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Chandra Nandni 27th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Chandra Nandni 27th April 2017 Written Episode Update on

Apma passes a order,Greek mantri says you have appointed me mahamantri in this,but Acharya Chanakya is mahamantri,Apma says not for long time now,Chanakya had challenged us and treated us like a culprit and now when maharaja Chandragupta himself broke a rule and got the terrorist inside mahal,let’s see what will Chanakya do,will he go against Chandra or leave magad and so in any sense he will leave magad and then you will be maha mantri and we will bring Greeks into Bharat.

Nandini packing her belongings,Mora walks in,Nandini says ma,mora says don’t call me ma,you were my daughter but not anymore now you are the one who killed my durdhara because of you Chandra went against his guru,Nandini says no Ma,mora says enough of this act,Chandra or dadi may forgive you but I won’t Nandini says ma please listen,mora leave,Nandini says no one trusts me here, I should leave,dadi walks in and says this mahal needs you,Mora and Chandra are upset with you,but bindusara needs you,and you want to leave and how did you forget Chandra married you and you have right to stay here,Nandini hugs her and says dadi I’m so lonely here,dadi says I’m with you.

Nandini with bindusara,she is thinking about Chandra still believing that she killed durdhara and is in tears,Chandra walks in and thinks why do I still get affected by her tears,Nandini says maharaj bindusara is asleep anything else,achandra says when I was announcing your punishment why were you quite,why didn’t you defend yourself,and why today are you telling me the truth,Nandini says how does it matter,you never trusted me not now and not then,and so now nothing matters and leaves.
Chandra thinks why do I feel that you didn’t kill durdhara but proofs are against you and so I won’t make the mistake of thinking by heart now.

Chandra walks to Helina,she says you here ,it’s been a year you haven’t visited my room,I’m so happy,it’s a special day,Chandra thinking about Nandini saying she didn’t kill durdhara,Helina says dais get Greeks special alcohol, and pours it in a glass and offers Chandra,chandra says Helina do you think Nandini killed durdhara,Helina gets angry and says what are you asking if not her who else,we have proofs against her, Chandra says but today she said something and when I looked into her eyes,Helina says she is doing it again,she is playing with your feelings the same old game,think it when she was innocent why didn’t she defend herself then and we have proof against her too,Chandra for now I’m worried about one think she killed durdhara now bindusara is her target,Chandra says no I won’t let that happen and leaves.

Chandra walks into his room and sees Nandini asleep near bindusaras cradle,he picks her up and rests her on the bed,Chandra says her face has so much innocence,Chandra remembers Helina say she is playing the same game and now will target bindusara and thinks innocence is just a game and I shall never forgive you Nandini,and won’t get trapped too.

In Sabha,Chanakya says maharaj as mahamantri, I order Nandini the terrorist,padmanand daughter,to leave magad,Apma and Helina give wicked smile,dadi asks mora why is Acharya so harsh,mora says it’s correct,Chandra says I don’t accept it,Chanakya says maharaj,a king has to take suggestions before his decision,Chandra says this is what you want,you want em to be your puppet,I’m just a name sake king,Chanakya says don’t cross your limits don’t forget I’m your guru,Chandra says you never let forget that, you keep me reminding that you made me a king, Chanakya says you are insulting me, I could see impartial king but now I see a bad king worst then padmanand.

Chanakya says padmanand threw me out of a Sabha and you insulted me in front of the whole Sabha,Chandra says and you are still here,Chanakya says Chandra stop, and says Kartikeya surrender all the royalties and political stamps we have to maharaj chnadragupta,Chandra accepts it,Chanakya says I don’t accept to be mantri of such pride king and so I’m leaving this mahal and magad. Mora says Chandra stop him,Chandra says dasi take this away,mora says Acharya I’m sorry,Chanakya says I didn’t knew I’m giving teaching to a capable but a greedy boy .

Mora says dadi this is because of Nandini,dadi says why are you doing this to Nandini,mora says ma I know you like her but what Chandra did is all because of Nandini. Helina says wow ma today’s game,wonderful,but what about Nandini,Apma says don’t worry, Chanakya is gone and soon will Nandini. Magad people start gossiping about Chanakya and Chandra argument. Padmanand informer hears the news.

Nandini decided to talk about the incident with Chandra,Chandra walks in,Nandini says Chandra , Acharya is life line of Magad and he isn’t wrong what he did ,why did you Behave in such manner with him,Chandra says I don’t believe,you are taking that persons side who is against your father,who always plans to throw you out and killed your brothers,Nandini says yes I’m and always will take his side,my family was wrong and Acharya always right,and Magad and you need Acharya,Chandra says neither me Nor Magad needs anyone,Nandini says in future,Chandra says what I will regret it,Nandini says I meant,Acharyas importance in your life,and in magad,no one can replace it.

Chandra says I shall tell you and calls dasi and says inform everyone to arrive in Sabha,and says Nandini be present you shall know about important people in my life. In Sabha,Chandra says our lives don’t stop because of someone’s dismissal, Acharya Chanakya left but nothing shall be changed and will work as it used to be and the important news is from today magads mahamantri will be Greek mantri. Apma and Helina very happy.

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Chandra Nandni 28th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : mora says Nandini because of you Acharya Chanakya left and I can’t stand you anymore and so either you shall stay here or me.
Chandra says now Magad king should request you to stop Nandini,and say my son needs you.