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Chandra Nandni 2nd August 2017 Written Episode Update


Chandra Nandni 2nd August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Malti walks in and says I didn’t see you hugging each other and all are waiting for you. Chandra and Nandini meet the guests and take a seat on throne,dadi sees nandinis earring holding on Chandras robe,Malti signs same to Madhav,every guest slowly realises it,mora doesn’t like it,Nandini whispers look how happy is everyone,Chandra says yes but it’s something weird,am I looking like monkey,Nandini says that’s not possible only I find you as monkey,Chandra says then,Nandini sees her earring and tries telling Chandra and tries taking it.

Chandra says not in front of everyone not here,we will go to bedroom and do whatever you wish too,Chandra says and why are you wearing one earring.malti finally walks to Chandra and shows him the earring,Chandra hands it to Nandini. Champa naresh congratulates Chandra and gifts him a painting of Balkrishna,Nandini says this is best gift for a mother,thank you.

Nandini about to take moras blessing but she walks away,Chandra asks where is bindusara,and let me tell you he will give you the best gift,Nandini says I know that but where is he, bindusara goes to take his gift and finds the letter box,he keeps it back but a letter falls of the box,and he reads it Nandini I’m scared of her she will kill me by durdhara,bindusara reads other letters,Nandini wants to kill my baby and gives poison through food and I have to keep quite because no one shall trust me,Helina looking at bindusara,and says my plot worked and I’m sorry son and now I know you will do the rest,bindusara reads ahead,Nandini will do anything for Chandra,bindusara matches all the letters to Helina and Chandra conversation when he was hidden.

Bindusara starts crying,and says you will have to answer me choti ma,you gave my mother pain,and leaves,Helina walks back to the location and takes away the box. Nandini asks where is bindusara and asks bhadraketu did you see bindusara,he says mami (aunty ) no I haven’t,bindusara walk in.

Nandini says look my son is here and where is my gift I know it will be the most precious one,Helina says you will burn into ashes soon,bindusara says did this women kill my mother,all are shocked to hear this,answer me pitahamaharaj,Chandra gets very angry and says bindusara,you cant misbehave mind your words,bindusara is it because this is the truth,this woman killed my mother.Chandra walks to bindusara and slaps him hard,and he falls on ground,bindusara looks at Nandini in anger,Helina rushes to bindusara and says he is a kid,Chandra says he cant cross his lines Helina,bindusara pushes Helina,throws his gift at Nandini and leaves.

Nandini looks at it in tears,and remembers how bindusara got her tamarinds,and so might have got her the plant and thinks so he didn’t forget it,Nandini says Chandra we need to go see him and rushes to bindusara. Bindusara thinking about Helina calling him step son,and he was tried to be killed by Nandini and then Chandra slapping him.

Nandini says Chandra how did bindusara think I killed durdhara and if he takes it true I can never reach my son again.bindusara burns Nandini and Chandra sketch.Nandini walks into the room and sees him do that,Chandra about to scold him,Nandini says Chandra please stop it,control your anger,bindusara son listen,bindusara says don’t call me your son I know your true face and leaves,Nandini breaks down and says how did he think of this and how did he find this,Chandra says firstly he should never learn about who killed his mother and secondly let me go talk to him.

Mora says Chandra how dare you slap him,in front of guest that to,just because of Nandini,he is your son,Chandra says ma he is future king he should know how to behave,won’t guests question this is how a king Is brought up,and this isn’t a way one should behave with mom,mora says you saying this,one who sentenced his mother to death on irrelevant things.

Bindusara in rains,nandini rushes to him and says at least listen to me,bindusara says no way,Nandini says I didn’t kill durdhara,she was my best friend,bindusara says liar,Nandini says someone is trying to trick you,bindusara says if I tell you I have proof,come let me show you,and takes her to the box with and finds no box,he looks around for everything,and messes whole room,and says you hide them right but now I know the truth and you killed my mother,nandini says son Listen to me,bindusara says I’m not your son and leaves,nanidni remembers the day durdhara asked a promise to look at bindusara as a mother and how Nandini did so.

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Chandra Nandni 3rd August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : grown up bindusara was Magad Yuvraj.

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