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Chandra Nandni 20th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Chandra Nandni 20th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Chandra Nandni 20th March 2017 video watch online HD on

In today’s episode of Chandra Nandni you will watch  Nandini asks Malti who did this to you,Malti points at Chandra and says maharaj Chandragupta.Stay tune with us for more written updates.

Malti sees its Chandra on floor and is shocked to know he is one who molested her,Chandra says Malti what happened why are you in this state,who did this to you,Malti pushes him and runs away,Nandini and and others meet her,Nandini asks who did this to you,Malti says I was being molested,Nandini and Madhav ask who it is,Malti points at Chandra and says maharaj Chandragupta,chandra says this is false,Madhav says bhaiya I heard Malti shout and came here,Malti you must be mistaken,Malti says no maharaj forced me,Nandini slaps her and says stop it,Chandra can never do this,Malti says I went in room,maharaj came inside and forced me and he has done this before,he purposely slipped on me and in mandap touched me purposely.

Chandra says she is lying and when I was in my room I heard someone screaming and when I went to the room I saw Malti in this state,Malti says no you did this and runs away,Chandra says trust me I didn’t do this,Madhav,Madhav says sorry maharaj and leaves. Maliketu gives money to some men and ask them to spread the news that maharaj eyes on Maharanis sister and if women in mahal are not safe how will women in our motherland be go,Maliketu says Chandra you gave me this idea and now see you planted an evil player by your own hands in your kingdom.

( Maliketu had seen Chandra walk to Malti after he had forced her and she pushes him and so purposely makes arrangements so that he can stumble and fall and leaves,Chandra walks in and falls ,Malti misunderstands him as the molester)

Maliketus men start spreading the news amongst the people.

In Sabha next day,angry and upset two men wish to meet Chandra,Chandra says let them in,the man says maharaj this man tried to force on my wife,Chandra says don’t worry I shall punish him,the culprit says maharaj even you did this then how can you punish me,Chandra gets angry and says how dare you,the other man says sorry maharaj I don’t want you to take decision if our maharaj is a bad man how can I trust other man,Chanakya says I shall take decision cut the culprits hand. Chanakya says Chandra what all is this happening,if people don’t want their king do you understand what it means, I told you Chandra stay away from emotional matters now see,your people are against you, Chandra says acharya it’s a plot,Chanakya says sure it is because you are a king and now soon you need to solve this and what are you gonna do.

Chandra walks to Malti and holds her,Malti says what are you doing,Chandra says something I wanted to do last night and do whatever you want to but no one can save you,Malti shouts, Nandini walks in and says Chandra what are you doing she blamed you last night but I didn’t agree and now what is this I’m seeing,Chandra says the truth.

Chandra says yes I tried to touch Malti,Nandini says Chandra please leave my sister alone,Chandra says I have alrights and no one can stop me not even you,Madhav walks in and says bhaiya what did you say,you did this to my Malti,Chandra says she is mine now,last night I was drunk but not now ,I had fallen for her the moment I saw her,Madhav tries to attack,Chandra pushes him and says don’t forget who I am,I am magad Samrat,Madhav says bhaiya I love her,Chandra says but I love Malti and I have decided Malti will marry me and stay with me in this mahal,soldiers take Malti away and jail her.

Madhav says bhaiya I promise I will take revenge,Chandra smiles,Madhav leaves,Nandini rushes behind Malti. Durdhara tells mora and dadi about Malti,dadi says how can Chandra do this to Nandini,mora says I shall talk to Chandra. Helina says this means Chandra loves Malti now one more problem,ma we have to change our plans,ma says no Helina your father in on his way and Nandini and Malti both have to get of your way ,so no change in plans.

Everyone hear upset People say they hate their king,mora says Chandra you have to stop all this,Chandra says you please stay out of all this,Chandra says inform people I would like to address them. Maliketu happy to see upset people ,Chandra says my dear people , you have always trusted me and before a king I’m a human too and that human has fallen in love,helina is in tears.I know I have 3 wives but they were political weddings and I don’t love them but I have now fallen in love with someone is this wrong,and now i shall stand by my words I will marry my love and if a king wants to marry a woman not from Royal family it’s a good sign and I want you ask to respect my feelings,people get happy.


Chandra Nandni 21st March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Chandra marries Malti. Madhav goes to padmanand to join hands to attack Chandra.Magad is in danger as helinas father and padmanand are both here to attack.Nandini after hearing this leaves,mora says why didn’t anyone stop Nandini she can’t face nands army.Nandini in front of padmanand,he says Nandini my daughter,Nandini says no I’m Chandragupta mouryas wife Nandini.

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