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Chandrakanta 14th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Chandrakanta 14th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Chandrakantha tells she will punish traitor Virendra. Everyone eagerly watch her. Krur Singh smirks. Chandrakantha cuts Virendra’s ropes and frees him. Krur Singh says traitor should be killed. Chandrakantha says Virendra saved Vijaygarh’s dignity and a woman. His father kidnapped her mother and not him, someone’s crime cannot be imposed on someone else. Virendra must have sold his self-respect, but not them, so she wants Virendra to be freed. Krur Singh says it is not bad to spare a traitor, he may attack them with is army. Jay Singh says he knew his daughter likes justice, but did not know she will pronounce justice in an unique way, Virendra can go from here. Chandrakantha warns Virendra not to show his face again.

Tej Singh informs Shivdutt what he did in Vijaygarh. Shivdutt praises him for proving Virendra wrong and gave proposal of Chandrakantha’s marriage with him. He will marry Chandrakantha lawfully and make her queen. He asks Tej Singh to ask what he wants. Tej Singh requests to free maharaj and maharani. Shivdutt says they will be friend and sends in seclusion as they are old and cannot handle crown. Once Tej Singh leaves, Shivdutt’s brother says he should have punished Tej Singh instead of rewarding. Shivdutt says he knows how to tighten dog’s belt. Regarding Chandrakantha, he will make her dance in market once he marries her.

Virendra is thrown out of Vijaygarh. Champa stops him and asks why did he betray rajkumari, she loved him so much and lost everything in his love. He silently rides his horse and leaves. He ride horse in jungle reminiscing Chandrakantha and Champa’s words, stops seeing a big tree log and gets it out of way.

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Marich ties Ratna garbha and tortures her. She pleads to leave her as her daughter is waiting for her. Marich says once his work is done, he will free her. Pandit jaagannath comes and says she is of no use once maharaj’s goal is reached. Marich says his son is getting talisma key. Ratna garbha is about to say his son is not his real son, but Marich slaps her and comments.

Chandrakantha sits sadly reminiscing Virendra. Champa asks her to forget Virendra. Jay Singh comes with his wife. Stepmom thinks she will force Chandrakantha today to marry Shivdutt. She tells Chandrakantha that they have fixed her marriage with Shivdutt. Jay Singh says she can think well and reject if she wants. Chandrakantha says she accepts Shivdutt’s proposal. Step mom gets happy.

Virendra reaches Navgarh. Badri chants his name. Marich hugs him. Virendra gives him talisma key and asks to free him from his duty. Marich asks to ask what he wants. Virendra says he wants him to free Ratna Garbha. Marich asks who Ratna Garbha, he does not know anyone, someone has misguided him. Jagannath thinks why maharaj is lying. Virendra says he got his answer and leaves.

Tej Singh Singh takes Shivdutt to his mother’s room for her blessing. Shivdutt shouts why did he bring him here, his mother is in comma and cannot bless. Tej requests to touch her feet. Shivdutt touches, but mother backs it off. Shivdutt yells even in coma, she is backing her legs. He leaves fuming. Tej Singh hears mother murmuring and hears that Shivdutt is not her son and she needs her son. He thinks of informing maharaj.

Marich does black magic on talisma key. Jagannath enters and Marich throws knife on him looking at back. Jagannath says he would hae been killed. Marich says he would not have killed him. Jagannath asks why he looks tensed when his goal is being met today. Marich tsays he is tensed as Virendra asked about Ratna Garbha and it is a bad sign for them. Virendra has fallen in Chandrakantha’s love and will do anything for her.

Virendra tells Badri that he saw his father’s expression changing when he took Rtna Garbha’s name, so he is sure his father will try to shift Ratna Garba somewhere else and needs Badri’s help to find out new place and free her. Badri says as a friend he is ready to help him, but his loyalty is towards maharaj Marich. Virendra thinks something.


Chandrakanta 20th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Pandit checks Shivdutt’s kundali and says Jay singh that they are made for each other and all characteristics are matching. Chandrakantha thinks how can Shivdutt’s kundali match with her, reminiscing Virendra.

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