yes how did I skip this,Bindusara says I won’t,dadi says you have to your father and even I have done it,now begin the pooja.

Mohini busy with her pooja,bheemdev comes back to his body,Mohini says what were you doing with that dasi,bheemdev says none of your business your duty is to look at my body,you are my student, you act as my wife don’t be one,Mohini says I do remember I’m doing this for my Gurudev to get him back so be careful with what you do.

Chandra wakes up heavy headed,and thinks how am I here and why is my head aching and starts looking for Nandini,Chandra sees her in corridor,and asks I was looking for you everywhere and how are you,Nandini says I’m good and how is your headache,Chandra asks how do you know,Nandini says you told me,Chandra says and this injury how did you get it,did you show doctor.

Nandini says you gave me it,Chandra says I cant even dream of hurting you, did bheemdev do it,Nandini says no he didn’t,you pushed me sometime back,Chandra says no I didn’t,I think we need to visit doctor and take sheer along with her,Helina sees them and says god he took her to doctor and if they learn that I’m giving her drugs Chandra won’t spare me.

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Chandra Nandni 16th October 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Chandra as bheemdev hugs Mohini,Nandini sees them.

Chandra with Nandini,bheemdev begs Chandra and says you already have one wife of mine why are you behind my other wife too.

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