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Chandra Nandni 25th January 2017 Written Episode Update


Chandra sees Nandini seated in hum am,Nandini(Roopa) without seeing who it is says so you are here please come here and since dasi isn’t here how about applying body wash on my back,Chandra thinks did she drink alcohol again,Nandini says oh cmon don’t be shy come close,Chandra applies it on her back with awkwardness,Helina mother sees it and thinks oh it’s Chandra and now let Roopa say Maliektu and that will be great,Nandini says I love you a lot and I think we should forget the past and give it a fresh start,Chandra thinks this means Nandini has forgotten Maliektu,Nandini says what do you think maliketu,Chandra gets angry and leaves,Roopa sees around and says looks like our work is done,Helina mother walks in and says Roopa it was Chandra and you said Maliektu and his anger is back to its pick well done.

Chandra very angry, Maliektu says Chandra look what Nandini has sent me and gives him the letter,Maliektu says if Chaya had read it,it wouldn’t be good for her, now what should I do,Chandra says I know what I should do and leaves.

Chandra calls Nandini,Nandini walks to him,Chandra says arrange me bath and it’s accessories,Nandini does as asked,Chandra removes his clothes,Nandini turns around,Chandra steps in,Nandini thinks what he wants to do,Chandra says it was your time first but now mine,apply body wash quick,Nandini thinks he has lost his mind,and why feel awkward he is my husband but we don’t live as one this surely must be to put me down and hurt me,Chandra says stop Nandini I asked helina to apply me body wash you may leave,helina walks in.

Chandra says helina you are patrani here so you will apply the wash on my body,helina asks Nandini to hand the wash and applies it on Chandras back with lot of care,Nandini seeing it feels bad and about to leave,Chandra says stop Nandini decorate this bath with rose petals for me and helina,Nandini does as asked, seeing helinas hands over Chandras body Nandini feels very bad. Helina steps inside the bath and says Chandra even I feel like bathing with you,Chandra holds her hand and grabs her close and hugs her,Chandra looking at Nandini in anger,Nandini hurts her hand and runs away,Chandra feels worried and gets off the bath and rushes behind Nandini,helina says no worries Chandra soon you will be completely mine.

Nandinis hand bleeding,and says Chandra I know you don’t like me but why do I feel so bad, dadi sees Nandini and says where were you come in,and where is Chandra,Chandra comes rushing behind Nandini,dadi asks what happened,Chandra says Nandini wanted to play hide and seek so,Chandra sees nandinis wound and holds her hand,dadi says you two anyways this is renowned painter and he will paint you two for me,so when you two aren’t with me I can see the picture,Chandra says let me change clothes ,dadi says no need this is good.

Chandra says let me hold her hands like a husband.dadi says you are very naughty.helina says ma very happy today,and lays on bed and says when I saw Nandini burn in pain and soon she will die seeing me and Chandra together,ma says you should have cut your hand too,ma says Chandra left you for Nandini and if you cut your hand he would stay with you may be,helina says ma I’m happy with what I got and by time he will be mine,ma say say time things will be worst and you have no idea,helina says ma I was with Chandra and in front of nanidni and I’m happy about it,ma says you arestupid girl,every thing has two sides which you never see,helina says ma you never enjoy me and my victory, ma says I have to work for this stupid girl now.

Chandra with Nandini posing,thinking about achryas words,Nandini thinks even helina is Chandras wife and he loves her,Chandra thinks why am I hurt when she is wounded but what happened in hum am not done,painter says dadi ma Painting is done,dadi says wow very nice,Chandra place it in your room and when I will leave I will take it along with me,Chandra says as you say dadi.

Chandra helps Nandini aid her wound,Chandra says look at the picture it shows your tears and why is it because of me and helina or the wound or because Maliektu couldn’t come to see you at hum am,Nandini says how dare you,Chandra reads the letter,Nandini says enough Chandra and looks at him in tears.

Pre cap : mora sees the gifts by Chandra and says these are priceless thanks son,Chandra in tears.

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