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Chandra Nandni 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Chandra Nandni 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Episode start with bindusar speaking Ma, all get happily shock. Chandra take bindusar and ask to say again. He says Maa. Chandra gets happy, and say soon he will walk and take over my empire. And take bindusar away and all walk with him.
Dadi say to nandini, i know you felt bad about chandra behaviour. Nandini say dadi son should stay with mother more as she connect with baby before birth. Dadi say I have a plan.

Nand scold his daughter-in-laws. Just than chankaya arrives. Nand taunts him but he says i am here to help you. I have a plan. But you need to promise that you will run magad as per my wish. Nand agrees. Gautmi unties her and reaches to say that chankya should not believe him but he is gone. Nand ask his soliders that capture them.

Chandra plays with bindusar. Just than nandini arrives and bindusar gets happy and call her ma. Chandra take milk bowl and try feed him but nandini takes him and chandra shouts on her. Chandra says that do not forget that you are only his daayi maa, not my wife or maharani. Nandini says why are so angry because I intrupted saba?? Chandra says as if you don’t know. I am tried of your lies. I got letter where dhurdhara wrote your name, nandini gets shocked. He ask her to leave.

Nandini was about to go but Dadi stops her and ask to feed bindusar milk. Dadi makes chandra realise that mother is related to child before birth. Chandra call dasi and say call them, their decision will be done now. Dadi say to nandini that I knew that he will not listen to you but will listen to others.

In sabha chandra repeats that child need mother more so this child will stay with mother and father have to pay monthly expenses.
Solider informs that someone wants to meet you.

A girl come inside and introduce herself as Rajkumari (sorry I did not get her name). She informs that Nand attacked us and killed my parents, he wanted to kill me but I came here. Please help me. Mahamantri say that we need proves that she is not lier. Chandra say to dasi to get her treat and ask mahamantri to get all information soon.

Nandini is playing with bindusar by using chandra get up. She says that I am so stuborn, cruel and angry. Bindusar smiles. And all these things are heard by chandra.
Chandra say that I am stuborn, cruel and angry. Don’t you remembered I saved you from daldal (mud pit). She say you did as what you have replied to praja that where is mukhya maharani. Chandra say that then why do you call me vanar (monkey). Nandini say because you behave like one. Like you saw me while bathing in river. Chandra say that why should not I.

Precap- Chandra meet Chankaya and he inform that may be nand know our plan. Nandini see someone hiding and try to follow her. Chandra scolds and shout on nandini. Nandini thinks that Nand might have send someone to attack chandra, i need to find that person in mahal.

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