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Chandra Nandni 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update


Chandra Nandni 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update and Chandra Nandni 3rd April 2017 watch online HD on

Nandini says Chandra durdhara needs you, you have to go don’t deny, Chandra says no one trusts you there once the baby is born I shall go, Nandini says I shall take care of myself and durdhara may have other but needs her friend and husband and hugs Chandra , Chandra says ok and thinks I don’t want to leave you alone, Nandini says give my blessings to baby and thinks and says some time more and we will be together forever.

Chandra goes to durdhara. Durdhara starts crying and says our baby, Chandra says don’t worry I’m here, durdhara asks where is Nandini , Chandra says she couldn’t be here and you take rest I’m right here beside you, durdhara goes to sleep.

Durdharas mouth starts bleeding and says may be I can’t stay alive even to see my baby and Helina won’t let my baby alive and only one person can help me and calls dasi, and asks her to go call Nandini but go through the secret way.

Nandini in tent sees a shadow and gets alert, dasi says maharani may I, Nandini says dasi you here, she says maharani durdhara is in her worst and would like to see you , Nandini thinks what must be wrong and says let’s go.

Helina says Ma Chandra didn’t get Nandini , Ma says once she will be here our work will be done.

Dasi says maharani Nandini we need to go by secrete way to meet maharani durdhara and goes meet durdhara. Durdhara says Nandini I was waiting for you, Nandini Says rest you shouldn’t talk, durdhara says I don’t have time, if I don’t stay alive please look after my baby as yours and somebody is tying to kill me and is adding poison in my food, Helina hears Nandinis voice and sees her with durdhara.

Durdhara asks for water, Nandini asks dasi to get it. Helina says Ma Nandini is here and may be durdhara told her the says this is the final attack which will tell whether we are in or out and shares a plan.

Helina mother acts as injured and dasi carrying water runs to help her, Helina mother adds poison in durdharas water and dasi unaware of it takes it to durdhara, Nandini gives water to durdhara and asks dasi to get maharaj and Vaidya, Ma asks dasi where are you running and Helina kills her from behind and Helina goes call Chandra.

Chandra and Chanakya are informed someone is inside maharani durdharas room, Chandra sees Nandini and asks what are you doing here, durdhara starts vomiting blood , Chanakya says maharani what did you give her, Chanakya checks it , Chandra asks soldiers to get Vaidya.
Everyone with Vaidya rush to durdhara.

All are shocked to see durdhara in her worst, Chanakya says maharaj this water contains poison, dadi says what, Chanakya says maharani nandini gave it to durdhara, Nandini says why would I do that, Vaidya says looks like durdhara won’t make it, Chandra says Acharya please do something , Chanakya says it’s a strong poison and no possibility could save her, I had warned you maharani Nandini had done it before and today we caught her again, Chandra says Helina called us, Chanakya says no only you were called and maharani used secret way to enter room.

Chandra says durdhara who did this to you tell me, dadi says do something, Chandra says durdhara tell me I won’t let that person alive I will kill her,durdhara sees Helina and her Ma enter and points at them.

Nandini comes in between and all misunderstand it to be her, durdhara breaths her last, Vaidya says sorry she is no more, Nandini shouts in pain, Ma and Helina smile,Chandra smiles and says how is this possible she is joking durdhara wake up stop it it’s not funny, say something, durdhara don’t leave me alone I need you, look our baby needs us, Chanakya says Chandra maharani Nandini is culprit and one who killed durdhara, Chandra says what did you do Nandini.

Nandini says no Chandra durdhara called me i didn’t do this, Chanakya says Chandra you have to jail maharani Nandini.


Chandra Nandni 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Nandini handcuffed,Chandra says Nandini you have to leave mahal and go away forever.

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