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Chandra Nandni 26th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Chandra Nandni 26th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Bindusara very angry,Helina says stop it,this anger is not good,why hurt yourself,calm down,Bindusara says I’m a joke,everyone thinks I’m not capable,pitahshree didn’t do this good,Helina says no Bindusara this isn’t the think,Chandra choose you,Nandini suggested Bhadra and then you know your pitahshree never listens and even I tried but,and why did Nandini suggest Bhadra doesn’t she find you capable.

Bhadra addresses soldiers,and says we shall fight shoulder to shoulder and win over enemy go Malayketu walks to Bhadra and says never take stand for your soldiers,of you are in danger you are my only son,so run away fro your wife,I don’t wnat you to be Bindusara slave,I want you to look after parvatak,Bhadra says Magad is mine too,malayketu says I was fool to Send you here,you don’t know these people,they will use you and always Bindusara will be rewarded for your deeds,Nandini walks in and says this shall never happen.

Nandini says I never met the king your father just described,maharaj Chandragupta always stood for his people,and I promise you, you will always be given your rights,malayketu says I didn’t mean that,Bhadra says mami even I want my love story like yours,Nandini says never wish to be this way,this love story has lot of hardship,I hope you find love,Bhadra thinks before I leave I should talk to Chitra,Chitra in hearing about Bhadra as commander decides to see him and tell him about her feelings,both start looking for each other,both see each other in corridor,and say together I need to share something important and both insist on saying it first,Bhadra says let me I’m on my way to war who knows whether I shall return or not,Chitra says don’t say this,you will return my heart says so,let’s say our point together,Bhadra says okay and Chitra says it alone,Bhadra I love you,Chitra says you didn’t say anything.

Bhadra says now I shall return quickly because I know someone is waiting for me,who I love the most,and when I return we shall talk about us with our parents and both hug.chandra and Champa king fix Chitra and Bindusara wedding,and decide to that both weddings shall take place together.

People and soldiers cheer for bhadraketu,Nandini performs his aarti,Bindusara stands on corridor and looks at them and is very angry,Nandini says Bhadra you are very lucky,only few get chance to fight for their motherland,Bhadra takes blessings,Bhadra asks where is Bindusara,Helina says I think you should leave early the sun is about to set,you shouldn’t wait for Bindusara,Chandra asks but where is he,Helina says may be busy with some work.bhadra looks at Chitra and smiles at her,Bhadra sees Bindusara is drinking and Bindusara walks away.

Chitras mother says there’s a good news,soon you will be wedded and that to with Bindusara,you are so lucky. Adornus fathers everyone,Helina says I hope it’s everything important,adornus says I’m very angry,mora says what did we do,adornus says you did nothing,Helina says what is it adornus,adornus says we are having two weddings,and look no one is having fun.charumati says I have a plan,let’s play a game,like I will go say something in a persons ear like a poem and he has to imitate and his team has to guess it.

Elis looks at dharma and says okay Kartikeya in my team,Bindusara says I’m out,Chandra says I’m in and will win,adornus says bhaiya don’t go join my team,Elis says let me begin and says something in adornus ears,he enacts and Nandini guesses it right,the game proceeds, Charumati asks Nandini to play and tells her the poem,Nandini thinks how will I enact it,it’s about love and anyways it’s good as I can say about my feelings,Chandra after seeing her act thinks so she is using this way to express her feelings and purposely doesn’t guess it,Nandini thinks always he is so smart but look at him today and leaves,Chandra follows her.

Nandini tries to ignore him,and then says it was so simple,Chandra narrates the poem,Nandini says you knew it,Chandra says but you had to say it to me not me,Nandini says everyone was there,Chandra says but there’s no one here now,Nandini says but I cant,Chandra says okay I won’t talk until you say then and leaves.

Dharma sees Chandra walk angry and asks Nandini what is it,Nandini says he wants me to express my feelings but it’s so hard for me,dhrama says sno ma it’s so simple,just put hand on your heart and say it.

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Chandra Nandni 27th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Nandini says dharma if Chitra love Bhadra she should marry him and not Bindusara. Bindusara says I have no heart and emotions I will marry Chitra no one can stop me.

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