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Chandrakanta 11th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Chandrakanta 11th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Giddha Singh introduces Shvidutt’s bichu kanya wife Shyamala as his daughter Taramati to Padvika. Taramati gets tensed seeing Tej Singh’s hawk flying over her. Padvika greets Taramati. Virendra comes and greets Giddha Singh. Padvika says he is Navgarh’s present and future Virendra Singh. Giddha Singh comments he heard a lot about Virendra’s bravery, but heard it wrong, then says Virendra is more brave than he heard. Virendra smiles. Padvika says she liked Taramati’s voice and beauty. Virendra’s cousin Jai Aditya introduces himself. Giddha comments to next time greet at once. Virendra gets them in. Taramati gets tensed again seeing hawk in sky.

Rani Ratnagarbha does magic on water bowl and tries to find out who tried to kill Surendra, but cannot. She says Chandrakantha that all her efforts are going in vain. On the other side, step mom reads her son’s message that he loves Taramati, but she is forcefully being married to Virenra, if he does not get Taramat, he will kill himself. She sees someone near door and rushes out to find out. Ratnagarbha tries again and gets dizzy. Chandrakantha holds her. Ratnagarbha tells there was someone else in Surendra’s room and killed him. She promises Chandrakantha that she will protect her daughter at any cost, says she and Virendra are past life’s lovers and nobody can separate them even in this life. Step mom peeps in and hears their conversation. Chandrakantha then reminisces Virendra sadly and imagines meeting him and their romance. She gets out of imagination and gets sad.

Tej Singh drags Jai in front of Virendra and says he helped Surendra’s murderers and asks who were there. Virendra shouts who are the murderers and tries to kill Jai. Jai wakes up from his sleep worriedly and realizes it was his dream. He sees Chapala in front of him and asks what is she doing here. She says she is serving her boss and drops water on him in lieu of serving water, says she will change his clothes. He says he can do it himself and walks out. She sees Taramati’s kerchief on his bed. Chapala gives Tara’s kerchief to Tej Singh and explains him whole incident. Tej Singh says he knows Jai is not that courageous, someone is behind him. They have to be careful regarding this fake Tara. Chapala asks where is real Tara then. Tej asks her to just spy Jai.

Pavika looks at Tara and says she is very beautiful, says Giddha that she accepts this alliance. Tara/Shyamala reminisces Shivdutt telling that Marich wants Virendra back alive, but he wants him dead, so it is up to her if she will obey her husband or not and kill Virendra. Virendra enters and tells Surendra’s ashes are still hot, but maa is fixing alliance. Padvika says it was Surendra’s wish. Tara says let it be, when Virendra will love and accept her by heart, then they will fix alliance.

Champa rushes to Chandrakantha and informs that she checked step mm’s room and found similar knife set there with 2 knives missing, one is with Krur Singh and other one they need to find out. She also reveals step mom reading a letter and getting tensed. Chandrakantha asks her to get that letter. Champa asks her not to worry, Virendra will do justice to her and will protect her. Chandrakantha says she is worried for Virendra as he has to do justice and she is worried her love will be crushed under his justice.

Padvika tells Tara that food is the best thing to win man’s heart, so she should prepare food and win Virendra’s heart. Virendra stands in balcony reminiscing Chandrakantha’s words when Taram brings food and says she prepared it for him. He says he is not hungry. She bites apple and it turns poisonous. She tries to force feed him saying it has her love in it. He stops her and says love is not a food that can be eaten, he is already committed to someone else. He angrily leaves. Tej Singh’s hawk khuda baksh picks apple and files

Khuda baksh gives apple to Tej Singh. Tej Singh cuts it and sees poison in it, says their doubt was right, he thanks khuda baksh. It flies. He thinks to inform Virendra about it. Tara/Shyamala comes there and praises Tej Singh he is very intelligent like his name, she wanted to kill Virendra, but now has to kill even him. Her nails length and she attacks Tej Singh. Tej Singh picks knife and attacks him, but she escapes and attacks him again. He falls down. Khuda Bhaksh attacks her. She picks knife and kills it. Tej Singh shouts Yuvraj.. Virendra hears his voice and rushes. Shyamala is about to kill Tej Singh when she hears Virendra coming and hides. Virendra rushes in and asks who attacked him. Tej Singh says their doubt is right, bichu kanya. Virendra reminisces Tej Singh telling that he found a poison bite on Surendra’s neck and even Virendra seeing khuda baksh attacking scorpion. Virendra asks who is behind this. Tej Singh collapses. Shyamala hides and watches. Virendra calls guards and asks to call raj vaidya. Shyamala silently walks out hiding her shoulder injury after khuda baksh attacked her. She sees Padvika walking around and hides. Vase falls. Padvika walks back. She dies again.

Ratnagarbha and Chandrakantha watch everything on magical bowl. They are shocked to see bichu kanya. Ratnagarbha says she is sure Virendra’s life is in danger. Chandrakantha says she has to go to Navgarh right now and save Virendra.


Chandrakanta 17th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Raj vaidya checks Tej Singh and says a scorpion has bitten him and if that scorpion is killed, poison effect wil vanish. Virendra sees Tara watching hiding near pillar.