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Chandra Nandni 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Chandra Nandni 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Chandra Nandni 24th April 2017 full episode watch online on

Nandini bathing bindusara, Chandra unaware just walks in topless,Nandini says sorry maharaj I was just leaving and about to step out slips,Chandra holds her,Nandini and Chandra have a memory when Nandini is bathing and Chandra walks in steps inside the tub,Nandini asks what are you doing I’m bathing leave,Chandra says even I want to bathe I’m king and will bathe wherever I wish to,Nandini says leave,Chandra says if you don’t want me here you leave,Nandini says ok I shall go,Chandra holds her hand and says ok stop listen,before you leave just apply some body shower on my back,Nandini says do on your own,Chandra says see your my wife so I asked your help if you don’t wish to touch me I shall call dasi,Nandini says no no stop, I shall help.

Nandini pours cold water on Chandra purposely,and then applies body shower,and asks what are you looking at stop it and covers herself,Chandra says nothing,and anyways you know where I was seeing,Nandini says no I don’t know,Chandra says you do know tell me, Nandini says no I don’t,Chandra pulls her in his arms and says I was admiring your beauty spot.

Nandini walks to bindusara covers her face and lifts him and leaves. Chandra calls dasi and says you shall begin my shower. Nandini giving dadi foot massage,dadi says Chandrika you remind me of my Nandini,but sad thing is she isn’t here with me,Nandini thinks dadi I hope I could tell you it’s me,dadi says now no one talks about her here.

Helina walks to Chandras room and sees Nandini sleeping on his bed with bindusara and gets angry, Chandra walks in and says may be she got tired and so slept,dasi informs Acharya Chanakya is here to see you,Chandra walks to Nandini and says wake up,Nandini wakes up and covers her face,Chanakya walks in,Helina says welcome Acharya,good to see you, I have important information to share, I need a special ward for women,Chanakya says later, maharaj lets go it’s important,and leaves,Helina says Chandra I know you are busy but look how irresponsible was Nandini and Acharya could see her and so I want bindusara and her to stay in my room,Chandra says ok and leaves,Helina says so short to my room Nandini and leaves.

Apma asks Helina what all is this,dasi says Chandrika and bindusara shall stay here with maharani Helina,Helina says leave us alone,apma says this won’t help,Helina says and what about the problems you have risen, we where out of problems and now Acharya is here and he shall inform Chandra about everything and soon we will be thrown out,dasi walks in and says maharaj has called apma in Sabha.helina says look ma what shall we do now,ma says Helina these grapes are delicious save for me you never have value for good things now come with me .

Dadi with Nandini and bindusara, dasi gets her Prasad,dadi tastes it and it reminds her of Nandini,in past Nandini once caught dadi eating three bowls of kheer even after having diabetes,Nandini says it’s bad for Health,dadi says this is all your fault you cook so delicious food……dadi asks dasi who cooked this halwa,dasi says Chandrika,dadi walks to Chandrika and says you and bindusara are so well bounded like mother and son,since when you can’t speak,dadi acts as if she falls down,Nandini says dadi are you fine,dadi says you can speak who are you, you are Nandini,and removes the cover of her face,and hugs her.

In Sabha,apma and Helina walk to Chandra,Chandra says Acharya has informed what you have done in absence and caught you red handed with Sunanda and so it puts light on fact that you had joined hands with Roopa and Sunanda in plots against ex queen Nandini.helina says but Chandra, Chandra stops her and says but last night Apma was with me,Helina thinks what was this,,,,,, apma was with Chandra last night and says maharaj I was with Sunanda and had joined hands with her and knew about Roopa,Acharya saw me and the reason was padmanand and she was the only person that will lead to padmanand and want to present him to you but trust me I had no idea that they were here to kill Nandini and till date I meet Sunanda and the reason is still padmanand.

Apma says maharaj Chandra I’m a mother to Helina and you are her husband and why will I do anything that shall harm you……Chandra says so I trust apma and don’t take her as liable to punishment,Acharya says I do because she had joined hands with people who fooled magad people,and rules are rules she kept these plans secrete and so is a terrorist and should be punished,Chandra says I can’t Acharya I’m sorry, and you can’t even take ack the Royal stamp which I had handed her so please return it,Acharya says this isn’t possible.

Dadi says I had guessed you from your first step in mahal,Nandini says dadi I didn’t kill durdhara and had promised her that I shall take care of her son as mine and so I’m here,dadi says I know that and promise me you shall never leave us and go away because only you are capable of magads maharani and bindusara mother.nandini says dadi don’t tell Chandra about us,dadi says I won’t.

Chandra looks at Acharya and walks to him and says Acharya you taught me if a kings decision isn’t respected and in this case it’s not taken granted by a guru who is a father like figure to me how will my people respect my decisions,and so what’s the point of being such king and Chandra removes his crown,apma and Helina are surprised.

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Chandra Nandni 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Nandini says yes dadi I am mother to bindusara but Chandra will never allow me participate in the Pooja as his mother. Helina says so Ma ,dadi knows Chandrika is Nandini.
Nandini says Chandra look into my eyes, I haven’t kill durdhara, if you trust someone you don’t need proofs to believe her.

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