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Chandra Nandni 26th January 2017 Written Episode Update


Chandra reading letter ahead of Nandini in anger and Nandini says stop it’s enough but Chandra says that now you will say that this is not written by you and all those things like slapping Helena, moving in Malays room and other such things my dadi thinks you are innocent and you are doing such things and even I know that you are my enemy but not expecting these things from you. Nandini immediately rushes to Sunanda there she says that I have not done anything but all are blaming me for that so Sunanda says that she has called doctor for her and when doctor comes there she says that Nandini has split personality problem so she is behaving like this then Nandini says this should be immediately informed to Chandra but Sunanda stops her and blackmails her by saying that Chandra will send you

out forever and treat us like servants so please don’t tell him. Nandini goes back to her room and sits reading book by the time Chandra and dadi comes there and dadi says that you come on seat on the chair so that the maids can draw mehendi on your hand and when they take her hand ahead dadi finds her left hand wounded and orders the maid to draw only on one hand on the occasion of moras birthday and after it gets completed dadi orders Chandra to find his name in her mehendi and while finding it Nandini directs him and he finds it. Nandini goes to an artist and asks him to draw him the sketch of suryagupt so that she can gift it to mora. In Chandras room Chandra is reading book and Nandini sleeping immediately she wakes up shouting because she feel a worm on her back and asks Chandra to remove it and Chandra teases her by saying that the death of worm is because of her. While Sunanda is moving in corridors she finds Rupa smoking and asks her what was she doing there but she says that they will think that Nandini is smoking and tomorrow is the worst day of her life. Next day morning everyone gathers to present their gift to mora and after everyone presents it to her she asks Chandra that what gift has he brought then he shows it to her and she remembers that these all things describe his childhood and stars crying and says that it is more precious to me as I’ve not experienced your childhood so this has given me all the happiness and is the best gift than all other gifts.

Mora enters nandinis room and Nandini asks her how was her gift but she shows her and says that I thought you are my daughter but you proved me wrong you are my enemies daughter

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