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Chandra Nandni 7th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Chandra Nandni 7th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

Chanakya walks to pandugan and says here’s medicine you want to cure right come sit,open your mouth,pandugan has it, Chanakya says Chandra was right, you saved Yuvraj and so you have to be awarded but it’s unfortunate I can’t award you because you are padmanand son and don’t worry once you will be cured I will sentence you to death and my revenge will be complete and leaves. Pandugan says you will sentence me to death instead I will kill bindusara and then Chandra and Magad will be mine and then I shall behead you stupid Chanakya.

Apma says Helina this new rule is dangerous,Helina says ma this new rule how is it against us,Whole mahal knows Chandra and Nandini hate each other and Nandini loves monkey,Apma says Helina you can’t see but I can,Chandra and Nandini love each other and so they can’t be under one roof,and if they do you will loose,Helina says you should be happy for me but you,Apma says Helina Chandra is very intelligent and is using you,Helina says ma Nandinis lover accepted that he loves Nandini,Apma says okay I shall like to meet him,clovie says he looks like monkey I shall go get him,Apma says remember Chandra and Nandini shouldn’t be under one roof,Nandini I know her very well, do as I say, how to do that’s your question.

Malti says Didi it’s maharajs order that you have to shift in his room,Nandini says without asking me why,Malti says he wants you back,and because he loves you a lot,you should be very happy,but look you are so upset,what is it,Nandini says nothing,Malti says this new rule will bring new turn in your relation and bring you closer,Nandini says i know this rule is more for us then people but I’m scared of losing everything again,Malti says don’t be scared.

Nandini thinks Chandra I know this is all because you want to resolve differences between us but the moment our past flashes in front of my eyes it scares me.Mora says why is this rule,dadi says so that Chandra and Nandini can be together,Chandra is very intelligent,mora says he is very smart and kind hearted thinks about every one especially Nandini,his father also always use to look after me and loved me and Nandini will also love Chandra too.

Helina says Chandra this rule is for people but why you have to stay with Nandini, I mean only in mahal we know about your differences with Nandini and so,Chandra says Helina but,Helina says see just deny staying with Nandini and we shall keep this news just in mahal,Chanakya says not anymore,Helina asks what do you mean,Chanakya says even Magad people have learnt that Chandra and Nandini have differences,during Sabha people found it fishy and few people spoke about it to me and they insisted me to force maharaj to apply this rule for him and Nandini along with people and so as king Chandra has to be example for his people or this rule will be discarded,Chandra says but me and Nandini,Chanakya says you have to or else we have to debar the rule,Helina says Chandra is king it’s his decision, Chanakya says Helina is right you should change the rule,Helina says I didn’t mean that Chandra you will stay will with Nandini and leaves.

Chandra says acharya thank you for helping me out,Chanakya says don’t thankme, you deserved it,
Chnakaya says Chandra Nandini is perfect choice for Magad and you as well,she is your strength,Helina is smart but she lies qualities of being a mukhyarani,spend time with Nandini and use it for yourself and Magad, it’s time resolve your differences.

Chandra says Nandini please come in and welcomes her into room and says this place you will practise your dance lessons,your pooja house,and this is your library and you can teach me too here,and here your sword which your father gifted you,Nandini remembers her childhood memories,and is in tears,and says Chandra,chandra stops her holds her hand and says come with me,and takes her to bed and says this is our bed and pulls a curtain which falls in between the bed,chandra says this shall stay until we turn husband wife from friends,and this is bindusaras cradle he shall stay with us.

Chandra says Nandini what are you thinking,Nandini says all this is fine but that monkey Helina thinks I want to marry him,Chandra holds Nandini and says calm down trust me,nothing of this will happen I know who you are in love with and you will marry only one you love,Nandini says it sounds like you mean yourself ,Chandra says Nandini , a women amongst our people have requested our help regarding rule,so we need to go help, we need to go disguised.

Chandra and Nandini disguised see two couple fight, the lady says see it was your misunderstanding I wasn’t having any affair and thanks to maharaj,because of this new rule now I can be with my son,the man says he is my son and will always be with me,Nandini says a baby needs his father as well as mother, the man says see it’s easy to give advice,but you two haven’t gone through it,this lady was my wife but was caught with other man and now says she loved me,Chandra says see you have an opportunity to resolve your issue with maharajs new rule,use it stay with her,may be she wasn’t lying.

Chandra recognises Amartya,amartya disguised in market.

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Chandra Nandni 10th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Apma says Helina make such situation that Chandra has to choose between Nandini and mora.Helina says mora ma,according to new rule we should also give malayketu a chance to bond back with Chaya.Mora says Chandra your every word is pricking me and so now Choose between me or Nandini.