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Chandra Nandni 3rd February 2017 Written Episode Update


Helina gets dressed and says dasi get me the new perfume Chandra loves it,durdhara walks in and says wow you look so pretty,helina says today you how come here isn’t rajmata calling you,durdhara says actually I came here to show you my new poem, I was to recite it to Chandra but he went to get Vaidya for dadi,helina says what dadi isn’t gone yet,durdhara says no she is in pain,and recites her poem and says how it is,helina says it’s a bad one,leave from and Dont waste my time.

Dadi asks everyone to gather in Sabha,helina says mother I hope this old lady leaves mahal,Helina mother says helina calm down please,Nandini thinks I have to talk to Chaya she must be misunderstanding me and walks to Chaya and says please listen,Chaya says I don’t want to talk to you I shouldn’t have trusted you and goes sit near helina,Helina mother thinks Roopa has done a good job for helina,helina signs durdhara to join her,durdhara says don’t worry I’m with you but goes and sits near helina.

Dadi and Chandra walks in,dadi says this year king and Queen will do the agriculture Pooja,its to show love for praja,even mora and suryagupta did it,mora says but ma Chandra has three wives,dadi says yes,this Pooja only princess can do,and since durdhara is a landlords daughter she can’t participate,Chandra says so helina,dadi says no Chandra there will be a competition between Nandini and helina and winner will join chandra in Pooja,mora thinks ma I know you want Nandini to win so that they can spend time alone out of mahal and their relation will be better soon. Helina thinks I will win this competition.

Chandra calls helina in his room and says sit Beside me,(Nandini present in the room),Chandra says for me you are my queen but I want you to win the competition,helina says I don’t want the competition for me your love and trust is what matters most and so for you I will win the competition and hugs Chandra and leaves. Nandini walks to Chandra and says don’t worry,helina will win the competition,I have no interest in becoming ruiling queen, Chandra says even if you were interested you wouldn’t win and leaves.

Helina mother says Roopa you have to loose by helina,Roopa says don’t worry all will be as per our plans. Chanakya in his house,mukhiya comes to meet acharya,Arti gets him water,Chanakya says why are you for mahal issues or to meet me as a brahman , mukhiya says to Brahman ,Chanakya lights a diya close to him mukhiya asks what is dharma and peace,acharya explains it to him,Mukhiya says thank you,I should take your leave.

Aarti says pitahshree why did you light other diya for mukhiya and this diya for writing now,Chanakya says because the oil in the other diya is from my money and the now I’m using is from mahals money, and if I had used this for my personal work it would a means to corruption and little things like this leads to big issues and this is what my Principles says.

Dadi resting in her room,Nandini goes to her and says your knees are aching and so I got you some oil let me massage,dadi says no sit and says this emotions and love and caring nature makes you different,and tell me do you know what and how is this Pooja done,Nandini I have seen but,dadi says king and Queen go stay with the praja to bound with them and know them,and I want you to be ruiling queen because you know how our praja thinks,helina looks beautiful but she isn’t caring and Chandra has to learn about this quality too,so for our praja promise me you will win,Nandini says yes dadi for our praja and their good I will work hard for this competition.

Padmanand resting,he feels someone walk to him and asks who are you,she says I’m amartya rakshas secrete informer,Amartya says yes maharaj she is my informer,she informs about the competition and the Pooja,nand says so Chandra won’t allow my daughter to participate and helina will participate in Pooja,Amartya says maharaj this is right opportunity we will create bad impression about Chandra in people saying Chandra elected his foreign wife even after having Nandini who is Bhartiya and people will be angry on it and discard him,padmanand says good and starts laughing.

Nandini in her room and thinks Chandra wants helina and I told him helina will win but promised dadi that I will win. Sunanda tells Roopa who is dressed as dasi,this a powder to faint Nandini,keep in mind to cover your nose or else it will effect you two and then quickly change and come out,Nandini looks at the kadha but padmanand,she sees someone coming in mirror and asks who it is but Roopa hides,Nandini walks to check who it is,Roopa gets prepared to throw powder.

Pre cap : Nandini says what you think helina knows everything knowing people is so important their language, the plants grown here, different religion here so Chandra tell me will that Greek lady know this.

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