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Chandra Nandni 19th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Chandra Nandni 19th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Binudsara says no one had guts to tell me the truth,pitahshree,dadi, rajmata why did you all hide it,no one has guts,and acharya Chanakya even you,who is known for principles of truth and honesty,no one told me except Helina ma,and this is why she is the only person I trust.

Chandra says we didn’t tell you the truth because you were small,Bindusara says agreed but later you could,but no you were busy in memories of your wife Nandini and didn’t think about me and so you are the culprit here only you and Bindusara walks away.

Apma says Helina you spoiled everything,Bindusara was with us but after the truth what will happen,Nandini will be back with him,Helina says ma calm down,Bindusara knows half truth( when Chandra asks Helina to get Bindusara,she goes to Bindusara room and falls in his feet and says we hide a big truth from you and it is my mother Apma killed your ma durdhara,binudsara gets shocked,and says what,Helina says I know we hide this truth from you but this is half truth and the whole truth no one knows,this letter says durdhara has threat from her step,and Nandini and me both are step and as we know Chandra loves Nandini a lot and so it was just me who was under the suspect,And so for me my ma stepped in and took over all the blames and this plot was all Nandinis plot to separate me and durdhara from Chandra,and you know today I would be the victim if my ma wouldn’t have helped me and starts crying,Bindusara says that lady is so cheap,ma please don’t cry and nanishree did what a mother should do.

Apma says oh my daughter I love you,I’m so Happy,Bindusara walks in,and says you are so great nani and hugs her.

Chandra says Nandini I made a mistake by hiding the truth,Nandini says no maharaj it wasn’t a mistake,and don’t worry he is your son,he will someday learn the facts and the differences between you would resolve,Chandras says I wish the same between you two.

Chandra says how can he hate that mother of his who loved him the most and you know when Bindusara would get upset you would cook him anjeer kheer and would eat nothing until he ate it,you taught him swords,took his lessons.
Nandini says I did all this for Bindusara I don’t believe,I mean maharani Nandini did it,Chandra says yes maharani Nandini,my wife and my sons mother did it,and now tell me how could you know the meaning of poem ,that sword lessons,how will you know that if you aren’t Nandini,Nandini says you said Bindusara loved anjeer kheer,let me cook it for him,that will cheer him up and leaves,Chandra says and still you don’t believe you aren’t my Nandini.

Bindusara practising archery,Charumati present too,Bindusara has a drink,Charumati says why are you missing it and why won’t you,you are drunk and so unable to focus,dharma walks in and Bindusara distracted again,Charumati says where were you,come quickly and apply me alta,why do I have to remind you all the time,Charumati remembers Bindusara saying dharma forced him into her room and says Bindusara I have an idea use dharma as aim,dharma put this apple over your head and stand there,Bindusara cant you here what my wife said go quickly.

Dharma takes her position,Charumati says Bindusara you are drunk,I know you are good at aim but dharmas life is at risk,and dharma if he misses ,you cant take him to your room,dharma says yes exactly like the wedding day I took him with me,closed the doors and then he fell in my feet like a slave,Bindusara gets angry and says she is lying,and aims correct.

Bindusara holds her tight and says why are you lying.dhrama says you began and spoke the half story and this was the remaining and still won’t you tell your wife the real story.dharma walks away,Charumati asks Bindusara what did she say is this the real truth. Nandini walks into Bindusara room and sees it’s all a mess and alcohol all around and calls dasi and says why isn’t his room cleaned,dasi says we aren’t allowed to enter the room when he isn’t here and when he is here we don’t dare come in,Nandini says ok get it all clean his room and destroy alcohol and replace alcohol with anjeer sherbet.

Bindusara walks in and takes a sip of anjeer sherbat and calls dasi and asks who did this,where’s my alcohol,Nandini says I did,and asks dasi to leave and says this isn’t good for your Health son,look I cooked anjeer kheer for you,like you loved it in your childhood days,Bindusara pushes it and says why did you come here why are you trying to be my mother.

Nandini says why are you still upset when you know the truth why do you still hate me,Bindusara tells her the whole truth and about the letter and says you killed my mother maharani Nandini,all is the same ,this face of yours reminds me of that Nandini and if Nandini didn’t kill my ma go ask maharaj why did he ask Nandini to leave the mahal.

Nandini thinks about it and leaves,Nandini walks to Chandra thinking about it,Chandra asks did he like the kheer,Nandini thinks I cant tell him the truth and says he loved the truth,Chandra trying to take off his neckpiece,Nandini helps him,Chandra says say it Nandini,don’t hesitate,Nandini says how did you figure it out,Chandra says because I love you,Nandini says if you love me why did you ask Nandini to leave mahal as punishment towards killing durdhara.

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Chandra Nandni 20th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Chandra and Nandini get close to each other.

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