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Chandra Nandni 6th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Chandra Nandni 6th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Chandra Nandni 6th March 2017 Watch Online Episode HD on

Durdhara says stupid how can you enter Chandras room without knocking that too on wedding night,and sees Nandini walk and says oh no who was that two nandinis in this mahal,durdhara says oh no this is ghost ,roopas ghost and says she is here to complete her revenge. Helina says ma, Roopa is treating me as a dasi and now spending night with Chandra now what will I do,ma says wait for right time,Roopa has crossed all her limits now we will kill Roopa,Helina says how but,ma says come here and explains her the plan,Helina says wow well planned.

Nandini trying to remove her necklace,Chandra goes to Nandini and says shall I help you with necklace, Nandini says no thank you,go spend your night with Roopa why are you here,Chandra says let me help and helps her and Says feeling bad,Nandini says no,first answer why are you here midnight,Chandra says I’m married to you and according to Ritual I have to spend night with you,so I’m here spend my Wedding night with a ghost,Nandini says don’t call me ghost,Chandra says don’t call me monkey,anyways if you don’t want me here I will leave,Nandini says no stay here but be on your side of bed,Nandini uses Chandras hand as pillow as she did on village trip and goes to sleep,Nandini slowly moves to Chandra and acts as if she is asleep,Chandra slowly holds her too and both go to sleep,Nandini see Chandra smile and hugs him.

Nandini writes a letter and puts Royal Stamp on it and covers herself and leaves,she acts like Roopa and says dasi give this letter to guru adinarayan, Nandini says my guruji knows everything about me and when he will come here on my invitation Roopa you won’t recognise him and you will be caught.

Roopa telling Sunanda about nandinis ghost,Sunanda says have you smoked a lot,durdhara walks in with Dhoop and hears ghost and says she isn’t lying there is ghost in mahal may god save us. Maliketu angry on seeing Chandra Marry Nandini twice and cuts is hand,and says I’m dreaming her to Marry Nandini but the truth is something else,I should be in that place,Chandra walks in and asks what place,Maliektu says with Chaya when Roopa pushed her,Chaya wouldn’t be in this state then,Chandra thinks roopa I wont spare you,Chandra says Maliektu Chaya will be fine soon and Roopa is dead now and Maliektu I’m so happy you are always here for Chaya,Maliektu says I love Chaya and cant live without her.

Chandra and Chanakya are informed guru adinarayan is here,Chanakya says I didn’t invite him,Chandra says greet him in,guru says I’m maharani Nandinis guru I received her letter and so I’m here to see her,Chandra thinks I know Nandini did this to reveal Roopa but this isn’t right time because Bharti isn’t released yet,guru says maharaj can I please see your whole family and bless. Chanakya wispers why did you do this Chandra,Chandra says I didn’t know about this acharya and now it’s too late to do anything.

Dadi and all ladies walk in the Sabha,Avantika and radhika take guruji blessing,Roopa walks in,Nandini hiding and watching and says nowyou are caught Roopa ,Avantika says Nandini look who is here to see you,did you recognise him,Roopa says how can I not recognise him guruji adinarayan and takes is blessings,Nandini says how does she know about it,Chandra is surprised,Roopa says Chandra guru Ji is behind my teachings,Chandra thinks is this Roopa or Nandini and sees Nandini hiding,Roopa says guruji please give Blessings to everyone here,Chandra says make arrangements for guruji,Roopa says Chandra I would like to cook for guruji.chnadra thinks good roopas truth isn’t revealed but I need to talk to Nandini.

Chandra says Nandini what were you upto,Nandini says something you should have done,if she recognised Guruji, why didn’t you ask her some Sanskrit shlok,she would know nothing and we would win,chandra says because I didn’t want to you should have informed me,Nandini says okay but someone is helping Roopa,how does she know about guruji.

(Sunanda is informed by dasi that adinarayan guru is here and she goes and inform Roopa and says listen carefully Nandinis guru is here,her favourite subject was arthashasrta and behave exactly like Nandini and take his blessings.)Roopa says good ma you were with me. Chandra says Nandini you need to inform me about your plans,nandini says but why can I take decisions ,Chandra says agreed but the thing is I’m on secrete mission now for now all I can ask you is just for some more time,Nandini says but don’t you trust me,Chandra says I will share the truth with you just give me some time,and trust me.

Chandra meets Chanakya,and says what is it,Chandra is handed nands letter reading that if he doesn’t get Nandini in 2 days he will kill Bharti,Chanakya says it’s nand who never stands by his promise,and now my daughter will be dead,Chandra says no acharya I won’t let Bharti die and today with this letter I will show Nandini her fathers true face and will send Roopa as Nandini to nand and then either nand will kill Roopa or vice versa.chankaya says but how will you convince Roopa ,Chandra says you leave that to me.

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Chandra Nandni 7th March 2017 Written Episode Update : Precap :: Roopa / Nandini rushes to Nand,nand hugs her and both are in tears,nand says it’s unbelievable you are here with me and she says I have to share important information and nand stabs her and gives wicked smile.

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