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Chandra Nandni 9th February 2017 Written Update


Chandra Nandni 9th February 2017 Written Update and Chandra Nandni 9th February 2017 video watch online

A calf goes to Nandini who is lying unconscious. Chandra on horse in disguise,padmanands men see him come,Chandra has Chanakyas words that we need to get nand but Chandra needs to be in disguise and careful, nands men stop Chandra and says he must be Chandragupta informer kill him, Chandra says I’m from magad and against Chandragupta so I ran away,men discuss let’s take him to maharaj he will be happy, the calf passing by pushes all men and removes Chandras blanket and leaves and nands men seeing feather tattoo on Chandras hand recognise him,Chandra fights them but the calf signs him to come with him,Chandra says looks like he is in trouble let me go with him and help him.

Roopa in Chandras room and says now I’m ruling queen and says oh look at these clothes so dull I want new expensive clothes,dasi come in, first greet the ruling queen and now you shall dress my hair and be quick and careful and now put the crown on my head, beautiful,Helina walks in,Roopa says all may leave and Helina don’t you know how to enter a ruling queens room and lies on her bed,Helina gets angry and thinks I will answer everything of this and says sorry greetings I’m here to celebrate and I made this drink for my celebration and since you won now here it’s for you, dasi please take it to ruling queen,Roopa says it’s a rule the person who gets food for ruling queen needs to taste it first,Helina tastes it and then Roopa drinks it all and says wow yummy and faints.

Helina spits in the glass and says Nandini i knew you would act smart and so Nandini the ruling queen my foot, dasi throw her in the store behind and now Chandra will take me with him. Chandra follows the calf and sees Nandini and says god how she’s here and unconscious tied up and tries to wake Nandini,Chandra says she needs Vaidya I have to take her to mahal. Helina says nanidni(Roopa) before you wake up I will be ruling queen and out with Chandra for Pooja,dasi make sure she doesn’t come out of this room before I leave with Chandra.

Chandra takes unconscious Nandini along with him on horse,Chandra says I don’t know why I always want you to be so close to me and always protect you,Chandra gets Nandini in mahal.dasi sees Chandra with Nandini and is surprised and goes to inform Helina. Helina in her room says soon the crown will be on my head, dasi informs Helina Nandini is with Chandra,Helina says how is this,can’t you do one single work,fool. Chandra asks to get Vaidya, helina sees Chandra holding Nandini in his arms and taking to room, Helina goes and checks in the room and sees Nandini(Roopa) missing and says how did she leave,Roopa hiding thinks I will kill this greek she wants my crown and attacks Helina,helina sees her face and pushes her and rushes.

Helina sees Chandra with Nandini and one rushing to her to kill.roopa pulls Helina and takes her away to the room,Helina says please leave me,Roopa says trying to play now I will kill you,Helina mother walks in and says Roopa please stop,Roopa says your daughter spoiled my whole plan I had taken nandinis place,Helina mother says please forgive her ,Helina says ma you know her and you how dare you kill patrani,Helina mother says please forgive her she is foolish and says helina this is why I never tell you because of your stupid plans.

Vaidya says she is just unconscious she will be fine soon,Chandra says please keep this news as secrete,and thinks how did Nandini reach that place,Nandini wakes up and says my head it’s so heavy,Chandra says rest you were given anaesthesia And Nandini what were you doing in jungle and that to unconscious , I always feel you are hiding something from me,nanidni thinks my illness has become so serious that I remember nothing now,Chandra says do you know the state in which I found you I thought I,and thinks I lost you. Dasi informs Chandra everyone is waiting for you,Chandra says keep this news a secret, nandini thinks it looked like you care for me but you just love Helina.

Helina mother says Roopa I beg of you,helina is sorry for what she did,Helina says yes I am sorry,Helina mother says see nandini must be leaving with Chandra we need to go,dasi informs Helina about Chandra leaving for Pooja,Helina mother says Roopa stay here Helina let’s leave,Roopa says okay but warn this stupid daughter of yours or next time she will be dead. Chandra and Nandini ready to go out of mahal for Pooja,dadi says you two look so made for each other ,helina perform the Aarti,Helina mother says yes helina you are patrani,his first wife go,helina performs the Aarti and thinks because of that Roopa I’m here and Nandini with Chandra,Chandra says helina I’m sorry I hope you understand my condition,helina says Chandra I’m happy with fact that you chose me for ruling queen and that’s what matters most to me.

Chanakya says Chandra we have soldiers plotted in common people for your security,Helina thinks Chandra is mine I love him and for him to be mine I have to make him hate Nandini.

Chandra Nandni 10th February 2017 Written Update Precap : Chandra and Nandini in a hut, nandini says actually I can’t sleep without pillow,Chandra says see don’t take me wrong but use my hand as pillow,Nandini says okay,Roopa sees from window come them close and gets angry.

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