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Chandra Nandni 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Chandra Nandni 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update , Written Update on

Chandra takes parvatak to Chaya,parvatak says Chaya when will you recover ,is there no medicine that will cure my daughter, she is the only hope that can bring malayketu on right track,Chandra is called in Sabha and he leaves,parvatak says Chaya the more you are here Ill it’s good for me,dasi walks in,and says maharaj there’s no news yet,parvatak says ok keep an watch on Chandra once we have required information and order from padmanand we will attack Chandragupta.

Nandini wakes up to a shadow and footsteps sound and follows to find its Chandra,Chandra walks to Vishakha room,Nandini follows him,Vishakha says come Chandra I was waiting for you,Chandra says so was I and hugs her,Nandini hiding and watching them,Vishakha sees Nandini and removes knife from her bun and attacks Chandras back,Nandini shouts and rushes to Chandra,Vishakha stabs Chandra brutally,Nandini wakes up and realises it was just a dream and says I can’t leave Chandra and bindusara alone,I have to be with them like a shadow.

Nandini walks to Chandras room and asks where are you going so late,Chandra asks who are you to ask and what are you doing here,Nandini thinks if I tell him the truth he will react badly and says I’m here for my son,Chandra says he is asleep don’t bother him and I’m going to Vishakha I promised her this night,Nandini says how could you,you have to stay with your son,if he wakes up for food or water,Chandra says you are here for that,Nandini says don’t remind me every time that I’m a nanny here and anyways i need help,Chandra asks why Is it,Nandini says you told Helina that you don’t trust me,now how could you leave him alone with me and just think if bindusara wakes up and wants his father and you aren’t here.

Chandra says Nandini do you think I haven’t got what are you up to,are you so jealous of Vishakha,nandini says no I’m not go if you want,Chandra says okay and leaving,bindusara starts crying,Nandini says don’t cry look pitahamaharaj is here and hands him to Chandra,Chandra gets busy with bindusara and Nandini says thank god bindusara woke up,Nandini falls off to sleep near the cradle.chandra puts bindusara to sleep and slowly leaves.

Vishakha uneasy in her room,she starts looking all her boxes and finds no snake,and says where is my snake,she searches all her room for her snake but doesn’t find,she says I have to consume poison, I need to go out of mahal for it and turns around and sees Chandra,Chandra asks why is your room shattered,Chandra sees she is sweating and uneasy,Vishakha says I’m having a headache,Chandra says I will call Vaidya,Vishakha says no I have a special medicine and it’s over so I will go get some fresh air,Chandra says my love will cure your pain,let me give you a head massage,Vishakha says you are a maharaj,Chandra says you gonna be my wife,come and rests her head on his lap and gives her head massage,Vishakha thinks how will I go out now, I need to consume poison.

Nandini wakes up and finds Chandra isn’t in the room,she panics and starts looking for him,she calls dasi,dasi says maharaj is with Vishakha in her room ,Nandini thinks god I won’t let Vishakha harm Chandra and rushes,Nandini bumps into Chandra in corridor and hugs him and says you are safe,thank god,Chandra says why are you asking I’m all good and anyways I had best night just couldn’t sleep,Nandini asks why,Chandra says I was with Vishakha so I couldn’t sleep and since what we did my back is hurting give me massage come,Nandini forcefully gives him massage,Chandra says Vishakha is best in all ways especially her waist line,Nandini pushes him and says I’m your dasi and you shouldn’t share personal details with me,Chandra says are you jealous of Vishakha,Nandini says no I’m not and I’m just your dasi and let me tell you can’t leave your son alone this way and leaves murmuring god knows what he thinks of himself.

Chanakya shares plans with padmanand and Amartya,informer walks in and says there’s letter from Magad,Amartya sees its from Vishakha and keeps it back and says nothing important,Chanakya says you look tense,Amartya says no its from parvatak,Chanakya says read it,Amartya fakes it,Respected king padmanand I have reached Magad and keeping an eye on Chandra waiting for your orders good look.

Chanakya tells his informer,padmanand and parvatak both are king and so parvatak will never call him respected,something is fishy get that letter for me. Vishakha with bindusara thinking about how will she get poison now,bindusara while playing crawls to fire,Nandini arrives in time and pulls him back and shouts at Vishakha.

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Chandra Nandni 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Nandini reads about vishkanya. Chandra says sorry Vishakha,I shouldn’t have,Vishakha says please don’t you have that right now.
Vishakha holds a snake and says now I shall consume your poison and turns around to find Nandini and Chandra.

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