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Chandra Nandni 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Chandra Nandni 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Chandra Nandni 28th February 2017 Video Watch Online on

Roopa/ Nandini says I’m alive, Chandra shocked, people happy to see Nandini,Roopa says it was just a rumour and you may go,everyone leaves,Chandra asks who are you,Roopa/Nandini says I’m Nandini the one who punished is my twin she had kidnapped me during the Pooja in village, She says Chandra I’m your wife,it is Roopa who you have trapped,Chandra says and how do I believe you,she says no one knows about it not even Avantika ma because only she was taken away from her right after birth,only Sunanda ma and my father knows about my twin sister,call her she shall tell you about it, Chandra says call Sunanda,Sunanda says Nandini you are alive I’m so happy to see you,Chandra says if she is Nandini who was she whom I punished,Sunanda tells the whole story to Chandra even about the birth mark behind the ear,and says even Avantika knows nothing about it, I had hidden Roopa but when she learnt about nand ,she ran away and since then I haven’t seen her,Chandra says who is she Nandini or Roopa,Sunanda says I shall try.

Sunanda says what is nandinis fav game,Roopa/Nandini says chess,Sunanda says her fav game which she played with her father,she says I use to play with him by asking him to act as horse, Sunanda asks and what ingredient Nandini used which made her food so tasty she says love,Sunanda says maharaj she is our Nandini.chandra walks to them,Chandra looks at Nandini and says whom do you love other than your father,Nandini says my books,he asks who do you hate,she says you,Chandra says ok but you still have one thing left,does this girl have the birth mark,she shows her ear, there isn’t any birth mark,she says I’m Nandini Chandra,Chandra says I’m so happy to see you alive nandini , dasi take maharani to her room and ask Vaidya to look after her.

Chandra goes to the room where Nandini/ Roopa is trapped and breaks it,and gets into a secret room,and goes to Nandini.

Past : Chandra meets Nandini in jail before trapping her in wall and asks her what is the truth did you really push Chaya,Nandini says what does your heart say,Chandra says I don’t listen to it,tell me,Nandini says ok if I could I would have killed you long back and if you think I killed Chaya then yes I did,I could tell dadi everything about us but I didn’t for her health and if still you think I killed Chaya then yes I did so tell Chandra as a husband can your wife did this,Chandra says nor my heart nor my brain agreed you did this,nandini says then why did you do this to me,Chandra holds her hand and says I need your help to get to the truth.

Nandini walks to Chandra and asks did you find anything,Chandra says yes she is your look a like,after I trapped you in wall I followed a lady leaving mahal and saw she looked exactly like you and she was leaving mahal and she went through water which means she has good practice to stay under even I followed her through waters and found the way went to forest and she met Sunanda there.

Nandini says why Sunanda ma did this to me,Chandra says don’t be emotional we should think about our plan now,Nandini says how did you have so much faith and trust on me,Chandra says I suspected something fishy when Roopa misbehaved with bhadrasal and when Chaya was unwell she couldn’t get any answer from books but you came back and made medicine and now see for the world you are dead and she says she is Nandini and I know the truth so trust me and so will you be with me in this plan to reveal the truth,Nandini says yes Chandra.

Chandra thinks I hope I could tell you when Roopa used to come close to me I never liked her presence it wasn’t you,Nandini thinks I’m happy you have faith in me and happy with that.

Chandra tells Chanakya the truth and says but Nandini knows half truth, that Roopa isn’t look alike but her twin sister, Chanakya says this is good for Nandini too,Chandra says yes Nandini is very innocent and when she will know Roopa is her sister she will be emotional and now we will use Roopa to find nand and save Bharti too,Chanakya says yes I received your letter at right time and so I promised nand that I will get his daughter.

Roopa says wow Roopa good job now Chandra and this Royal life is your,Chandra walks in,Roopa hugs him and says I’m so happy to come back home and see you and you accepted me,Chandra says Nandini I love you,when I punished you I realised how much I love you and will never see you and now since I have you how about a new start,Roopa says when I lost you because of Roopa I missed you so much, I love you too and we should give it a fresh start,Roopa sees Nandini walk in corridor and gets shocked and follows her,Chandra asks what happened.

Chandra thinks this is just the beginning Roopa just wait and watch how I and Nandini give shocks after shocks to you.

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Chandra Nandni 1st March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Nandini asks Chandra how was it,did she get frightened,Chandra says why wouldn’t she you were so good, looks like you do it every now and then and teases Nandini,Chandra says now we got to use this again and again and make her accept her reality in front of everyone .

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