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Chandrakanta 10th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Chandrakanta 10th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Chandrakantha stabs Surendra Singh. He falls down dead. Rani Padvika runs and holds her husband and confronts Chandrakantha that she should have killed her instead of her husband,. Virendra enters and is shocked to see his father dead. Padvika shouts Chandrakantha is a murderer and she will never forgive him. Virenda is more shocked seeing blood on Chandrakantha’s hand. Virendra performs Surendra’s last rights and sets his body on fire. Everyone watch silently. Chandrakantha cries sitting in balcony, watching the ritual.

Tej Singh takes murder knife to ironsmith who reveals something. Chandrakantha is brought into Virendra’s royal hall as a criminal. Jaisingh asks why rajkumari Chandrakantha is brought as a criminal, he does not like it. Virenda’s nephew says Navgarh Maharaj is murdered, if someone had been murdered in Vijaynagarh, had he reacted similarly, he should not interfere. Virendra asks to start formalities. Krur Singh says he will present Chandrakantha’s case. Chandrakantha says she will present her case herself. Virendra’s cousin Yuvraj announces that Rani Padvika has witnessed Chandrakantha killing Maharaj Surendra Singh. Chandrakantha says she can just say that she did not kill maharaj and wants to know what Padvika saw. Padvika says she saw blood in Chandrakantha’s hand and knife in maharaj’s body. Tej Singh enters Surendra’s room while Champa and Chapala guard him outside. Chandrakantha says maharaj gave her talismi book and does not know what happened after she read it. Yuvraj says she is easily brushing off her allegations with a fake story of talismi book. Ratnagarbha says Chandrakantha is telling truth, she had told Virendra about book and portrait. Virendra says she is telling truth, but he did not find book or portrait there. Ratnagarbha says maharaj must have taken them. Virendra asks to find out book. Tej singh finds maharaj Giddha Singh’s message and does not find book and portrait. He walks out and informs Champa and Chapala.

Virendra with others reach Surendra’s room. Yuvraj says book and portrait are not found here. Padvika alleges that Chandrakantha and her mother tried to convince maharaj for Chandrakantha and Virendra’s alliance with fake past life story and when he did not agree, Chandrakantha killed him. Jai singh shouts she is alleging his daughter and wife wrongly. She says she would have beheaded Chandrakantha right there, but she did not.

Tej Singh enters and says Virendra sorry for coming late. He says he found the murderer and points slowly at everyone and stops at Krur Singh. Krur Singh says he is not a murderer. Tej Singh says he is pointing at Jaisingh’s second wife behind him. Step mom says why will he. Tej Singh shows murder knife and says it is not made inn Vijaygarh or Navgarh, but in Rampur which is step mom’s maika/parental house. Step mom reminisces picking knife and fuming that she wants to kill Ratnagarbah, since she came, she snatched all her rights. Krur Singh says let him handle it and takes knife from her. Step mom says she gave knife to Krur Singh. Krur Singh gets more anxious and says he did not. Tej Singh says maybe someone stabbed maharaj, seeing Chandrakantha entering in, he/she went out via window and gathered people, depicting Padvika killed Surendra. Virendra asks what rubbish is this. Tej Singh says he is just trying to solve this issue. Padvika shouts if he is alleging that she killed her husband. Padvika’s lookalike enters and says she killed her husband and is real Padvika. Padvika says she is real Padvika. Argument ensues. Fake Padvika picks knife to throw on real Padvika. Virendra comes in front and bears attack. Fake Padvika turns into Chapala and knife vanishes. Virendra asks what is all this. Tej singh requests him to give him some time to find real culprit. Virendra says even he wants to solve this issue. Until then, Jaisingh will go back to Vijaygarh with Chandrakantha and if she is proved guilty, according to mutual treaty, he will handover Chandrakantha to Navgarh.

Virendra stands alone and hopes Chandrakantha is not guilty. He reminisces his love for her. He sees Chandrakantha in chariot and reminisces Chandrakantha hugs him and requesting to believe she did not murder maharaj. He says it is not a question of belief, it is a question of her innocence, how will she prove it. She asks if he does not believe her. He says he is Navgarh’s yuvraj now and not her boyfriend, he has to do justice for the maraharaj who was murdered, for the wife whose husband was murdered, for the son whose father was murdered, and for the rajkumari who is alleged with such a heinous crime. Chandrakantha says she felt good hearing his justice is not blind, he has to do justice to even her. He says when he will sit in raj darbar to make justice, he will be Navgarh’s yuvraj and not her boyfriend who will do justice on the basis of proof. Chandrakantha says not to worry, she will accept truth. Out of flashback, he sees Chandrakantha leaving in chariot.

Virendra sees Tej Singh coming from somewhere and throws knife on him, Tej Singh escapes. Virendra says knife would have crossed his chest and reminisces Tej Singh telling he is evaluating situation in all aspects. Out of flashback, Virendra warns why did he allege his mother. Tej Singh says he did not want to allege him so. Virendra says his justice does not need Tej Singh’s help, but he is taking as he is loyal ayyar, warns not to do mistake again. Tej Singh says he feels Chandrakantha must have been forced to kill maharaj subconsciously, there is someone else and they need to find out who he is. He also says he is surprised to see Giddha Singh’s warning message. Yuvarj wearing black mask hears their conversation. Yuvraj goes to a cave where he has kept Ahmed, Nazim, and Jhumru. He asks an invisible man in fire why did he make him to kill Surendra. Voice from fire says he should not question his boss and he has to do one more work and wait for his order.

Krur Singh is sound asleep when step mom comes and holds his neck. He wakes up afraid. Step mom asks why did he use her knife and her name. He takes out knife and says it is here, murder knife is still in Navgarh and the murderer who killed Surendra.

Virendra and Chandrakantha stand in their balconies and reminisces promising each other that they trust each other more than themselves. They imagine meeting on clouds and their romance. Title song Chandrakantha….song…plays in the background. Virendra kisses her and she shyingly hugs him. They then realize it is just imagination. Yuvraj comes and says Sundargarh’s maharaj Giddha Singh and rajkumari Taramati have come, so he has to come and greet them. Virendra asks who are these people. Yuvraj says Surenda had promised to get Virendra married to Taramathi.

Giddha singh enters. Padvika greets him. He asks why Virendra did not come to greet him, he feels it is mourning venue than palace, good is daughter Taramati will spice up the venue. Shivdutt’s bichu kanya wife enters as Taramti. She thinks Virendra cannot escape from her attack.


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