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Chandra Nandni 1st February 2017 Written Episode Update


Chaya says Nandini I have seen your true colours now,before I loose my clam leave right away,Roopa thinks poor Nandini lost one more relation,Roopa dances in joy. Maliketu says Chaya I’m very shameful,I couldn’t stop Nandini after all,she is maharani, i tried stopping her but she never does,and now I have one solution I should leave magad,Chaya says please don’t it’s not your mistake,she will have to repay for her mistakes,I will talk to Chandra we will leave magad,Maliektu hugs her and says no Chaya it’s not good for your health and don’t tell Chandra,Chaya says he has to know and leaves.

Chandra in his room looking at sketch says Nandini even when I know you don’t love me and can’t see tears in your eyes and you are my enemies daughter,Chaya comes in,Chandra says Chaya please sit why you look so restless,Chaya says Chandra I need your decision,first my husband was killed by nandinis brother now she is trying to snatch Maliektu from me,before I didn’t but now I really love Maliektu,why is she eyeing my happiness,Maliektu comes and says Chaya why did you come here lets leave as soon as possible and you need rest too.

Chandra says you two will go no where , dasi call Nandini,Nandini comes and sees Chaya and says what’s wrong why are you so restless,Chaya says Nandini stop acting,Chandra says Nandini, you called me a emotionless man but your emotions are everywhere I guess and you a characterless and heartless women,Chaya saw you forcing on Maliektu , Maliektu say something,Maliektu says yes maharaj she always tries to come closer to me,and I didn’t want this matter to be out as she is maharani and so I shall leave magad for its betterment,Chandra says Nandini will leave magad as soon as dadi ma leaves, and walks away.maliektu says Chaya come lets go. Nandini thinks Chandra why did you say I’m Heartless.

Helina mother says helina it’s our time now,Chandra will be yours forever now,helina says why is that so, even after nandinis presence that too,Helina mother says yes it’s your right,helina says ma Nandini is so weird these days and when she doesn’t like Maliektu why Is she doing this anyways her dids are advantaging my plans,,Helina mother says helina think about how you will vow Chandra,dasi get the new jewellery and dresses,perfumes I got for helina.

Chandra tells durdhara about the Chaya seeing Nandini and maliketu,durdhara says jr Chandra tell me do you think your Nandini ma will ever do this,see even he think she will never do it,Chandra says you are innocent,durdhara says I dont think so, and till dadi is here,think about here decision as Nandini can never do such think,she doesn’t have Maliektu in her heart. Chandra thinks about time spent with Nandini and thinks is it really that Nandini has Maliektu in her Heart or it’s just everyone’s misunderstanding,Chandra remembers Chanakya not asking to think by Herat and be emotional,Chandra gets angry and impatient and shouts.

Roopa comes from behind,Chandra feels a hand and pulls it and holds,Nandini (Roopa) says is this the way you get romantic their are other ways too,Chandra says durdhara says you weren’t with maliketu what would you say on that,Roopa says nothing,actually it’s true I was with maliketu ,I hate you , i can’t bare your presence it’s suffocating, you married me forcefully and once dadi will leave I will be relived and I can’t expect anything good from you after all you are a farmers son and me a princess.chandra holds her hand tight and says I promise you won’t have to see my face again and leaves,Roopa says oh Chandra your touch I wish I didn’t have to act or else would trap you in Roopas love mesh.

Helina mother makes cigar for Roopa and says I’m so happy,after today’s act Chandra would hate Nandini till his last breath, few hours now and Nandini will be out, ask any amount you want and it will be yours,Roopa says I have told you before not to show your money this I’m doing for my revenge and it’s just helping you, so Sunanda ma should we tell her why I hate Nandini,Sunanda says she is Nandinis twin sister no one knows about it not even padmanand and Avantika,Roopa says look at nandinis life lived a princess life but I lived a lonely life.

Sunanda says this all started with when Avantika was pregnant for 10th time and jyothish said maharaj padmanand your kundali says your wife will have twin babies and the second child with a spot on body will be reason for maharaj destroy. Sunanda says I didn’t take it seriously until, Avantika really gave birth to twins, after birth of twins I asked Vaidya to keep the news of twins a secrete and announce that Avantika gave birth to just one daughter but nand instead of being happy for daughter killed jyotish,so later I took the second daughter to Nand and says look your twin ,nand says but Avantika gave birth to one child,nand says oh no but she has to die or else she will destroy my kingdom,nand about to kill her Avantika calls him and so I took her aware in assurance to kill her.

Sunanda says nand and left me for Avantika and was a cheat and so I decided to raise her as my daughter instead of killing her and use her at right time,Roopa says my ma gave me a life and Nandini got luxuries and now I will snatch all that from her even her pitahamaharaj who wanted to kill me.

Chandra Nandni 2nd February 2017 Written Episode Update Pre cap : Chandra trying to catch Nandini, he falls on bed ,Nandini sees him and starts laughing heartily and says you truly are monkey ,Chandra thinks why do I feel so good see her laugh.

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