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Chandra Nandni 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Chandra Nandni 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update , Written Update of Chandra Nandni 24th May 2017 on

Chandra bends to pick the book and snake is near by but leaves unaware,Vishakha picks the snake and says Nandini you can never reveal my secret. Chanakya meets is informer at his secret place and he inform that the letter is from Magad,Chanakya says but it’s not pravatak and even parvatak knows nothing about this letter,informer says may be its that fake Vishakha,Chanakya says we have to get that letter and leaves.

Nandini in Chandras room,Chandra says leave you shameless women I have nothing to talk,Nandini says but I want to,Chandra says why are you doing this,Nandini says and why are you doing this,where is that king Chandra who could feel even little of the danger,Chandra says now I se enough are danger,Nandini says the truth is,will you be able to hear it,Chandra says tell me,Nandini says the king in front of me has fallen for a beautiful women,who is attracting him,Chandra says you are right I accept it,I love Vishakha,she is so beautiful,any king could fall for her,and you are doing this is just because you are jealous, the position you had will now be Vishakha,and you have no place in my life,live with this truth,Nandini says maharaj Chandragupta I am magads daughter and it’s my duty to save its king and people and I need no position to stop Vishakha and save you and my people.

Amartya asks why is Chandragupta still alive,Vishakha says Gurudev its Nandini always steps in between,he asks anyone knows about you,Vishakha says only Nandini but Chandra doesn’t trust her,he has completely fallen for me,he says then why this delay,I have trained you to use your talent and now I want Chandragupta dead in return,Vishakha says tomorrow I shall Marry him and he will be all mine,he says for me my king is padmanand and I can’t see him in pain,you are my last option,kill Chandragupta,after his death,padmanand will takeover Magad then,Vishakha says I will do as you say,Amartya says here is special snake and found very rare ,it’s poison is very dangerous,consume before attacking Chandra,Vishakha says Chandra will love this gift.

Vishakha narrating story to bindusara, the lion scares the villagers,and the scared villagers didn’t realise in fright that it was a donkey who was disguised as snake,Nandini walks in and says wow Vishakha good story,Vishakha says only that characters on story can realise how good the story is,anyways since you were Chandras wife,Nandini says I’m still his wife look at this sindoor and mangalsutra,Vishakha says but the man is mine,and let’s get back to my question what does Chandra like,Nandini says first reach the mandal then we shall talk,Vishakha says who will stop me you,no ways,Chandra is mine,and leaves. Nandini says you gave me an idea while you leave,now will find this stories true character.

Nandini says dadi I need your help do you trust me,dadi says yes I do,Nandini says then promise me you will help me,dadi says yes I will,Nandini says dadi I want you to help me leave mahal.dadi asks why you want to leave mahal,Nandini says for Magad,Chandra and bindusara,I want to leave to get real Vishakha here, the on where is vish Kanya,dadi asks how,Nandini tells her how she found out.
Dadi says I will help you,Nandini says thank you,but keep bindusara and Chandra away from Vishakha,dadi says yes I will.

Nandini says bindusara I have to leave you alone,because I have to fight against evil people,I will come back soon,now like a good boy go to sleep,Chandra walks in and asks where are you going and don’t you know,you have to take my permission before you leave,Nandini says I’m just following your orders, you said leave as soon as possible,Chandra says but I remember you said you won’t leave until you reveal Vishakhas truth, so where are you going,Nandini say sno when I was just prepping bindusara, he is baby,kids get attached and if you leave them there health is affected,Chandra says don’t be worried Baltimore him,he has mother I meant Vishakha and I want you to see my wedding and how happy me and bindusara are with Vishakha,Nandini says sure I will be present,Nandini thinks I won’t let this wedding take place,I will get real Vishakha here in mahal before wedding.

Nandini hands bindusara to Chandra and leaves. Dadi and Nandini walking to secrete way,Helina sees dadi with dasi and thinks was it Nandini and decides to check out,dadi sends Nandini through the door and says take care,Nandini says dadi you too and look after bindusara and Chandra ,keep them away from Vishakha and closes the door,Helina arrives,dadi asks what is it,Helina asks who were you talking to,dadi says I’m alone , I was going to bindusara ,Helina says his room is that way,dadi say sim old I forget things come lets go together stop looking here and there and both leave. Nandini dupatta get stuck in door and she says god what will I do now.

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Chandra Nandni 25th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :  Chanakya says Nandini I can’t help you but only one person can save Chandra it’s your father. Vishakha injures Chandra and he falls down. Nandini with real Vishakha and others and is in tears says I’m sorry I couldn’t save you.