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Chandra Nandni 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Chandra Nandni 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Nandini starts crying, dadi walks to her, and says don’t feel bad about what Chandra said he is doing because of al the misunderstanding between you but you also didn’t see what he is trying to show, Nandini says dadi I’m crying because I’m helpless in saving Chandra , first durdhara her killer is still free and I’m worried for Chandra, dadi says I have hope in you and god will help you,Nandini says I will go look after chaya and leaves, Nandini gives chaya medicine , dadi says only you are in this mahal who look after chaya without fail.

Mora apma Helina walk to Vishakha and ask why aren’t you ready, vishakha says I have no one from my side to perform rituals, Mora says apma and Helina will do it for you, apma says sure she is like my daughter too and mixes some haldi, Vishakha hugs apma and says I’m so thankful to you and takes her blessings.
Vishakha while touching moras feet adds poison in chandras Haldi, apma says dasi mix haldi properly I will take it to maharani on behalf of Vishakha.

Mora says I want bindusaar to put haldi in temple, Chandra walk with Nandini and bindusaar, bindusaar pushes the bowl and it falls over Chandra and Nandini, mora says careless Nandini I knew you did this purposely, dadi thinks mora what happened is very correct and smiles and says mora don’t spoil your mood, mora says Helina take bindusaar and Nandini we don’t need you in functions leave, apma says maharaj please change your clothes are all ruined.

Nandini sees dasi crying with burned hand, on asking dasi says I mixed haldi and this happened, Nandini thinks so this is the plan but rajmata has warned me not to ent r functions what will I do now and says dasi come with me I will give you medicine.

Haldi is brought to Chandra and Vishakha thinks countdown begins Chandra. Nandini rushes to function with medicine, Chandra is been applied haldi,Nandini is stopped by dasi and says rajmata has asked us not to allow you in, Nandini says please let me in, mora says Nandini enough stop it leave, Nandini says rajmata I have always taken you as my mother and god knows it but today it’s about his life and its very important and rushes in and pushes the haldi bowl and mixes medicine in milk and pours it over Chandra and wipes all haldi of his body.

Chandra shouts Nandini stop, mora says look Chandra again she tried interrupted, dadi says stop Nandini why did you do this, Nandini Says because this haldi has poison in it.

Chandra says how can you be so sure, Nandini tells Chandra about the dasi, Chandra says it may be something else too, Nandini Says since you don’t trust me get this haldi tested, Vaidya says yes maharaja this haldi has poison, all are shocked.

Vishakha says god who could have done this, Nandini you prepared this haldi and apma took this haldi to chandra, dadi says why would Nandini save him then, apma says when haldi was prepared rajamata was with us. Chandra sees a soldier escape and kicks him and says look Nandini he was sent by your pithamaharaj to kill me and so added poison.

Nandini in her room thinking about the dasi and then the soldier, she is drying herself and Chandra walks in and turns around, Nandini says can’t you knock, Chandra says I’m king, Nandini Aga still you can’t come in my room and turn around or go out i will call you when I’m done, Chandra says I’m king you can’t order me, Nandini says you are so stubborn, Chandra says I’m stubborn and slips and both fall on bed and stare into each other’s eyes.

Nandini says Chandra get up, Chandra gives her dupatta and says I was here to thank you, nandini says I have just saved the king of the land I live in and father of bindusaar who met his mother after long time and let me tell you the soldier you caught isn’t the culprit, Chandra says how can you be so sure, Nandini says Chandra right now I have no idea who the culprit is, Chandra says look the soldier has agreed he has done and in case of you ask for any reward you want and leaves, Nandini says Vishakha I know it’s you.

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Chandra Nandni 22th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Chandra says Vishakha we are here because Nandini thinks you are vish kanya.
Nandini says Vishakha I won’t let you reach the wedding mandap, Vishakha says who will stop me you.
Vishakha hugs Chandra and stabs him

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