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Chandra Nandni 20th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Chandra Nandni 20th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Nandini asks did you believe that maharani Nandini killed durdhara,Chandra is Silent,Nandini says I see my answer and about to leave,Chandra says Nandini as I told you,we started as a couple when we were enemies and we fell in love later and then my durdhara died and the proof were against you and it poisoned my love and a husband lost his friend his son was poisoned and so I had to ask you to leave Magad and for that son I got you back as only you were the one who could look after Bindusara with all love and care he needs,and soon the ports were out and whole Magad learnt it wasn’t you,Nandini thinks what is this confusion,Chandra says I hope you have your answer and leaves.

Nandini helps Chandra remove his neck piece and smiles looking at him,Chandra asks what is it,Nandini says nothing,Chandra says seems like I’m looking like a red faced monkey,Nandini says let me clean the kumkum,but how did you find it,Chandra says Because you kept calling me red faced monkey,Nandini says did I call you this,and may be so I memory flashes and also a man who killed me and I saw his picture in store,Chandra says it’s your father Nand and the women who was been stabbed is Roopa was your twin,it’s the truth Nandini accept it,Nandini hugs him and says I’m Nandini I found my identity back,I’m Nandini.

Chanakya meets his informer and he is informed purohit is just diverting us,he stays in rajgharana and performs pooja near river and returns in afternoon,Chanakya says but the distance is just an hour far,keep an eye on him this is fishy again,informer leaves,Chanakya says the Purohit is guided to do this.

Nandini infront of mirror thinking about Chandra,and how Chandra recognised her and Nandini blushes Ann lost in Chandras thoughts,Chandra walks to her,and pulls her closes,Nandini closes her eyes,Chandra says open your eyes and feel this as it’s a truth and not a dream,Nandini opens her eyes and looks at Chandra,Chandra says today I shall apply you sindoor not to save your pride but because my wife is back and if you still have problem you can stop me,Chandra applies Nandini sindoor,and says we are back now,and as I promised till you feel the security and love I won’t come close to you,so do you feel it,Nandini in tears,Chandra puts her hand over his heart and says hear it feel it,and then puts it over her heart and says isn’t it the similar feeling,Nandini in tears,Chandra says answer me,Nandini blushes and and about to leave,Chandra pulls her close,dasi walks in and says dadi ma wishes to see you.

Chandra and Helina seated together,dadi explains about a fast to everyone in family get together ,Chandra looks at durdhara,Bhadra asks dadi why do always women have to face hardship,if women can fast why not men,dadi says you are so like mamashree,Chandra use to fast for Nandini,Helina sees Chandra looking at Nandini and gets annoyed,Bhadra says even I will do like mamashee when I marry,adornus says me too but let me find a princess first,Nandini says Charumati come let me tell you the vidhi, Helina says don’t worry I shall,so many years I have fasted for Chandra so I know it,Bindusara says Charumati you don’t have to I don’t believe in all this,Charumati feels bad,Helina says don’t feel bad do fast it will be your first experience.

Chandra announces about Kartikeya and Elis ,Bhadra congratulates Kartikeya,Chandra announces the dates for engagement and wedding,kartikeya looks at dharma and isn’t happy at all. Chandra walks to Nandini and holds her hand,Nandini says maharaj stop it,Chandra says stop calling me maharaj and call me Chandra as old times,Nandini says look we are here and everyone is looking at us,Chandra says you are my wife what’s wrong,someday greets Chandra and he leaves her hand and holds it back again.

Chandra sees Nandini in front of her and turns around and sees he is holding a dasis hand and sorry go look after the arrangements,Chandra says this is so unfair,Nandini says and what you did was fair,Chandra says I will repay,Nandini leaves.kartikeya says I will be waiting for you meet me in corridor.

Dharma meets him,Kartikeya says I cant do this,I tried but I cant live without you,please dharma don’t do this to me,dharma says again the same story,forget me we cant go ahead with us,dharma sees Bindusara in corridor and pushes Kartikeya near column and says stay here and walks in corridor.

Bindusara says stop dharma,and looks at her in anger.

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Chandra Nandni 21st September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Apma says add this in Nandini water and she will be so damn confused about her identity that nothing will help her.Helina during pooja says Nandini have my Kalash you do the pooja first,Chandra about to give Nandini the drugged water.

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