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Chandra Nandni 8th February 2017 Written Update


Chandra Nandni 8th February 2017 Written Update and Chandra Nandni 8th February 2017 video watch online

The stone hits mora, everyone rush to mora, Chanakya thinks I knew this will happen and says Chandra stop this Sabha and lets go. Chandra says acharya I didn’t do any partiality and Helina won competition and she married me so why foreigner issue now,Chanakya says Chandra that’s not the point the matter is padmanand is trying to spread this news and the political answer to it is Nandini, announce her the ruling queen, people love Nandini as she is magads daughter,where you are the king and that will help us.chandra says why Nandini whose father is fooling magad people,Chanakya says because this is politics.

Chandra says Nandini you will be magads ruling queen come with me,Nandini says I don’t wish to,Chandra says when I’m willingly giving you this why give excuses when you have tried so many plots for it,Nandini says I don’t need any crown to work for my people,Chandra says I want you to be the ruling queen,Nandini says but I don’t see that in your eyes, Chandra says yes I’m doing this for political issues so that my political hold doesn’t fall and people dont hate his king and enemy don’t take advantage of situation and so Nandini not as us enemies but as king and Queen I want us to take this step,Nandini thinks why don’t you want me to take this decision as your wife,Chandra says why do I want you to be always there with me for me,Nandini says okay for my people I agree to this decision,Chandra says ok for people ok be ready an leaves,Nandini says why am I not happy is it because it’s not Chandra willingly taken this decision.

In Sabha,helina says ma this is for my announcement,ma says we have morning too have so late,Helina says may be he just wants me and so let it happen it’s good for me. Chanakya says magad people thank you for begin here late night and we are here for announcement in good of people and mourya Vansh will always work for its people and so maharaj,Chandra says the ruling queen of magad is maharani Nandini,people of magad very happy with this decision.

Nandini walks to Chandra,Helina very angry,Raj Purohit,crowns Nandini people happy to see Nandini being crowned as ruling queen,and show love towards Chandra and Nandini,Helina leaves in anger. Sunanda goes to Roopa, Roopa says ma you look so happy have some pan and I know why are you here I heard it, and you know I talked to Chandra and so Nandini is the ruling queen. Helina says this Nandini she snatched everything,Helina mother says helina control your anger you have to look happy for Chandra, helina says enough ma no more this act of being good, leave me alone.Helina says Nandini now magad will just talk about maharani Helina.

Roopa says Sunanda now Nandini out and Roopa will have luxury, Helina says now Nandini will be out and then Chandra will take me to Pooja,dasi come here. Sunanda ma just wait and watch Roopa will do what she has to. Helina says Nandini just few more days and I will take all that I want.

Chandra says Nandini I’m so happy to see you as the ruling queen,I want you to be with me in happiness and sorrow will you Nandini,Nandini says yes Chandra,Nandini sees Chandra walk and realises it was a dream. Nandinis hair gets stuck in crown,Chandra says come let me help,you are princess so how will you work without dasi I don’t think you will do Pooja,Nandini says please,Chandra so can you do all tasks in Pooja,Nandini says yes I can,Durdhara comes running,Chandra says slowly,durdhara says I want to go temple,Chandra says ok I will come with you,durdhara says only females can go,Nandini says shall I come,durdhara says sure be ready early morning, Roopa hiding and listening says so Nandini will go temple and on way back Roopa will enter in mahal, Nandini out Roopa in.

Roopa shows kidnappers Nandini and durdhara walking inside temple and says kidnap her,Nandini prays I have no idea why am I being attracted to my enemy but I just want to pray for his well being,Nandini says I will go light diyas and leaves,durdhara says Panditji we have an evil cat in my mahal please save me I am very sacred of her,pandit says use this powder it will secure you,kidnappers kidnap Nandini and Roopa takes her place.

Chandra says greetings acharya,acharya says nands soldiers have been seen in jungle near by and that can lead us to nand,Chandra says let’s get him I will go get him with my army,Chanakya says no this will alert him, you will go disguised as his soldier alone. Durdhara walks in Helina room,opens a box and sees weapons and says good so many weapons and now I will keep it in this big box looks empty,and about to open,Helina walks in,durdhara says i got you Prasad ,I did Pooja for you so that you win next year and want you to be ruling queen and now I should leave,Helina says durdhara stop,the Prasad ,Durdhara says yes here it is,Helina eats it,Durdhara thinks good this women eats everything.

Helina says Chandra isn’t in mahal and this is right time to kidnap Nandini and this way Chandra has no option but take me to Pooja.

Chandra Nandni 9th February 2017 Written Update Precap : a calf passes by Chandra who is disguised and his shawl comes off and nands people sees he’s feather mark and recognise him.

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