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Chandra Nandni 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Chandra Nandni 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update, Written Update of Chandra Nandni 23rd May 2017 on

Nandini stops bindusara and picks him up and shouts at Vishakha, and says how careless are you,Vishakha says sorry Nandini,I’m actually not doing well,Nandini says you take care of yourself and I will look after bindusara,mora walks in and says enough Nandini don’t you know you are just a dasi here, don’t cross lines,dadi says mora but,Nandini says don’t dadi,ma is right I shouldn’t have spoke to Vishakha in this tone.

Chandra sees a man in blanket approaching and asks what is the information,the man shares some information,Chandra says good,be careful all will be with me in Sabha,Chandra says now I shall reach to the end of this plot.

In Sabha,mora asks why did you ask us to gather here,Chandra says ma there were deaths in mahal and since I am going to get married I want everyone to relax and have made entrainment arrangements, a snake show begins,Vishakha gets very uneasy looking at that snake,and thinks I have to get this snake and it’s poison,she starts shivering,Nandini notices it. Nandini thinks after this show I will ask this man about the sign I saw on Vishakha leg,Vishakha thinks I will rob the snake once the show is done.

After the show, Nandini walks to the man and asks about the sign,he says there’s a place near my Magad where babies are converted to vishkanya, this sign is found only on Vish kanya, and they are very dangerous,they attract their target with their beauty and when they don’t get poison they get uneasy and start shivering,Nandini says thank you and leaves,the man founds his snake missing.

Nandini asks dasi to get a book and reads about vish Kanya, which reads when a baby is given poison from birth they can be turned to vishkanya,and they attack by bitting or mixing their blood in water,Nandini finds all the signs matching to Vishakha.nandini reads vish kanya are very attractive and attract their target and then bite them to death and it looks like the person is dead due to snake bite, for a vishkanya shortage of poison is as shortage of oxygen,Nandini says so Vishakha is vish kanya,I have to talk to Chandra.

Chandra says Nandini first you said she isn’t the real Vishakha and now she is vishkanya,Nandini says first the two deaths by snake bite then your haldi all point to Vishakha,Chandra says please you are just making up things ,I don’t trust you,do you have proofs,Nandini says you dint trust me because you have fallen for her beauty and anyways,look at this book,it has sign which Vishakha has on her feet,Chandra says she is innocent but if you say so come let’s go check and leaves with Nandini.

Vishakha with snake and says I finally have you,you made me so uneasy,and now let me consume your poison,Chandra and Nandini walk to Vishakhas room,Vishakha consumes poison and then sees Chandra and Nandini starring at her,Vishakha asks why are you here all good,is bindusara all right,Chandra says yes he is good,Nandini says you are vishkanya,Vishakha is surprised,Vishakha says Nandini you don’t like me fine but what is All this,just because I’m taking your place,Nandini says enough this time I have proofs,the sign on your leg are of vishkanya and also that two deaths are because of your poison,Vishakha says maharaj do you doubt me too,Chandra says I trust you and want you to show Nandini that she is imagining things,Vishakha takes a seat and shows her leg and there’s no tattoo on her leg,Nandini is shocked.

Chandra says Nandini anything else,enough now,not a word against her or else I won’t forgive you and now soon begin to Pack and leave,and Vishakha I’m so sorry,I shouldn’t have listened to Nandini,Nandini leaves,Chandra says I hope you forgive me,Vishakha says please don’t ,you have right to talk to me,and hugs him and thinks Nandini I knew you stole my paper and also that Chandra is completely in my trap now(Vishakha had burnt her tattoo to hide it and then covered it).

Chandra says Vishakha I think you should rest now,Chandra bends down to pick the book and the snake is nearby.

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Chandra Nandni 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Vishakha tells Amartya I know Chandragupta Maurya will love this gift.
Nandini says Vishakha first reach the wedding mandap then lets see.

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