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Chandra Nandni 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Chandra Nandni 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Chandra Nandni 29th March 2017 video watch online HD on

Helina scares durdhara and asks her to keep hush,Nandini walks to durdhara puts dupatta over her head and says Did you like it and says this kheer is specially for you, durdhara eats it,durdhara says dadi I’m feeling restless,I shall go rest and leaves.nandini thinks why is durdhara so lost I should go check and leaves.

Durdhara locks herself in room and is in tears scared,she opens a box and writes a letter saying I don’t know how long I shall live this is because she is evil and will kill me and my baby,Nandini walks in and durdhara hides the letter,Nandini asks durdhara what’s wrong tell me,you were lost during baby shower too,durdhara remembers helinas warnings,Durdhara says no Nandini nothing go away,Nandini says listen calm down tell me what is it,Durdhara says please leave I beg of you,Chanakya and Chandra passing by hear this,Chandra thinks why are these two fighting,Nandini leaves,Durdhara says I’m so sorry I have to hide this for your and my baby’s good

Nandini says Chandra what are you doing here,Chandra says Nandini all good between you and durdhara,why was she behaving so weird,Nandini says all good,it’s just her mood swings,it happens in pregnancy,don’t ask her she will get angry again,Chandra says but she should be happy right,Nandini says yes and how can you think we two can fight,Chandra says why not you keep fighting,Nandini says what,Chandra says I meant you shall fight for her,anyways all packing done,Nandini says yes,Chandra leaves,Nandini says Chandra Durdhara is hiding something but I can’t share it with you until I know the truth.

Durdhara says ma and dadi I’m in pain,mora says it’s happen,eat something, you didn’t even have food,Nandini cooked kheer for you have some,dadi gives her kheer,Durdhara eats it,her pain increases,Durdhara says ma help I can’t bare it anymore,after this Kheer it’s increased ma .dadi says calm down I have called Vaidya.

Vaidya examines durdhara and says maharani I have given you medicine rest now,mora asks what’s wrong with Durdhara,Vaidya says she was fine till yesterday looks like some food has reverse effect on her did she eat something unusual,mora says no,Vaidya says we shall keep examining her and leaves,mora walks to kheer and picks it and asks Chanakya what medicine is mixed in this kheer,Chanakya says I shall test it and performs an experiment,mora asks why did it change colour,Chanakya says it’s a kind of poison used to kill baby and mother,who cooked this,dadi says Nandini,Chanakya says what maharani Nandini.

Mora says why would Nandini do this to durdhara. Helina in her room kicks dasi and says cant you do one work properly ,ma says dasi leave,and says Helina control your anger you are magads mukhya maharani,Helina says yes one without Chandra, and now durdhara too is also a pain,ma puts crown over Helina head, when you have your ma don’t worry,Helina asks what you mean,ma says a trap and the one trapped don’t even know about being in it,now one trap and Chandra will be separated from Nandini and durdhara,Helina asks what have you done,Nandini has given Durdhara poison, Helina asks how and when ma says all will think so because I planted the poison and Chandra won’t spare someone who tried killing his son and won’t go with Nandini this is what you want right,Helina says correct but how did you do this.

( Nandini preparing medicine and pours it in a bottle and says I should add it her kheer,Helina mother slowly without he notice replaces it)

Ma says now just wait and watch Helina,and we shall win the game.

Chandra and Nandini walk to Chanakya,mora and dadi,Chanakya says maharaj I would like to ask maharani few questions,Chandra says sure,Chanakya says maharani did you mix any medicine in maharani durdharas kheer,Nandini says yes but,Chanakya says just answer to the questions,chnlaya says didn’t rajmata ask you to not do it without vaidyas notice,Nandini says yes,chandra asks what all is this ,Chanakya says maharani Durdhara is given poison and maharani Nandini did this.

Chandra says this is not possible,Nandini says I didn’t,Chandra stops her and says I trust her,mora says Chandra you are right but I saw her do this,Chandra says and you believed it,even after all things she has been doing for magad and all of us,and we all know,Durdhara is most comfortable with Nandini ,you took Nandini as culprit,in that case let us leave right away and then Durdhara and baby will be secured from Nandini and holds nanidnis hand takes her away.

Chandra walks to durdhara,Durdhara resting,Chandra says don’t worry you will be all good soon,Durdhara says I know that,Vaidya says maharaj she needs rest,Chandra says just a minute,and says Durdhara I’m here to tell you I’m leaving with Nandini forever,Durdhara remembers helinas warnings and says take her away and leave leave,Chandra thinks is it that even she thinks Nandini tried killing her and her baby.

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Chandra Nandni 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Chandra and Nandini leave mahal later together in a tent and both say I feel for you.

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