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Chandra Nandni 2nd February 2017 Written Episode Update


Nandini says why is this happening, I can’t even tell Chandra that it’s my mental illness nor can I bare his hatred,the moment I think our relation is little better,something bad happens, dadi comes there and says Nandini here you are I couldn’t come to celebration last night but durdhara met me and told me you dance very well and now I want to see you dance,Nandini says but,dadi says won’t you do it for your dadi,Nandini says okay please take a sit and performs a classical performance ,Chandra walks and seeing Nandini dance he remembers the celebration dance,and says what is this last night vulgar dance and now so beautiful,Nandini stops seeing Chandra.

Dadi says I wanted to see you two always together and love for each other and today I saw it,Nandini you are a talented women and Chandra I was here to take the sketch and I will leave tomorrow,Chandra thinks oh Nandini will leave tomorrow then why do I feel so bad but,Nandini thinks so I have to leave tomorrow,dadi says Chandra now I never want to see Nandini cry, and holds their hands and says always take care of her,Nandini and if he troubles you write to me I will make him straight then and leaves,Nandini says I will leave tomorrow after dadi goes.Helina hiding and listening to all this says now Chandra will be all mine.

Mora asks ma what are you looking at, dadi says mora I’m looking at love between Nandini and Chandra in his sketch, I will miss them a lot, mora says ma but this is not the truth,Chandra and Nandini don’t like each other,we had lied to you and tells her the whole story about Chandra and Nandini,and says how will Nandini trust Chandra who killed her brothers,dadi says but I have always seen love in their eyes,Ma says but Chandra will throw her out as soon as you leave , and I don’t know the reason,so I need your help,please stay with us till they actually fall in love with each other ,dadi says okay mora.

Helina goes to durdhara,durdhara thinks why is this evil lady here,and says please take a seat ’tis is your mahal I will go,helina says yes Rajmata must be calling you right,but now come sit near me,helina snatches her writing pad and starts laughing,durdhara thinks oh god has she gone mad in anger,helina reads poem which is on angry cat,durdhara says I was to burn this I didn’t know who wrote it,helina says I won’t be angry I m very happy today,durdhara asks why is that so,helina says oh ma is calling you,durdhara says yes she is and takes the pad and leaves.

Nandini packing her belongings,Nandini goes to Chandra and says you liked this book,keep it with you,Chandra says I don’t what it,Nandini says please don’t say no.chandra takes the book and says thank you,Chandra in tears, hides them and goes back to Nandini and says here keep this tushala,Nandini says but it’s your favourite,Chandra says now it isn’t and anyways you used it more and you will need it keep it,Nandini keeps it in her trunk,Nandini drops her books,Chandra helps her pack them,Chandra thinks why do I want to stop her,Nandini thinks I want you to stop me and I will keep acting in love whole life if necessary.

Chandra says dadi your travel arrangements are ready,dadi says chandra I have Lot of pain in my legs,I will have to stay some more days,Chandra says that is good dadi,mora says yes ma please stay with us and get all well,Chandra says I will get Vaidya and thinks am I happy about dadi staying or Nandini.

Nandini says I couldn’t see dadi go so couldn’t come to see off,Chandra puts all nandinis belongs back and says you don’t need to go,dadi isn’t going she has pain in her legs,Nandini thinks why am I happy about staying with Chandra,Chandra says what are you looking at keep you belongs back,and you must be upset now have to stay with me some more time,Nandini says yes I will have to see your face,Chandra says I’m warning you if you call me money face again I will, Nandini says yes what will you do,and Chandra goes behind Nandini,and she rushes,trying to catch her,Chandra falls on her,Nandini starts laughing heartily ,Chandra thinks why do I feel so happy seeing her laugh.

Chandra Nandni 3rd February 2017 Written Episode Update Pre cap :

dadi says so there will be a competition for ruining queen and will be between Nandini and helina.
Helina mother says Roopa you will have to compete with helina as Nandini but loose.Nandini says to Chandra don’t worry I will purposely be defeated by helina and your favourite queen will be elected as ruling queen.

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