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Chandra Nandni 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Chandra Nandni 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Apma says I accept my crimes and I’m solely responsible for them,Helina says what and walks to Apma and slaps her, all get shocked,Helina says ma you killed durdhara I couldn’t even dream of something like this,Apma says I did this for you,Helina says for me,all this you have done,you don’t even deserve to be called mother,look at poor bindusara,maharaj as mukhyarani I’m with your decision,punish her,Chandra says megasenis what is punishment for such crime,he says to be killed beneath elephant feet,Helina thinks what is he saying, megasenis says you have a deal with Greeks and so as per treaty you can’t kill Apma and worst you can do is throw her out of Magad,Chandra say is i wish kill you by my hands but due to political reasons I can’t,you are punished and asked to leave Magad.

Chandra says so Nandini is innocent as Apma was behind all of this plot,Nandini hugs dadi and mora,dadi says here is your son,see I told you you will be proved innocent,Nandini looks at Chandra in anger. Nandini in her room and remembers the day when she was announced punishment,mora walks in with clothes and jewellery,Nandini asks what all is this,mora says please forgive me,i took you as murderer and touches Nandinis feet,Nandini says no rajmata,mora says in hatred and pain I forgot what was right and wrong,Nandini says please you are rajmata it happens ,mora says you went through something you didn’t even do,if you have forgiven me call me ma,Nandini says sure ma and hugs her.

Dadi walks in and smiles looking at them and says see I told you my Nandini will never be wrong,mora says yes ma I have my daughter back,Nandini please wear these,Nandini says no ma I can’t accept it,mora says haven’t you forgiven me,Nandini says actually ma I don’t have interest in these now,dadi says for me,I can’t see you in these clothes anymore,if you don’t I will be very angry,Nandini says ok.

Nandini playing with bindusara,Chandra walks in calling for her,Nandini acts as if asleep,bindusara smiles at him,Chandra looks at Nandini and says don’t make sound your ma is sleeping shhh come play with me,you know I have made a new room for your ma and came here to her along with me but look see she is asleep and now we all be together for ever and now let your mother rest and you come with me tonight and leaves,Nandini opens her eyes and says Chandra there was time I wanted to show you my emotions but you weren’t with me but today it’s weird I don’t want to see you,like I have lost feelings,today my truth my dignity is back but I’m not happy.

Helina very angry and slaps herself,megasenis stops her,Helina says I slapped my mother with these hands,she left Magad and took all blames on her for me and all this is because of Nandini and shatters whole room,he says it’s time to act and not loose control,maharaj Chandra if he learns that you are upset about Apma its not good,Apma will find a way but till then maharaj shouldn’t know about this,Chandra walks in and asks what are you hiding,Helina says these are gifts by my mother I don’t want these,see these on my birthday when I was announced queen but I don’t want it anymore,I have also written a letter to my father to release you from that treaty so that you can punish her, I’m so upset and I’m embarrassed I’m sorry,Chandra says she is your mother you can see her if you want,Helina says I don’t want to see her face.

Chandra says okay Helina as you wish anyways I’m here to tell you,nandinis mulhyarani title was taken away due to misunderstanding and now we should give it back to her.helina says sure why not,good idea, I will go give my crown to Nandini,Chandra says I want this to be a celebration,I had insulted her in Sabha and give it back in dignity,Helina says sure,Chandra says thank you Helina and leaves,Helina gets very angry.

Helina sees arrangements being made,she is informed Apma is leaving,Helina rushes to her and hugs her,Apma says what are you doing here go,Helina says no Ma,Apma kisses her and says you have to take care of yourself I will come back and leaves. Nandini gets dressed,Chandra walks in and smiles,Nandini looks at him and about to leave,Chandra stops her,Nandini says we will be late for Sabha,Chandra says you will go like this,Nandini says ma gave me these, if you didn’t like these I shall,Chandra says no I meant you aren’t ready,Nandini checks herself in mirror and says its all good,Chandra says sindoor let me,Nandini says no I shall,mora and dadi walk in and says Nandini looking very pretty and why haven’t you applied sindoor,Chandra cmon apply it,Chandra applies sindoor.

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Chandra Nandni 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Nandini leaves the Sabha crying. Nandini says Chandra I don’t want to live as your wife.