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Chandra Nandni 17th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Chandra Nandni 17th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Chandra Nandni 17th March 2017 video watch online HD on

In todays episode of Chandra Nandni you will watch maliketu (unaware of Chandra) purposely touches Malti ,Malti thinks Chandra touched her and thinks why is jijaji doing this. Stay tune for more Written Updates.

Chandra says ma let’s decide who all will take bride and grooms side,Nandini walks in and says I’m here to invite you all for Maltis wedding since there are not much people on brides side ,mora says wait Nandini,Chandra me and dadi we all are here to invite you from brides side,Nandini says I’m so Happy,mora says Chandra go find people for groom team,Chandra says not fair,dadi says don’t waste time or else you will be out of people and laughs.

Ma says Helina your father has sent his answer ,Helina reads it dear daughter my army has left to attack on magad and you will get your rights, Helina says ma this will ruin my relation with Chandra,ma says Helina nothing worked with love so now it’s war. Chandra in meeting,he says acharya I have no one with me in wedding can you please be with me,Chanakya says Chandra you are falling in family matters and so I won’t be your side and anyways I have fixed Madhavs weddings and it will be good for us politically, Chandra says but he is in love,Chanakya says and you Chandra,Chandra says I’m for magad and my mother land and always will be please let this wedding take place.

Chandra goes to durdhara and says I want you to be with groom team,durdhara says no I’m already with team bride,Chandra says you can’t Nandini is your step,durdhara says doesn’t matter anyways look Helina talk to her,Chandra says helina it’s madhavs wedding will you join our team,Helina says don’t even think of it and I’m even not gonna be part of it and leaves.

Madhav and Malti arrive in mandap,mora says bride team like to gift you this Shagun,Nandini steps and hands it to Chandra,Chandra holds her hand,Nandini smiles at him,Chanakya sees it and thinks this is bad sign and I find it’s a bad sign and something is gonna happen, I’m losing control over Chandra. Malti and madhav take their places in mandap,maliketu (unaware of Chandra) purposely touches Malti ,Malti thinks Chandra touched her and thinks why is jijaji doing this and thinks may be I’m mistaken.

Avantika says before we begin as per ritual madhav has to find his bride amongst all or else he will have to be in brides feet. Padmanand and Amartya make plans to attack magad,Amartya says maharaj we need to wait and build Army,padmanand says I want my Nandini back,he used my daughter against me and she hates me now,and Chandragupta has to die now,soldier says but maharaj he is your son in law ,padmanand says no he has to die and my Nandini will be back with me,make arrangements we have to go proceed towards magad.

Madhav starts looking for Malti amongst women hidden under dupatta,madhav guesses it right,dadi says nandinis wedding didn’t have this ritual,mora says now we shall perform,Nandini hides,and thinks I know Chandra you will find me,Chandra starts looking for Nandini,he looks at an ring and says this might be Nandini and walks to her and hugs her,all laugh as it’s not Nandini,Nandini gets very angry.malti says jijaji you lost,dadi says Chandra not fair. Durdhara says if I would have to hide ,Chandra would find it easy to look for a pregnant women.

Engagement ritual begins,Chandra looks at Nandini and thinks I love to tease her she is so cute when angry,Durdhara slips and water falls on Malti,Malti says no worries I shall go and change,Nandini distributing sweets purposely doesn’t give Chandra and leaves,Chandra follows her,and says stop why are you angry,Nandini says as if you don’t know,why couldn’t you guess me,look at Madhav, Chandra says I could have guessed by your Payal,by your ring which you purposely tried to show,Nandini says anyways you lost in front of everyone,Chandra says and what if i told everyone that you have a spot on stomach,Nandini says how you know,Avantika calls Nandini,Nandini says ma is calling ,Chandra says Go then,Nandini smiles and leaves.

Malti walks in room and finds there are no lights,she still tries walk in,a man comes from behind and forces on her,he pulls Malti to bed tries molests her,Malti kicks him,she finds a fire torch and puts it on Him to check and finds its Chandra.

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Chandra Nandni 18th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Nandini asks Malti who did this to you,Malti points at Chandra and says maharaj Chandragupta.

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