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Chandrakanta 13th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Chandrakanta 13th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Marich enters Vijaygarh’s raj darbar. Jai Singh gets angry seeing Marich and reminisces Marich kidnapping his wife Ratna garbha. He shouts how dare he is to come here, he will not go alive today. He orders Virendra/Vir Singh to kill Marich. Veer stands silently. Jai Singh says he himself will kill Marich and blows his sowrd. Virendra holds sword. Chandrakantha says she will kill Marich then and walks with her sword, but Virendra stops her also and says he cannot let anyone touch Marich. Chandrakantha asks what… Marich says he is Virendra Singh, not Viru, he is his son and sena nayak of khoonkhars, his bravery’s story is spread all over. Everyone are shocked and everyone’s face is shown. Marich asks Virendra why did he come here. Virendra says to get talisma key. Marich asks then why did not he get it, if his love for Chandrakantha stopped him. Virendra says nothing like that. Marich orders him to kill Chandrakantha then. Chandrakantha says he betrayed her love.

Badri sees khoonkhars attacking common men and tries to stop them. They disappear. He realizes it is some ayyar’s magic. On the other side, Chandrakantha asks Virendra if he will not behead her and apply blood tilak on his forhead. Marich orders Virendra to behead Chandrakantha. Virendra raises sword to behead Chandrakantha when Badri enters and stops him and tells Jay Singh that this man is not Marich and is an imposter. He does magic and reveals it is Tej Singh. Everyone are shocked seeing Tej Singh. Jay Singh shouts how dare he is to do all this drama. Tej singh blames Virendra and says Virendra is one who made Vijaygarh and Navgarh fight. When his pet hawk brought Shivdutt back to Navgarh, his magical ring was stolen by Shivdutt’s brother, hawk snatched it back and gave it to him. When he came out and saw khoonkhars in a cave around Vijaygarh, he felt something wrong, so he went in disguised as khoonkhar. He saw their sena Nayak Virendra and his father guiding them all to get talisma key. He continues that Virednra is the main culprit who betrayed both dysnasties. Virendra says he is a betrayer and will not spare Tej Singh now and holds Tej Singh’s neck. Jay Singh warns him to leave Tej singh and orders Krur Singh to arrest traitor Virendra Singh and his friend Badri and put them in jail. Virendra says he betrayed Chandrakanath more and is ready to accept his punishment, but wants his friend and khoonkhars to be freed. Krur Singh says it is unfair to spare traitors. Jaysingh says Krur Singh is right, but seeing Virendra’s help for Vijaygarh, he will accept Virendra’s request and orders to throw Virendra in jail.

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Krur Singh ties Virendra in chains and takes him out. People yell at Virendra that the prayed for his life, but betrayed them and is a traitor. Virendra is tied in jail. On the other side, Jay Singh treats Tej Singh with juice. Tej Singh says he is a Navgarh’s loyalist and thinks of only its betterment, their traitor Virendra is caught. He has a proposal for them. Jay Singh asks what is it. Tej Singh says he has come with Shivdutt’s alliance for Chandrakanatha. Jay Singh is shocked and asks if he has gone mad after what Shivdutt did. Stepmom says this is the best proposal to unite both dynasties. Jay Singh says he needs time to reply. Stepmom says it is yes from their side. Tej singh leaves. Step mom starts brainwashing Jai Singh.

Chandrakanatha goes to jail and lashes Virendra. She confronts this is what he gave her for her love, he is a traitor and his father kidnapped her mother Ratna Garbha. Virendra says his father cannot do anything wrong. She says she is telling truth. He says he wants to be punished only by her and no one else. She leaves. Virendra reminisces Chandrakanatha’s questions and breaks chains in a range. Next morning, Krur Singh brings Virendra in the middle of town and loudly requests Jay Singh to permit him to punish traitor right now. Jaysingh permits. People shouts kill traitor. Virendra thinks he wants to be punished only by Chandrakantha. Krur Singh starts punishing Virendra tying him to a giant wheel. Chandrakanatha enters with sword and says she will punish traitor. She delivers her lengthy dialogues and blows an attack with sword. Everyone look in a shock.


Chandrakanta 14th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Chandrakantha says she was fool to believe a stranger. Stepmom tells she and her father have fixed her marriage with Shivdutt. Chandrakantha says she accepts Shivdutt’s proposal.

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