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Chandra Nandni 15th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Chandra Nandni 15th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Chandra Nandni 15th March 2017 video watch online HD on

Nandini in her room,and hears announcement that maharaj Chandragupta will be here and gets very happy and then says I will show I don’t care he didn’t even think of informing about anything,Chandra walks in,Nandini says yes maharaj,Chandra says yes I want to talk about love,Nandini thinks does he love me too, Chandra holds her hand and says now since there is love let’s talk about it,Nandini says even I,Chandra says so should I say yes to this proposal,Nandini asks what,Chandra says Madhav and Malti are in love, I mean Madhav loves Malti,Nandini says ok I shall talk to Malti and what’s in your hand,Chandra say is got tamarinds for you,Nandini says oh I love them and tastes it,Chandra leaves.

Durdhara sees Nandini eating tamarinds and says oh god she is eating tamarinds is she pregnant. Durdhara says mora ma Chandra is so happy with all gifts he received,dadi says I have prepared kheer for everyone have it,Nandini says dadi I don’t feel like eating shall I have later,dadi says why later come here and gives her spoon and says you made Chandra so happy,Nandini vomits,mora says get water,dadi says call Vaidya,Nandini says no dadi I shall rests and all will be fine and Nandini leaves,Durdhara says ma did you see what I saw,mora asks what,Durdhara says ma I saw Nandini eat tamarinds and now she vomited,mora says is she pregnant,Durdhara says let me inform everyone and leaves,dadi says mora I’m so happy.

Helina in her room getting ready,Chandra walks in,and asks why did you call me,Helina walks to him and holds his hand and puts it over her waist and hugs him,and says Chandra I was waiting for this night and this will be the beginning of our life in true sense,Chandra says why am I finding it wired when Helina is my wife,Chandra you can’t do this to her she has right over you, Chandra hugs her too,Helina thinks so Chandra is trapped and once I have his baby magad will be mine.helina takes him to bed,and starts undressing him,and lies over him,Chandra moves aside and says I’m sorry Helina I can’t do this and picks up his robe,Helina hugs him again,Chandra says I know you are my wife but I’m sorry,Helina says yes you are my husband,Chandra says but it was a political reasoned wedding and you got everything why you married me for and so I can’t do this ,Helina says but I love you,Chandra says but I don’t, please I’m sorry and leaves.

Helina says stop who do you love then that Nandini,Chandra says I wish I could answer this question of yours and leaves. Chandra goes to Nandini and asks what’s wrong are you fine,Nandini says yes,dadi says no you are not and won’t be fine for long time now and then will see results and I’m so happy for you two and Chandra now durdhara and Nandini you will have to take care of both of them, Nandini is pregnant too congratulations.

Nandini says no,Dadi says I understood when You ate tamarind and vomited,and now you need to take rest and be very careful about everything and Chandra take care of her,and leaves. Chandra says Nandini how are you pregnant,Nandini says no I’m not they have misunderstood,Chandra says stupid why did you eat so many tamarinds,Nandini says don’t blame me you got them,Chandra says ok don’t fight let me find some way.

Durdhara walks to Helina says I have a good news and see her on ground crying and the room shattered and thinks god she is looking like a ghost and may be she is looking for a heart to eat and says I will come anyways have sweets, Helina says stop have sweets whatshe news,Durdhara says Nandini is pregnant and my baby will have a brother now,Helina throws sweets and shouts leave.

Dadi says mora we must find some names,mora says yes we are gonna have two babies now,Chandra walks in and says dadi come let me apply oil on your knees and says dadi is it possible that these signs are all of pregnancy I mean vomit,uneasiness,or something else too,dadi says at times it may be bad stomach too,Chandra says then I think we should call vaidya or else Nandini will be heart broken otherwise if it’s stomach issue and not pregnancy ,mora says Chandra is right,Chandra says let me get Vaidya and leaves.

Vaidya checks Nandini and asks maharani do you feel like eating,Nandini says yes all fine,Vaidya says ok take rest and leaves,Nandini says good now the misunderstanding will be gone,Vaidya says maharaj, maharani is not pregnant, and I didn’t tell maharani,I shall take leave and leaves,dadi says I can’t face Nandini ,Mora you tell,Mora says ma but,Chandra says don’t worry I shall handle the situation and leaves,dadi says what about Durdhara let’s go stop her.

Nandini says Chandra I’m so happy,Chandra gives weird look and says take a sit and rest have some fruits ,nandini says what I’m fine, chandra says but Vaidya said you are pregnant,Nandini says not possible,how did this happen,Chandra says may be in Pataliputra when you were drunk you pulled me and then,Nandini starts crying and says how can you do this to me,Chandra says Dont cry I was joking,I will never touch you without your permission. Nandini smiles.

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Chandra Nandni 16th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Chandra stumbles and Malti holds him and both are in awkward position,maliketu hides and watches all this.

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