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Chandrakanta 11th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Chandrakanta 11th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Chandrakanta 11th March 2017 video watch online HD on 

Rajkumari Chandrakanta’s chariot heads towards Navgarh to meet Shivdutt under Krur Singh and army’s protection. Krur Singh stops possession ad says Chandrakanta that they will rest for sometime and then move. Chandrakanta gets out of her chariot and seeing beautiful jungle says she forgot that life is so beautiful out of palace. She will enjoy out the beauty of jungle for sometime. Chapala and Champa ask what will they say Krur Singh. Chandrakanta says she trust their intelligence and walks into jungle. Krur Singh comes and says he ordered special dishes for Chandrakanta. Chapala and Champa says rajkumari is having stomachache and is resting. Krur Singh says he will send medicine. Chapala says she already gave chachaji Krur Singh says he is not that old. Champa asks not to feel bad, she calls even her as chachi. Krur Singh says then fine and leaves.

Chandrakanta gets mesmerized seeing jungle’s beauty and animal. She walks towards a deer and touches it. It runs. A cheetah then attacks her and she runs pleading for help. Virendra Singh reaches on his horse, picks her and speeds his horse. Chandrakanta feels she knows the man. Cheetah continues following them. They reach end of cliff. Virendra stops horse. Chandrakanta runs and hides behind tree. Virendra fight with cheetah and kills it. Chandrakanta falls unconscious seeing it. Virendra walks towards her angrily shouts why she comes in front of him often, if he had known she is the girl seeking help, he would not have saved her. He sees her unconscious and tries to lift when he hears Chapala, Champa and Krur Singh with army coming searching Chandrakanta. He escapes with cheetah. Chapala, Champa and others see Chandrakanta unconscious and wake her up. Chandrakanta asks where is the man who saved her from cheetah. Krur singh says where is cheetah, it ran seeing him. Chapala/Champa says there is no man. Krur singh does his drama. Chandrakanta walks with them and thinks if the man was real or it was her dream.

Virendra’s friend Badrinath wakes up from sleep and panics seeing cheetah next to him. He runs towards Virendra. Virendra says it is dead and he killed it. Badri says Virendra’s killing spree already started. Virendra says today he will not kill anyone as he is going to Yaksha Mahal to get talisma book. His father Marich called him and informed their book is in yaksha Mahal since 100 years and he has to get it. Badri says it is impossible for Virendra not to kill anyone.

Chandrakanta continues thinking how a man/Virendra saved her. Champa asks her to stop thinking of that man and think how she will evaluate rajkumar Shivdutt. Shivdutt reaches Yaksha Mahal. Poojari introduces himself as the guardian of Yaksha Mahal and asks if he is ready for pooja Shivdutt reminds that even rajkumari Chandrakanta is also coming. Chandrakanta reaches and her soldiers chant her name. Krur Singh’s drama is shown. Chandrakanta walks towards Shivdutt and it is reaveled Chandrakanta swapped her identity with Champa and Champa introduces herself as Chandrakanta. Shivdutt greets her and thinks soon he will get her. Pandit reminds Shivdutt to take a bath for pooja. Chandrakanta thanks Krur Singh for understanding her situation and helping her and touches his hands. Krur Singh goes into dream feeling her touch. Pandit takes Chandrakanta and team explaining the story behind Yaksha Mahal, raja Harshavardhan and Chandrika, talismati book and raja hiding book in talisman, etc. Krur Singh says he heard Yakshinis marry men and once they are fed of them kill those men. Pandit says if talisman is true, then this story is also true. Krur singh gets afraid. They walk through old palace. A girl runs laughing. Krur singh gets afraid. Pandit orders girl to come out. She comes out laughing. Pandit says girl is his daughter and tells rajkumari Chandrakanta has come. Girl gets excited seeing Chandrakanta/Champa and says she dreamt of meeting her.

Virendra with Badri reaches near yaksha Mahal and thinks how to enter it. He sees 2 men and tells Badri to show is magic. Badri makes men unconscious and takes one of men’s face. He takes Virendra near mahal’s entrance and says he forgot something and asks to not enter in before he returns and to control his anger. Virendra thinks he has come to this place earlier and climbs steps.

Shivdutt performs pooja and Yaksha mahal’s door opens. Book is seen under talisman power. Shivdutt walks towards it. Whole place gets surrounded by thunders. Champa and Chapala discuss that Shivdutt has magical powers. Just when Shivdutt tries to enter door, it closes. Pandit says it is surprising. Shivdutt scolds pandit that he played trick to insult him. Pandit says it happened because talisma’s real owner is here or someone unknown is among them. Shivdutt sees Virendra and points sword towards him and asks who is he. Virendra fumes in anger. Chandrakanta realizes he is the same man who saved her. Badri reaches and saves Virendra.


Chandrakanta 12th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Virendra says he cannot control now, either Yaksha will show the way to get talisma or he will destroy it. He sees Chandrakanta hiding in broken palace, catches her. She shouts. He shuts her mouth and warns not to come in front of him again, else he will kill her.

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