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Chandra Nandni 26th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Chandra Nandni 26th April 2017 Written Episode Update on

Pooja begins,Nandini thinks bindusara durdhara must be blessing you too, you are receiving blessings of both of your mothers,mora asks where’s Helina, Apma says rajmata I have sent dasi she will be here,she is is very excited for her sons Pooja,dadi says Chandra you were so right these arrangements are beautiful,dasi says maharaja Helina isn’t in her room,Apma says I shall go get her,dadi says Nandini only you shall participate in this Pooja,Panditji says dadi we need to rush,Apma says Helina is no where. Helina is in shiv temple in a Pooja,she says Panditji I completed 1008 pradakshina,Panditji says no its just 900,Helina says no I counted,Panditji says no I counted now initiate again now we shall use flowers to count pradaskshina,Helina says why,he says you interrupted them,Helina says this dadi brings new traditions everyday and ma asks me to act good, god help me and starts again.

Apma says Helina must be busy,dadi thinks she won’t I have made her busy,and says we can’t wait anymore,it’s bindusara first Pooja I don’t want in bad here,mora says how will we perform Pooja,dadi says Chandrika is nanny to bindusara and nanny is also a mother and bindusara loves her, so let’s proceed with her,mora says true, Nandini perform Pooja with bindusara. dadi thinks,bindusara has his mother by his side today,Nandini thinks bindusara I hope you are showering blessings on Bindusara.

Chandra distributes gold coins amongst people as per tradition,Helina walks in and says I’m here,Apma says where the hell were you,Helina says ma dadi,dadi says Helina i told you we were short of time but thank god chandrika helped us,Chandra says it’s all right,Chandrika get bindusara to my room and leaves.

Apma says heIina where the hell did you go,Helina says ma dadi sent me o shove temple,my legs are paining and now dadi is against us too,Apma says as usual you are foolish,it’s not like dadi didn’t want you but dadi wanted Nandini to be with bindusara,Helina says so dadi knows about Chandrika and Nandini,Apma says this was to happen,and now I want everyone to know Chandrika is Nandini,the attack I told you is Nandini we shall increase difference between Chanakya and Chandra using Nandini,Helina says what,Apma says nothing just wait and watch magads mist interesting act.

Nandini playing with bindusara,Chandra picks him up and starts playing with him,Nandini applying Bindusara Kajal(kala Tika) Chandra stops her and asks why this,Nandini says you praised him and says he is looking very handsome so,Chandra says you mean he will have bad effects because of what I said,nandinis Amy’s this happen,Chandra says no Nandini,Nandini says bindusara come to ma,dadi sees them argue and says it’s so unbelievable Chandra blamed her to kill durdhara and today’s picture who would say that this ever happened,they truly love each other,dadi says stop it.Nandini covers her face.

Chandra says dadi she is saying because of me bindusara my have bad effects,dadi says you understood her sign language,Chandra says dadi you answer me first, dadi says when your father was a kid I use to dress him similarly and once he had bad stomach ache, and someone said it’s because i didn’t apply kala Tika,no owrries if you don’t believe Chandrika don’t do it,Chandra says no no apply him kala Tika.

In Sabha,Apma standing near bindusara and Nandini,Chandra says bindusara is recovering speedily and this function is to celebrate his recovery. Dance performance beings,helina signs her mother and she signs a dasi, the dasi puts Nandinis dupatta on fire,Chandra sees Nandinis dupatta on fire and shouts Nandini and removes her dupatta ,picks bindusara and pulls her away from fire,Nandini stumbles and falls down,all are shocked to see Nandini is Chandrika.Chanakya very angry and says who allowed the terrorist inside the mahal,Chandra says I let her in, I brought Nandini back,Chanakya says maharaja you are going against rules,throw Nandini away,mora says yes Acharya is right,she can’t stay here,Chandra says I won’t give orders to let her out of this mahal.apma says see Helina perfect bullseye.

Chanakaya says a king never breaks rule,you are being emotional,Chandra says no I didn’t get her here as my wife but for bindusara she is behind his recovery,I was the kid who saved you and you decided to make me a king and now this is what I did to save my son I brought Nandini so that she can save my son and later bindusara can take over,the throne,chanakaya says this is unfair and I won’t let that happen,Chandra says I’m sorry but I’m not being unfair,im trying and save magad future,Nandini says please don’t fight because of me,I shall leave right away,Chandra says no you won’t don’t forget magad king got you here for his son,chanakaya says maharaj is this your final decision, Chandra says yes Acharya,Chanakya says as you wish maharaja and leaves.

Chandra says Nandini how dare you talk in between me and Acharya,you are just a nanny is here,this isn’t for you but my son,you don’t need to stand for me,Nandini says I just wanted to keep the trust,Chandra says don’t talk about trust after killing durdhara,Nandini shouts stop,I didn’t kill durdhara, cat you read it in my eyes, why do you need proofs to believe me, I didn’t kill durdhara,dasi walks in and says Acharya is waiting for you,Chandra says by shouting you won’t change the fact that durdhara isn’t between us and the reason is you.

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Chandra Nandni 27th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : mora says don’t call me ma Nandini, it doesn’t suit you , and after killing my durdhara you are dead to me.
Chandra says tell me Nandini why were you silent,Nandini says because you never trusted me not then when we were together and not now,Chandra rests Nandini on bed and put blanket over her.

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