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Chandra Nandni 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Chandra Nandni 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Chandra Nandni 28th March 2017 video watch online HD on

Chandra says durdhara I know I shouldn’t leave you alone in this state,Durdhara says but me and your baby are very upset,baby tell your father we are not upset because he is leaving but because he doesn’t take me as his friend any more,Chandra says you are and always will be my best friend,Durdhara says then why did you hide that you love Nandini,Chandra says what you know it,Durdhara says yes I do,Chandra says but I’m scared to tell her,Durdhara says now you are going with her so tell her or should I,Chandra says no no I will talk to her,Durdhara hugs him and says Nandini is the right partner for you but I will be always your best friend.

Nandini packing,Chandra walks in and says you are the first women who isn’t packing jewellery but books,Nandini and you leaving mahal,why are you doing this,Chandra says rules I should always be with mukhya rani,Nandini says but what about magad,maharaj you should not leave your people behind,Chandra says a king should always be A idol for his people and if I break rules how will people follow rules,Nandini says is there any other reason or just rules,Chandra says what you think I’m doing this to spend time with you,Nandini says even I don’t want to spent time with monkey,Chandra says monkey again then don’t call me to help you and ask my hand to rest your hand,Nandini says I won’t ,Chandra thinks I can’t stay without you,Nandini thinks the same.

Helina says ma see even today Nandini is with Chandra,ma says calm down,Durdhara says baby your father will be back but he is with your Nandini ma so all will be fine,Durdhara hears Helina talk Loudly,Helina says kill Nandini or do anything but I want Chandra, we took Roopas help but she is dead and now I cant share Chandra,Durdhara makes some noise and tries to escape,but Helina and ma see her,ma says Helina go stop her,Durdhara say is have to tell Chandra Helina can’t kill Nandini,Helina follows her and closes the door,Durdhara says what are you doing,Helina says durdhara dear we haven’t talked come let’s talk,Durdhara says I don’t want to talk to you I will go tell Chandra the truth,Helina pushes her,and says what will you tell that I will kill Nandini and Roopa was with me,go tell but who will save you and your baby,I can kill you two too,sad right.

Helina says little baby look your mother doesn’t care about you but I do and don’t want to kill you this way, so Durdhara last warning keep mum or else your baby will be finished,Durdhara says leave me alone Helina,Helina says you are my sister dear and you are not my aim,but Nandini is, so for your good, stay away and shut up,Durdhara says I won’t tell anyone leave my baby alone,Helina leaves.

Chandra walks to Nandini and says I hope you are ready,Nandini says Chandra Durdhara is in last few months and feels comfortable with me and I don’t want to leave her alone let’s leave after her baby,Chandra says my promise Nandini,so you have to leave right away,Nandini says Chandra you are her best friend please find some way, we have to stay here for Durdhara,Chandra says I have spoken to her about it,mora walks in and says Nandini don’t worry I will look after Durdhara,but please do one thing for me,dadi says can you please leave tomorrow,so that today we can perform durdharas baby shower,Nandini says I think we should stay,Chandra says okay, but we shall leave soon after the function.

Durdhara in her room thinking about helinas warning and is tensed,Nandini walks in,Durdhara says Nandini,Nandini says what’s wrong,anyways I’m here to tell a good news,today is your baby shower and we shall stay with you,why are you not happy,what’s hurting you, is your health alright,Durdhara says my stomach its aching,Nandini says did you tell Vaidya,Durdhara says yes he said it happens in pregnancy,Nandini says don’t worry I shall find a way and leaves,Durdhara says sorry to lie but I’m doing this to save you and my baby.

Nandini I’m kitchen supervising the function food arrangements,Nandini takes some kheer and about to add some medicine,mora asks what are you doing,Nandini says this is for pregnant women,dadi says Nandini I think you should consult with Vaidya,some medicine act reverse,Nandini says ok I shall but let me add some dry fruits Durdhara will love it ,Nandini thinks about Durdhara complaint about stomach ache and adds medicine,dasi sees it and informs to mora and dadi.

Mora says Nandini after warning why did you do this,Nandini says ma Durdhara is having acute stomach ache so this medicine. The function begins,Chandra walks to durdhara, Durdhara is upset,mora says Chandra give gifts to durdhara and starts this function,mora says tamarinds,for whom Durdhara or her baby,dadi says durdhara didn’t you like it,Durdhara says no dadi all this is very pretty,everyone gives Durdhara gifts,Helina walks in,with jewellery Durdhara gets scared,Helina wispers,I hope you remember my warning, your baby my baby so mum.

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Chandra Nandni 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Chanakya says this medicine is usually use for abortion who added it to the kheer,dadi and mora say nandini.Chandra says this surely is some plot I don’t believe Nandini can never do this so We shall leave right away,and holds Nandinis hand and leaves.

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