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Chandra Nandni 26th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Chandra Nandni 26th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Nandini says he is my husband,and looks at Chandra,Panditji says okay let’s begin with the pooja. Helina says clovie why did you bring me here,clovie says you are so beautiful and if some one recognises you our plan will be failed,Helina says I’m beautiful so,clovie says wait and applies mud on her face and says no one will recognise you now,Helina says what else now.

Helina hears two guards here,its good we are guard where just imagine those poor guards who guard Queen Helina,Helina gets angry and about to get note of them,clovie stops her. Nandini and Chandra performing pooja together. Helina and clovie find nandini and Chandra performing pooja,Helina says let’s go,clovie says let’s hide and see them ,look nandini is performing pooja with her lover means she has taken him as husband now,Helina says but we can’t see him,clovie says but they look so close,Helina says we have to catch them red handed when they are in love so that they won’t deny.

Chandra sees Helina and clovie and thinks this means Helina is spying too now what will I do,Helina will recognise me and know it’s me and I can’t let that happen, I have to tell nandini about this,nandini says Chandra concentrate,Chandra says Nandini we are being spied we have to leave don’t turn,Panditji says here’s parsad and both slowly escape,nandini says who it is why are we hiding,Chandra says shhh Helina,if we are caught she will make a big mess and it’s my duty not to let you in it,nandini says but we are husband and wife,Chandra says yes husband wife tell me,nandini says no nothing but why are we meeting like this,and helina is your wife,Chandra says and you,nandini says nothing,Chandra says right so we need to hide.

Helina says look clovie you distracted me let’s get them. Apma says yes Acharya you wanted to see me,Chanakya says I want the reason why you informed Chandra about padmanand,Apma says Helina I wanted to be with my daughter,Chanakya says we both know the truth, one more mistake and you will be sentenced to death and this time I will announce your punishment, and so take this as advice or warning,Apma says sure and leaves. Chanakya thinks if Chandra hadn’t promised I wouldn’t let you even be anywhere near Magad.

Nandini says enough Chandra I can’t run anymore,Chandra wipes her forehead, Chandra says Nandini come with me,Nandini says no I’m tired,Chandra says come see jamun,and gets few for Nandini,Nandini picks up one,Chandra says wait let him apply some salt,Nandini has one more,both relish on black current fruit,Nandini says Chandra look your mouth has turned purple,Chandra says even you look like purple faced monkey.

Helina and clovie looking for Nandini and Chandra,clovie says look they are having jamun,Helina says go catch them,Chandra sees clovie coming,and thinks again them and if I tell Nandini she won’t come and even I will loose this beautiful time I’m spending with her.chandra says Nandini I have to tell something,ok nothing lets go mahal,Nandini says cmon say it,Chandra says we get very yummy mangoes here but let it go,Nandini says no no let’s have mangoes,clovie asks where did these two go,the vendor says they went in jungle,Helina says clovie get them,clovie says no I can’t,Helina says get up and go,clovie steals a basket of jamun and runs away,

Nandini says Chandra this jungle is so beautiful and these mango smells so good,get me that one on top,Chandra says sure,you are grown up in mahal and me in village see how I climb,Chandra climbs on tree and Nandini aims at it,and gets them and starts laughing,Nandini says how do you forget that I’m good at aiming come let’s have them and both have mangoes it starts raining,Nandini gets scared due to thundering and hugs Chandra,both go find a shed.

Chandra when will these rain stop,Chandra removes his turban unwinds it and covers Nandini as she is freezing,Nandini says Chandra why are you scared of Helina and you are king,and why are we here hiding from her,Nandini says so you aren’t scared of anyone ,Chandra says no,Nandini says no even of this lizard,Nandini acts as if she is scared too,Chandra says I will fight a lion by not this lizard once the lizard entered my dhoti and it was so wired you have no idea,Nandini says I don’t want any idea.chandra says let’s go let Helina see me,Nandini says that lizard is falling and falls in Chandras feet and both run.

Chandra dashes a huge tribal man, and his tribal troop covers them from all sides.

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Chandra Nandni 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : pandugan is brought in Sabha,nandini says bhaiya he is good man,Chandra didn’t bring you to kill you.Chanakya says to Chandra,I myself will cure pandugan and then shall kill him like Nand.Chandra says Nandini I promise I will not sentence pandugan to death.

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