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Chandra Nandni 31st January 2017 Written Episode Update


Chandra says on one side you give my mother most precious gift and on other hand you do something that annoys and hurts everyone,now cmon have alcohol,Nandini says please Chandra stop it,Chandra says why is it shameful and wasnt it shameful when you keep going to maliketus room and keep waiting for him even when he is married and you too are married,so tell me what is it and I’m not going until I get my answers,Nandini says I’m not answering and not at this moment please leave because I don’t know what you are talking about.

Chandra says I’m king here and you can’t ask me to go and you know Nandini I could sentence you to death for the celebration behaviour but no before taking any step I want to know the truth and is it that you hate me so much that you go for some other man in front of my family and so who you are, are you the one who is so emotional and caring and can fight to whole world for her father or the other women who is characterless,and don’t you feel bad for Chaya who is pregnant and you want alcohol tell me I will get you but this two sided behaviour I want to know as your husband.

Nandini says since you asking as a husband and not a king let me tell you,I’m a lady who can sacrifice life for loved one,and I have heart which beats for love and emotions,I’m the women who can fight for her loved one,I have a heart which you keep saying you don’t have and that to with pride,Chandra says your heart before was first for your father but now surely must be Maliektu,Nandini says seeing your tears anyone could mistake it for love and would think you can’t see other man close to your woman but you have no idea what I go through,Chandra says you feel bad about marrying me who was a framers son and you a princess and meant to be queen right and thinks but I know Nandini my heart which is there or isn’t has you in it but you have Maliektu in your heart.

Chandra says Nandini last warning stay away from Maliektu and there won’t be any mercy as I have no heart,Nandini says fare enough,Chandra walks away,Nandini smiles and says live with your truth and Ill with mine. Chaya in her room,thinking about nandinis behaviour and says why did Nandini do this,felt like it wasn’t Nandini,helina sees her and says it’s time to take advantage of situation and let the fire spread and says Chaya why are you working ask dasi to do it for you go rest,and why you look worried tell me,Chaya says nandinis behaviour.

Helina thinks well done Chaya,helina says Nandini keeps doing this,I mean sorry Chaya but didn’t you see Maliektu always runs away from Nandini and he is all yours now but Nandini Hasn’t got over him yet, I mean even I was with Maliektu once and Nandini snatched him from me but I got over him and Chandra is mine now,Chaya says no Nandini has told me she doesn’t like Maliektu,helina says you are so innocent I have seen Nandini always keep eyeing on maliketu,Chaya remembers seeing Nandini on her bed.

Chaya says helina stop putting such bad things in my mind I know Nandini and she will never do such thing and leaves,helina says my work is done. Chanakya goes to his house ,his wife says no letter nothing, how will I make all arrangements now,Chanakya says relax I’m alone here,she says you are mahamantri no soldiers no horses how come,Arti his daughter says pitaji come lets have food,his wife sees sarees and says so low quality sarees, Chanakya says you know I don’t take any extra charges,wife says you are mahamantri you should be earning more,Chanakya says I decide what I should earn and this is what I earn,she says but we need more money and Chandra whom you made king.

Chanakya says it was my revenge and he earned it by his hard work and you married me,You should know u worship lord Saraswati and not Laxmi,wife says you want to be bhikshuk,think about me and Arti we need money. Maliketu and Chandra practising swords , Chandra has nandinis words in his mind,Maliektu says maharaj you look distracted is you heart disturbed,Chandra says king has no emotions and defeats Maliektu,Chandra thinks why am I so angry on Maliektu it’s not his mistake,Chandra says Maliektu sorry it’s not your mistake,Maliektu says shall I help,Chandra says careful about what you ask and leaves,Maliektu gets very angry.

Maliektu sees Nandini (Roopa) on his bed,Nandini says I’m waiting for your come close before your evil wife comes,oh cmon and pulls him close and takes his blanket off,and says why didn’t you join me dance,Maliektu says I thought you were playing with me,Nandini says if that was so why would I come here which would get me in trouble and that Chaya I get so angry seeing her,Maliektu sees Chaya says maharani why don’t you understand I am married to Chaya now,Nandini sees Chaya too says but I can’t never forget you,Chaya gets angry and says Nandini enough.

Chandra Nandni 1st February 2017 Written Episode Update Pre cap:

Chandra feels hand coming closer and holds it,and sees its Nandini (Roopa),Nandini says if you want me close there are many other ways too,Chandra finds it odd.

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