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Chandra Nandni 16th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Chandra Nandni 16th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Chandra Nandni 16th March 2017 video Watch online HD on 

Helina says no ma, I helped Chandra and what he gave me,Nandini and durdhara have his love and baby and what I have nothing all is gone and I shall end my life,ma says helina stop don’t give up,you are one for whom people will give their lives and we have one way which will give you Chandra and Nandini will go away,Chandra loves magad and he will choose magad before Nandini,Helina says who shall attack Chandra,ma says your father,he has the biggest army,Chandra is brave but wont be able to defeat your father so now write a letter to your father that you are in pain and how Chandra ill treats you and so attack Chandra for your rights,Helina does so and says now this letter will give me my Chandra.

Chandra says acharya we have won all these places but this side we need to win over these states,Chanakya says this area too,Chandra says but it’s a barren land ,Chanakya says this is daku Nivas and are very powerful and what if they attack you some day and if any kings controls them they can attack us anytime,so this area is very important and so you need to leave for war soon and this area is very important,Chandra is informed maharani Nandini is here and wants to see you,Chanakyas says you can’t go we need to make plan,Chandra says tell her I will see her later.

Nandini asks Malti how do you feel about Madhav,Malti says I saw him in rani Nivas may be not a good guy,nandini says then may be I will reject his proposal,Malti says no no i would like to think about this proposal I kind of like him,Nandini says see Malti wedding is very important a decision so you need to be very careful,Malti says but even you married maharaj when you hated him and look now you love him,Nandini says no I don’t.

Paravtak and maliketu disguised in magad market,Maliektu asks why are we here,parvatak says soon you will know,and says to a seller give me some paan and says this maharaj Chandragupta isn’t a good king,the seller says you are a bad man i shall not sell to people against my king,Paravathi and maliketu meet different people and find that people in magad are very loving towards their king and says Maliketu now this is what you need to work on you have to create hatred about Chandra amongst people.

Chandra walks in room and calls Nandini,Malti says maharaj she isn’t here and since you couldn’t see her last night she was very upset and cried whole night,Chandra says but I didn’t want to hurt her,Chandra slips and falls ,Malti holds him both get awkward,Maliektu see them and remembers his fathers advice.

Nandini says Malti did you see how Chandra behaved he didn’t even think of seeing me,Malti says he did come to your room but you weren’t there. Malti and Nandini taking shower,Malti asks how do you live with fact that your husband has 2 other wives dosent it hurt you,Nandini says before it didn’t matter but now,Malti says Didi someone is there and goes and checks and finds a robe and says Didi see I told you Someone was here,Nandini says how is it possible only maharaj is allowed here,Malti says may be he was here than,Nandini says no that’s impossible,anyways I shall go and see him I want to talk about you and Madhav.

Madhav sees Chandra and says bhaiya did you talk to bhabhi,Chandra says she said no,I mean when she can call me a monkey you are weird then me why can’t she deny you,Madhav says but bhaiya,Chandra says but your bhabhi is right,Nandini walks in,Chandra says Madhav you are right,Nandini says maharaj I want to talk to you,Madhav says bhaiya please talk about me and walks to Nandini and says greetings bhabhi thrice and leaves.

Chandra asks yes Nandini,Nandini takes a sit and says I’m here to talk about my sister and your brother and if this marriage takes place who shall take his responsibility,Chandra says I shall,Nandini says and what if Madhav gets so busy that he can’t even see Malti,Chandra says I shall take responsibility and he is to be punished if he does any such things,Nandini says will he meet his wife and not fall in love with other lady,Chandra says no he won’t and she has to understand he is a king and has many responsibilities and will be only her and her slave. Nandini says I would be so happy to have such husband,Chandra says Nandini you talking about my brother,Nandini says jealous,Chandra says no no I’m not,Nandini says how ever wired mourya men are they have beautiful princess as us so I agree to this proposal,Chandra smile.

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Chandra Nandni 17th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : maliketu (unaware of Chandra) purposely touches Malti ,Malti thinks Chandra touched her and thinks why is jijaji doing this.

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