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Chandra Nandni 30th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Chandra Nandni 30th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Dadi says mora Nandini is the right choice for Chandra, she is the only one ,didn’t you see how she risked her life for Chandra,mora says ma you are right,she always tried to warn us,I as mother didn’t realise what mistake I was making but she did notice it, I will thank her by myself,dadi says let’s meet her you talk to her she will be very happy,she is desperate to talk to you,mora says ma not now she must be resting tomorrow in Sabha I will thank her.

Padmanand says tell me why couldn’t you get Nandini and Vishakha ,and kills the soldier, amartya is handed a letter which is by a informer,Chanakya and malayketu walk in,malayketu says our army is in last stage and we need weapons now,Amartya says maharaj our informer is dead ,padmanand says what vishkanaya is dead,Amartya says no parvatak,when Chandra learnt parvatak is with us he killed him,malayketu says I will kill him,Amartya says malayketu we will take revenge be patient we will attack at the right time.padmanad says malayketu don’t let this fire of revenge go off,we will use it against Chandra,Chanakya thinks Chandra well done.

Nandini playing with bindusara ,Chandra walks in,and puts her dupatta on her head,Nandini gets surprised and then covers herself,Nandini says yes maharaj,Chandra says you saved king today ask for anything,Nandini says you already have given ,you have blamed me for durdharas death,Chandra says I will release you from its punishment,Nandini says no need ,Chandra says why you have to overdo it,I’m behaving well with you,Nandini says when you know I killed durdhara why are you behaving good with me,Chandra says because you didn’t kill durdhara,Nandini says give me proof then,and if this is so why didnt you find the real murderer what kind of king you are,if you want to give me something find me the murderer, and now when I’m blamed for everything what shall I do,Chandra says I promise I shall return everything you lost with dignity and leaves.

Everyone in Sabha,mora gets lot of gifts,jewellery and clothes and says these are all used by Royal family and are very costly and these are to Nandini as gift for saving my son,Nandini says you are spending the cost of your sons life,mora says I’m just gifting a dasi who saved my son,Nandini Says these jewellery,mora says you are denying these gifts,Nandini says as dasi what guts I have to deny them,I accept it,Helina says apma Ma look last night she showed us a act and now accepted these gifts,Mora says send these to Nandini room.

Nandini getting ready,Chandra walks in to play with bindusara and remembers watching Nandini when they were together ( Chandra says Nandini don’t tie your hair you look good like this,Nandini says but I like them tied,Chandra says you shall keep them open and I love it like this,Nandini says and you know how I like to see you and applies colour on his face and says this way like a red faced monkey).

Chandra says Nandini I hope you liked the gifts,are these sufficient,Nandini says they aren’t, I couldn’t say much to rajmata,I mean for saving kings life just this,Chandra says dasi get the treasure doors opened for Nandini,and let her take whatever she wishes for in return of saving the king.

Malayketu says Acharya why did you get me here,Chanakya says listen to me carefully,I have been your teacher and let me inform you something,your father is killed by Nand and not chandra,malayketu says you are with Chandra and not us,why are doing this do you have proofs,Chanakya says use brains,Nand said did vishkanya die,yes Amartya sent her in place of real Vishakha to kill parvatak,here is a letter of proof,malayketu asks but why,Chanakya says because they don’t have to divide Magad,malayketu says I won’t leave them,Chanakya says stop they will even kill you when work done,we will have to wait for right time,malayketu says why are you helping me,Chanakya says he cheated you then soon he will kill me,but I want my student on Magad throne after Chandragupta and its you.malayteu says yes and leaves,Chanakya says this is called using brains and without weapon I separated malayketu from Nand.

Helina mora dadi apma shopping jewellery,they hear people cheeering for bindusara and all rush to check what’s going,chandra walks too and finds Nandini donating the gifts and jewellery by hands of bindusara,apma says Helina with help of people Nandini is trying to make place in mahal smart act. Chandra walks to Nandini and holds bindusara,dadi says Nandini isn’t greedy mora,she did accept your gifts but used them for right purpose,people bless bindusara and Chandra Nandini,Helina says this can’t happen,chandra sees a women and thinks what is she doing here.

Pre cap…

Chandra Nandni 31st May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : . the lady chandra find suspicious gives apma a bottle of poison.
apma says Helina,history will be repeated again,like durdhara even Nandini is slow poisoned and she has to die.
Chandra makes a sketch of that lady,on Helina and apma asking what sketch is that,chandra says it’s bindusara I shall show when completed.

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