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Chandra Nandni 30th January 2017 Written Episode Update


Chandra helps Nandini hold the diya plate.nandini says how come maharaj Chandragupta is here today,Chandra says actually today’s gift,I am happy I lost to you, because of you I could see my father as I had never seen him and just imagined him,Nandini says the happiness I used to see on my fathers face when I use to gift him I saw that on ma face and felt my fathers presence.

Roopa breaking all expensive belongings of helina mother in anger,Helina mother says stop her,Sunanda says don’t stop her she will destroy you too,Roopa says I will go to the nights celebration and not Nandini,Sunanda says yes you will go, Helina mother cuts Roopas hand with a knife and says this is because Nandini has a injury on her hand and if you want nandinis place you will have to bare the pain too and apply Mehndi too,Roopa says after tonight she will have blood tears.

Nandini getting ready,Chandra gets in between,Nandini says can’t you see I’m getting ready,Chandra says my crown can’t you see and wears it, and kumkum falls on his nose,Nandini starts laughing,Chandra says what’s wrong now,nandini says I was right monkey,now red monkey,Chandra says it’s not fun all the time to crack joke on me and do I really look so bad,Nandini says look in the mirror,Chandra wipes it with nandinis pallu,and says this time I forgive you for the laughing but I can also put you behind bars,Nandini says sure you can,Chandra says but now and applies kumkum on her nose and runs away,Sunanda walks in and says Nandini I got you medicine,Nandini says how nice of you without anyone’s notice you get me medicine,Nandini drinks medicine and falls off to sleep,Roopa walks in and says today Nandini will celebrate but with maliketu.

Radhika says look Nandini(Roopa) is looking so beautiful Avantika ma,Avantika says sure she is and I’m happy differences between her and Chandra are resolving slowly,didn’t you see ow Chandra took her side in morning ,durdhara says come Nandini sit with me,Nandini looks at Maliektu and drinks alcohol,mora and durdhara say what’s wrong with Nandini,Helina mother says it’s normal,maharani in Greek do drink alcohol.

Nandini starts dancing pointing at Maliektu and pulls him to dance ,Chaya and Chandra get upset,Nandini get very close to maliketu,Maliektu pushes her and sits down,Nandini in anger keeps having glass after glass and dances as she is drunk. Chandra holds her,Sunanda gets her off Chandra and says sorry looks she is very happy and so drank and I shall take her to room,helina thinks wow this was good for me and Chandra.

Sunanda says enough Roopa,control yourself,Roopa says don’t try and control me go and do this with Nandini,Chandra following them,Sunanda sees him walk to them and hides with Roopa,and holds Roopa mouth,Roopa bites her and says dare you do this with Roopa,Chandra walks to Nandini in room and seeing her asleep says wake up Nandini we need to talk ,Nandini in sleep and in effect of medicine says monkey let me sleep and do you know I like it when you take my side and holds him close,Chandra says then why drink and go close to Maliektu,Nandini says always Maliektu maliketu,I’m a married women,your wife.

Roopa smoking and says now lets see how this show has affect on Chandra, Sunanda splashes water on her face and says wake up,Roopa puts knife on her neck and says last warning and next time you dare control me I shall kill you,Sunanda says okay,darling I am always with you, the thing is if we act weird and so strange this way Chandra will throw us out,Roopa says I dont care I just want to destroy her and her relation with everyone.

Nandini wakes up and says why is my head aching,durdhara walks in and says have kadha this what happens when you drink,Nandini thinks did Sunanda ma tell her about my illness,durdhara says baby your badi ma dances very well but Nandini why did you drink and looked it was your first time ,ma and everyone were so upset and we all were shocked too,Nandini thinks I drank medicine and then I don’t remember,durdhara says Nandini alcohol has different effect and you thought Maliektu is Chandra and started pulling him to dance,and will you teach me to dance,Nandini says next time I need to meet badi ma,durdhara says careful go slowly.durdhara says baby you have talented mothers,one dances well,one eats human hearts and one eats fathers head and laughs.

Sunanda says yes Nandini you did it, you should be asleep after having medicine but you came in celebration,I should talk to Vaidya,Nandini says I should talk to Chaya and dadi as well,Sunanda says not now it’s bad time and anyways dadi wasn’t present at celebration she was unwell so and we will wait for somemore time and if medicines don’t work I will talk about illness to everyone because for now it’s better for you to keep this illness a secrete .Sunanda thinks I should talk to Roopa she is going very fast then necessary which is dangerous.

Chandra gets alcohol and says Nandini have it,Nandini says oh It smells no,Chandra says who are you at one moment you are someone and other someone else,is it funny,you definitely are great actor but why hide from me, I want to see the truth.

Chandra Nandni 31st January 2017 Written Episode Update Pre cap:

Nandini says I’m that lady Chandra who can love someone to that extend that can give and take life for loved one.

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