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Chandra Nandni 8th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Chandra Nandni 8th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Chandra Nandni 8th March 2017 Watch Online on

Chandra surrounded by nands soldiers and they attack him,Chandra fights them all and leaves.he follows nahpith how is taking Bharti away,Bharti escapes him and falls of the horse,napith sees Chandra behind and runs away,Chandra goes to Bharti and asks are you fine.

Roopa dances of joy and says wow you two are dead,nand stabs Roopa too and she shouts of pain,Nandini says no stop,nand says my Nandini I can never see her in tears and today because of you Roopa look what I did to her, see how unlucky you are Roopa and today I shall end you and stabs her, nand goes to Nandini and says I will take care of you , Nandini says don’t touch me,nand says I’m your father,Nandini says you are evil leave me,nand says I will protect you and we must leave now,Nandini says you are a killer,nand says Nandini we should go and takes her away Roopa lies there in pain.

Chandra goes to Roopa and asks where is nand,Chanakya says maharani wasn’t in the secrete room,Roopa says because she was here and tells Chandra what happened and says Everyone played games with me dirty games and even you did now and now Nandini is dead but I’m here look but I have to tell you there is very bad women in mahal and since I love you Im telling you and dies.Chanakya says Chandra we need to leave this place soon.

Mora wakes up due to bad dream and says ma there is something bad I need to go check Nandini and Chandra,dadi says it’s nights it’s not good,mora says no ma and leaves. Helina mother says give this medicine to Roopa and she will die just take her away from Chandra and I will do the rest now come let’s go.

Nand taking Nandini away on horse,Nandini says I don’t want to be alive leave me,Chandra following them,Nandini jumps of the house,nand shouts Nandini,Chandra hears that an rushes to Nandini ,nand sees Chandra and leaves thinking oh no I couldn’t save Nandini,Chandra rushes to save Nandini,he sees a cliff and thinks she fell of it and starts crying and says you can’t leave me alone and go Nandini,Nandini shouts help Chandra,Chandra sees her hanging by a tree,Chandra says don’t worry I will come and save you,give me your hand,Nandini gives him her hand,and Chandra tries pull her up and he slips to and both hang by the tree,Chandra holding nandinis hand, Chandra and Nandini come up safe.

Helina goes to Chandras room and says no one is here where did this two go and says ma come in no one is here,did Roopa come to know about our plan,mora asks what plan,Helina says mora ma I had done some special arrangement for Chandra and they aren’t here,mora says dasi go look for maharaj and maharani.

Nandini says Chandra I trusted my father and not you, he is so evil,I’m sorry,Chandra says look Nandini be quite we need to go save you,you matter most to me and takes her on horse,Nandini says I’m bad, I shouldn’t be loved let me die,Chandra says no Nandini,this is why I didn’t want you to know the truth this way,and thinks god please take care of Nandini,dasi says rajmata maharani maharaj and mahamantri aren’t in mahal.

Nand has Nandini calling him evil going around in his mind and falls of his horse and says Nandini what did I do to you,and starts crying, he hears a temple bell and crawls to near by temple and says why did you make me do this,why did Nandini have to face my evil deeds consequences, I thought I was powerful more than you because I had Nandini,the day she left me all went off my hands but I had her and now I don’t have Nandini too, I killed her look my hands have her blood on it,and shouts of pain,and bangs his head and says I killed my Nandini.Nandini please forgive your father Nandini,and cries in pain of Nandini and faints.

Chandra reaches mahal,mora sees them come and is shocked to see Nandini injured ,dadi sees them too,Chandra takes Nandini to her room and everyone follows,Chanakya makes medicine for her,Nandini keeps saying pitahamaharaj is cheat,all are in tears,Chandra calls Chanakya for help seeing Nandini collapse,Chanakya says we need to be quick hold her tightly get me medicine.
Chandra thinks I won’t leave them who are behind this plot.

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