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Chandra Nandni 14th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Chandra Nandni 14th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Chandra Nandni 14th March 2017 Video Watch Online HD on

Magad people happy to have maharaj Chandragupta back,Chandra says I’m happy to see love and blessings of my people and would like to announce we have won our war and as a part of mourya Vansh I shall never step back to serve my people and mother land and even sacrifice my life for it.

Chandra walks into his room and says I so wanted to see you and sees it’s not Nandini but Helina dressed as Nandini,Helina hugs him and says even I was waiting for you,Chandra says how come you are here,Helina says it’s acharya order and as your birthday I have a gift for you special one,Chandra says first thank you for helping magad,Helina says that was my part as a patrani and now as your wife and hugs him says I want to be with you and have our babies and want a life where it’s just us and want all my rights,Chandra says but I,dasi walks in,Helina says how dare you,Chandra says calm down,dasi says maharaj all are waiting for you down in Sabha,Chandra says helina we should leave and leaves,Helina thinks Chandra tonight we are together how will you escape then.

Brother thinking who it is Chandra bhaiya loves and walks into a room ,Malti sees him and thinks who is he in rani(Queen hub)Nivas,and follows him,both look at each other ,Malti says no one is allowed in rani Nivas,he says I’m here to see mukhya rani,she thinks oh this means he doesn’t know who it is and says I’m mukhya rani I shall forgive you this time leave now,he says sorry and leaves,he thinks maharani Nandini is so pretty any one could fall for her and leaves.

In Sabha Chandra takes everyone’s blessings,rajpurohit perform Tilak ritual,everyone wishes Chandra a very happy birthday And blessings,Chanakya says maharaj a very happy birthday and today we are here for important announcements,today for people benefits many taxes shall be terminated,and announces many other new proposals, Chandra says I agree to them.

Mora says Chandra everyone have gifts for you,mora presents her gift,followed by dadi and others,Durdhara says I already am gonna gift you a very precious gift but still here is kadha for you,Chandra says very pretty thank you,dadi says Nandini it’s your turn,and moras gift was very memorable so I am waiting for Chandras gift,brother thinks so she is Nandini and who is she ,she fooled me.

Nandini says maharaj I can’t present you gift here I request you all to come in the yard behind,Durdhara says looks like her gift is bigger and looks at Helina and says no no your gift is better.

Nandini and everyone in yard behind,Nandini gives him a sword and says please make use of it,Helina says Nandini he is just back from war and is injured and it’s his birthday and what all is this,Nandini says patrani Helina be patient,Nandini claps and few guys jump of tree and shout Chandra.

Chandra leaves sword and rushes to them in happiness,Nandini smiles seeing him so happy,Chandra hugs his friends and says how are you all,friends say look that mango let’s see who picks it first n all rush to get it ,dadi and mora happy to see Chandra so happy,Chandra and his friends get on the tree ,Chanakya not happy at all, Chandra picks the mango first,Chandra shares it with his friends and has it.

Mora says Nandini this isn’t just Chandras bday gift but mine too I could see his childhood though these little things thank you,Durdhara says how do you know it,Nandini says he shared all these stories he use to share with you on our Pooja trip,Chandra and his friends walk to everyone,Helina mother signs Helina and she walks to Chandra and says Chandra my real present will be tonight in our room,Chandra nods yes.

Chandra looking at Nandini through corridor,she is walking with malti,brother joins him and says pretty eyes and says when she talks and scolds looks like there are showers of flowers how pretty she is,Chandra says very true,and says bhaiya please arrange my wedding with her,Chandra says have you lost it she is your sister in law,he says no bhaiya I was talking about her sister, so is it Nandini who you love and so please arrange my wedding with Malti,Chandra says are you alright you want to marry,he says yes bhaiya please,who will help me if not you or else I will tell Nandini bhabhi about your feelings,Chandra says quite I shall help you but no one should know our secret,he says bhaiya go get gift for bhabhi,Chandra says ok go now.

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Chandra Nandni 15th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Helina says Chandra I love you,Chandra says but I don’t love you,Helina gets very angry and says then who that Nandini.

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