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Chandra Nandni 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Chandra Nandni 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Mora says Panditji get me vishk as kunḍali, dadi asks why, mora says because I want Chandar and vishakha to get married, dadi says chandra will be happy only with nandini , mora says no ma , chandra hates her and now vishakha will help him move on, dadi says look into chandras eye you will see live for nandini,mora says not again ma no more nandini and leaves,dadi says I wish you could have understood chandras feelings.

Chandra makes a sketch of himself, nandini says its still incomplete, chandra says I don’t think it is tell me, nandini says wait and gets bindusaar and puts him on chandras lap and says now the painting will ve completing, artist says right maharaj if you allow, nandini says magads present and future are in a pic, chandra thinks what are you nandini for a moment you make me happy and then sad. Nandini says do think about vishakha, chandra says and if you are wrong, nandini says no I wont , vishkaha walks In and says hello bindusaar, Chandar says come vishakha let me give you a tour of mahal.

Vishakha says how beautiful is your mahal, chandra says Thankyou, tell me about your mahal and city, vishakha keeps telling like see this sign I had this when I was hose riding and there’s a secrete lane in the mahal for emergency exit but I use hide and my parents use to get so worried, vishakha thinks me and Amartya knew you will ask me and so I had taken all information from vishakha.

Dasi says maharaj this is from mantri, nandini keeping an watch on them, chandra thinks this is the information I asked to get about vishakha and says dasi call everyone in sabha especially nandini.

Chandra says today’s sabha is because bindusaar nanny is suspicious about vishakha and thinks she is here to kill me, vishakha says nandini why are you doing this, maharaj I’m here for help and nandini even after being in this state because of your father, anyways if nandini thinks I’m fake ask nandini to get real vishakha, nandini says stop acting, chandra says nandini I didn’t call you to insult vishakha instead I trust her and not you, helina says ma what all is this, apma says even I’m new to this, chandra says nandini you are the bad person here and all know it here and even today you are proved wrong and so not a word against vishakha, first durdhara and now her, enough of it stop it.
Apma says helina perfect timing just wait and watch.


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Apma says maharaj I saw nandini meeting gautami and heard them talking about gautamis son, chandra says so that son was gautamis in kaling, apma says nandini use to stay with gautami in kaling and now gautami is with parmanand and so I think they are upto a big plan.

Nandini spying in vishakha room and gets a paper she hides it, vishakha walks in and says why are you here, nandini says u was here for medicine for dadi, vishkaha says ok,the paper falls down, vishakha gets the medicine, nandini acts and says vishakha actually I was here to say sorry and falls in vishakhas feet and says I’m so sorry and picks the paper, vishakha says don’t do this its ok, nandini says ok and about to leave, vishakha says stop what are you doing.

Nandini asks what vishakha, vishakha hands her the oil and says medicine, nandini says Thankyou and leaves. Nandini says chandra I was coming to see you, see its the paper I was talking about, chandra says first you tell em whom did you meet yesterday, nandini says how did he know about, chandra says let me tell you, you met gautami and she has a son how did you hide that, and now not a word, you saving a women how tried killing my baby, nandini Says bhabhi is changed, chandra says no this is because you are with padmanand and this paper I don’t trust you and tears it and burns it.

Nandini aus ok dong listen to me, yes I hide the truth because the baby is innocent and trust me not me but vishakha is plotting against you.

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Chandra Nandni 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Chandra Infront of everyone says ma i will marry vishakha.
Nandini says chandra I wont leave until I reveal vishakhas true face.
Chandra hugs nandini and says I trusted you the most.

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