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Chandra Nandni 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update


Chandra Nandni 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Chandra says here Nandini I’m begging you dint elave this mahal my son needs you,Nandini says you can’t stop me,Chandra says you are a dasi here and who gave you the permission to leave,mora walks in and says I asked her to leave,Chandra says ma if I ask her to stay you will leave and if I don’t I will loose bindusara now you help me what will I do,I don’t want to loose anyone of you,I was brought up without you and now I can’t live without you,but if you want Nandini to give,she will leave,Mora says wait Chandra,Nandini for bindusara I allow you to stay,take this as a opportunity and remember the day bindusara gets better you shall leave the mahal and only one relation we halal have and that I hatred and leaves,Nandini hugs bindusara.

Chanakya calls few members ,and says there is important work for which I need your help,I made Chandragupta king and now I shall dethrone him and I need your help for this,I shall show him how pride takes to destruction,mantris ask but why should we help you,Chanakya shows them gold,Chanakya says if you help me you shall have your share and I shall teach you how to act against Chandra, he was my student and so his defeat is definite so it’s your decision now,everyone agree to join Chanakya.

Megasenis says maharaj Chanakya is meeting our enemies and training them against us, so I have a plan to trap him,our informers have noted him these areas,Helina says these are different places, megasenis says this is my worry too so we shall send troops on all places,Apma says this is a trap to divert us,Chandra says you are correct and where was we first found I shall go there and other places send troops,Helina takes guards with you,Chandra say sthat shall alert him I will go alone in disguise,I shall use his teachings against him.

Chandra gets dressed in disguise,he picks bindusara, Nandini walks in and sees an unknown man, unaware of its Chandra says I won’t allow anyone to abduct bindusara and removes her Payal and pulls bindusara and attacks on Chandra and says you can’t harm my son,who sent you here,Chandra thinks she didn’t guess it’s me, Nandini attacks in him and both get into a fight,s as if he is going to reach out to bindusara, Nandini attacks him again , in attack, nanidnis dupatta comes of but she puts sword on Chandras neck,and asks who are you and removes his cover from face and says Chandra I was fighting with you,Chandra says you passed your test you are my correct selection,Nandini says I can give my life for him,Chandra says till now I have seen you kill anyways I’m late and leaves,Nandini says you have so much hatred for me.

Chanakya counting coins,Chandra walks in with his sword and says I knew I shall find you here, and puts sword in his feet and takes blessings,Chanakya says my blessings are always with you,our plans working, even padmanand wants to meet me,thanks to Apma act.

( Chandra informs Chanakya about Nandini and explains his side and the reason behind getting Nandini in mahal as bindusaras nanny,Chandra says I accept your punishment as I didn’t take your permission before taking this decision,Chanakya says Chandra a king never lets anyone down,I see a king who is down to earth you have never failed me,you are right bindusara to rule Magad he needs to be alive and you have taken the right decision ,chandra says thank you Acharya,Chanakya says Apma is your mother in law but is a terrorist, I have seen her meeting Sunanda ,Chandra says Acharya but she is doing this to find Nand,Chanakya says this is not as it is seen now we have to turn enemies, this way they will become carefree and we shall find the people who are informers )

Chanakya says Apma will help us in her own trap and will be trapped too,Chandra says but I’m sorry Acharya,Chanakya says but it was a act and people have believed in it,Chandra says but Acharya Nandini still believes in you,Chanakya says but she still will be a terrorist, anyways you have to go now and we have to continue our act.

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Chandra Nandni 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Chandra has durdharas letter in hand and says Helina I want to know who killed durdhara. Nandinis mangalsutra get stuck in Chandras dress.

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